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40 + Belgium Quotes for Waffle Worthy Instagram Captions

Belgium is another cool place in Europe to visit!

Here are 40+ Belgium quotes to (hopefully) inspire you to visit Belgium or if you have already been use as awesome Instagram captions!

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40+ Belgium Quotes for inspiring instagram captions

Belgium Instagram captions

Here are some of our favourite Belgium Instagram Captions:

Nothing is sweeter than Belgium Chocolate

Waffles with melted chocolate and strawberries – life doesn’t get much better than that!

When in Belgium chocolate calories don’t count

Not a brussel sprout in sight!

The land of chocolate, beer and waffles!

Take me to Belgium

“La Brabançonne!” -Belgian National Anthem

Take me to the land of chocolate and waffles

“He who does not wish for little things does not deserve big things.” Belgian Proverb

Belgium is always a good idea

Belgium Quotes to Inspire you to Travel to Belgium

Here are some of our favourite quotes to inspire you to travel to Belgium:

“When you walk into a chocolate store, suddenly the most difficult decision you will ever have to make in your life, is which chocolates to pick! It is pure torture! Especially when you are in Belgium surrounded by Belgian chocolates!” –  C. JoyBell C.

“Belgium is a country with a split personality.” – Nicholas Royle

“I’ve always liked Belgian waffles, but I must say, I didn’t think I would one day be having Belgian waffles in Belgium! I just sort of POOF found myself there and there I was with a gigantic Belgian waffle in my hands, standing on a sidewalk in Belgium!” –  C. JoyBell C.

“Belgium is a country invented by the British to annoy the French.” – Charles de Gaulle

“Belgium is modernizing itself and it gives me joy.”  – Albert II of Belgium

“Always really good audiences in Belgium.”  – Johann Johannsson

“If Belgium win the World Cup, I will cut my hair.” – Marouane Fellaini

“One key lesson of history is that virtually anything, including afternoon or evening thundershowers, causes Germany to invade Belgium.” – Dave Barry

“Belgium thinks that however great the peril which a country might have to undergo under the system which we seek to establish here, that country ought to do its duty.” – Henri La Fontaine

“I’m half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I’d be in a hell of a mess!” – Audrey Hepburn


Brussels Quotes

If you are traveling one of the biggest cities in Belgium. You might like some interesting Brussels Quotes to caption your Instagram pictures:

“Ninety-five percent of all brussels sprouts come from California.” –  Danny Meyer

“Brussels sprouts are really quite versatile.” Yotam Ottolenghi

“Brussels is a gay little city that lies as bright within its girdle of woodland as any butterfly that rests upon moss.” – Ouida

“We cannot let Brussels put itself above the law.” – Viktor Orban

“There’s water on Mars, and there’s life beyond Brussels.” – Matteo Salvini

“In Brussels, you are able to have a lot of appointments in a day. In Paris, you can have one, two, maybe three, but you spend all your time on the road, in the car or in the suburbs. In Brussels, everything is easy. It’s not a very big city, and the people are very quiet and warm.” –  Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Bruges Quotes

Bruges is also a great place to visit. Here are some of the best bruges quotes:

“Bruges had the air of a ghost town. The high towers, the trees along the canals withdrew, absorbed by the same muslin: impenetrable fog with not a single rift. Even the carillon seemed to have to escape, to force its way out of a prison yard filled with cotton wool to be free in the air, to reach the gables over which, every quarter of an hour, the bells poured, like falling leaves, a melancholy autumn of music.” –  Georges Rodenbach, Hans Cadzand’s Vocation & Other Stories

“Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you like jazz, you will be well catered for. If you like chocolate and beer, you will be in heaven.” – James Frain


Chocolate Quotes

If you are in Belgium, you might like to caption your pictures with some chocolate quotes:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” –  Charles M. Schulz

“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.” –Judith Viorst

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” – Joanne Harris

“Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn’t like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good.” – Lora Brody

Waffles Quotes

Belgium also has great waffles. Here are some of the best waffle quotes to caption your waffle pictures:

“You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle!” – Lauren Myracle

“Be a waffle in a world full of pancakes.” – Unknown

“Waffles are just awesome bread.” – John Green

“We’re as sweet as waffles and as carefree as whipped cream.” – Unknown

“I like hashtags because they look like waffles.” – Unknown

“Always have waffles on my mind” – Unknown

“But first, waffles.” – Unknown

“I know you’re Belgian, that’s where those waffles come from” – Alan Sugar

“If you love me, pass the syrup.” – Unknown


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