Pai is blessed with many great cafes with good coffee. But where can you get the best coffee in Pai? We rate Pai’s finest cafes for the best coffee and fast wifi for getting work done (as there is no Starbucks in Pai).

Best Coffee Pai

Espresso Bar

When it comes to finding the best coffee – a picture tells a million words. Espresso Bar has the best coffee in Pai – and possibly the best coffee we’ve tried in Thailand.
Conveniently located on Walking Street this cafe has the best coffee in Pai. They have a great full-size espresso machine and the owner really knows how to heat the milk for a great latte.

  • Latte: 70 Baht
  • Good Wifi (15Mbps download; 8Mbps Upload; 41 Ping)
  • Low chairs for lazing or floor mats – comfortable but maybe not the most productive!
  • Chilled atmosphere – great for people watching

Hours: 12 noon – 10pm

Map: Espresso Bar – Best Coffee in Pai

An image of the best coffee Pai at Espresso Bar

Best Cafe for work


Located 2 minutes drive from Walking Street in a new area of town, Khathoa is a funking cafe popular with locals and digital nomads. The wifi works really well, there is plenty of seats (and tables) to work and it has (in our opinion) the second best coffee in Pai.
Oh, and it is huge and very hipster – a great faux co-working space.

  • Latte: 45 Baht
  • Good wifi (13Mbps download; 27Mbps Upload; 17 Ping)
  • Super cool – and instagramable – working environment
  • Nice music
  • Popular with locals – always a good sign

Map: Khathoa – Best cafe for coffee and getting work done

An image of Khathoa which has the 2nd best coffee Pai

Best Cafe for Coffee & Breakfast

Lemon Thyme

For a morning coffee and huge breakfast – look no further than Lemon Thyme. The coffee was OK but the wifi was solid & breakfasts huge (large fresh rolls filled with avocado, bacon & eggs for 120 Baht).

  • Latte: 50 Baht
  • Open for early for breakfast
  • Good wifi (15Mbps download; 5Mbps Upload; 30 Ping)
  • Huge breakfasts (90 – 120 Baht)

Map: Best Cafe for Coffee & a big Breakfast

Hipster Cafe

Witching Well

Our coffee was good but not raveable. Would go back to Witching Well only a super hot day because it is one of the few cafes in Pai with air-conditioning.

As our accommodation in Pai offered us breakfast we didn’t need to double-dip. We got the vibe that ordering only coffees wasn’t cool which we maybe would have understood if the place was packed which it wasn’t.

  • Latte: 65 Baht
  • Nice outside area when shaded in the morning
  • Air-con for hot days
  • Good wifi (33 Mbps download; 6 Mbps upload; 31 ping)
  • Breakfast 100 – 140 Baht
  • Surly if you don’t order breakfast

Map: Witching Well

An image of Witching Well - serving coffee in Pai

Don’t agree with our view on the best coffee in Pai? Did we miss your favourite coffee shop? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below!


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