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Fun List of Campervan & RV Names

Looking for Campervan & RV Names?

It might seem a little weird, but even when we hire a campervan we give it a name. Hey we even have names for our laptops.

If you are like us and want to name your RV, here are a fun list of RV names to choose from.

RV Names: Giving your RV a name

Cool Camper and RV Names

Tourists in Transit

Mile Marker

The Long Haul

Glampers United

Desert Rose

Sun Chaser

The Party Bus

Something to do with the color of the vehicle. We named one of ours the “Golden God”. It started as the Golden Girl but God seemed more appropriate 😉


Here is our converted mini van camping at Bahia Honda State Park – highly recommended btw!

Names to Express Your Love for Adventure

The Journey

California Cruiser

Thrill Seeker

The Scenic Route

Old Faithful

Freedom Chariot

Alpine Express

Brave New World

Dusty Roads

Rendezvous RV

Mountaineering Machine

Mountain View

The Twilight Chaser

Weekend Warrior

Adventure Awaits

Inappropriate camper names

Hubba Hubba

Backseat Boner

Afternoon Delight

The Sugar Shack

Big Behind

We Sleep Around

If the Van’s A-Rockin’


Cute RV Names

Carefree Camper

Miss Daisy

Pink Flamingo

Happy Camper

The Rambler

Sweet Dreams

Pretty in Pink

Weekend Woman

Queen Bee

Name your Camper after the brand e.g. Chevy



Real Names For Campers









Pop culture Names

The Batmobile

Gossip Girl

Breaking Bad

Magic School Bus

Reservoir Dog

Keeping up with the X {Your surname}

Monty Python

Robin Hood

Cuckoo’s Nest


Name Your Camper After a Song

Blue Sky

Road to Nowhere

One Love

Ride Sally Ride


Brown Eyed Girl

Sweet Caroline

Hey Jude

Riders on the Storm

Heartbreak Hotel

Gypsy camper names

Condo On Wheels

The Rainbow Chaser

Mountain Lion

Soaring Eagle

Funny RV names

It is always fun to give your RV a slightly funny name. Here are some funny names for your new RV:

5-Star Hotel

Retirement Vehicle

The Empty Nester

It’s Drive O’Clock Somewhere

Highway Patrol

The Map Trap

Home Sweet Roam

RV There Yet

Cabin Fever 

Early Retirement

The Long Haul

The Runaway

Take a Load Off

The Kids’ College Fund

Grey Nomads Mobile: GNM for short

Tow Big

Van Morrison


Need More Names?

If you are a couple like us you might also like to check out our list of couple instagram names to get some fun ideas!


We hope you liked our rv name suggestions. Be sure to let us know what you named your camper in the comments below! 

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