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15 Cheap Holidays for Couples in Europe [2023]

Looking for the top rated cheap holidays for couples in Europe – like a perfect fairytale town in Europe that spews romance ideal for a Valentines trip?

We love traveling but let’s face it, traveling can be an insanely expensive hobby and pleasure to have.

It is nice traveling to some of the most expensive romantic cities in Europe like London and Paris but it is nice to take a few affordable getaways together throughout the year to make the budget go a little further. 

If you are looking for an affordable and romantic city break to take in Europe this year never fear we have you covered with 15 insanely cheap and romantic places to holiday for couples in Europe.

15 Cheap European Holidays


1. Lviv

Lviv is one of our favourite cities to travel as a couple. It is a perfect weekender from most cities in Europe being only a short flight from the UK.

There are heaps of adventurous and exciting things to explore in Lviv. It is a bit of a quirky city with lots of interesting bars and restaurants to enjoy.

If you are into trying new foods, don’t forget to try Borshch, a traditional dish from the Ukraine which will only cost you a few bucks to try.

Borshch is a stir-fry of beetroot and tomatoes added to a hearty vegetable soup. You won’t have to look far to try it, this dish is located in almost every restaurant in Lviv.

Aside from delicious food, Lviv has so much more to offer. The cobbled stoned streets of Lviv are filled with interesting places and sites to explore (many of which are free) including Lviv Art Palace, the Pharmacy Museum, the Market Square and High Castle.

There are also many amazing churches in the city including St. George’s Cathedral and Dominican Church.

Top sites in the city include:

  • Lviv High Castle – Visit this historic castle. It is situated at the top point of the city.
  • Potocki Palace – a 19th-century palace built for Alfred Józef Potocki, the former Minister-President of Austria
  • Armenian Cathedral of Lviv – Catholic cathedral of 14th century
  • Dominican Church – Now a Catholic church
  • St. George’s Cathedral 
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption 
  • Boim Chapel 
  • Bernardine Church 

Average prices in Lviv are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $77
  • The average price of meal: $10 – $20 (can get a meal as little as $2)
  • Bus ticket price: $0.50


2. Bratislava

Near Vienna you will also find another insanely cheap city in Europe which is perfect for a couples getaway – Bratislava.

Bratislava has an amazing and very Romantic Old Town with cobbled stone streets, Baroque architecture cute cafes and restaurants as well as incredible churches such as the Blue Church.

Christmas time is a fabulous time to visit Bratislava as there are fabulous Christmas concerts at the Old Town Hall.

Some of the best cafe’s in town and restaurants are quite cheap as compared to neighbouring cities in Europe. Prices will be around 30% less than its neighbour Vienna.

Therefore, if you would like to wine and dine your sweetheart at great prices, Bratislava is a good place to do so.

Don’t Miss The UFO Bridge in Bratislava as well as the Bratislava Castle. The castle costs  €7 per adult and €4 for students to enter. On the first Sunday of every month the inside of the castle is free!

Average prices in Bratislava are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $87
  • The average price of meal: $20
  • Bus ticket price: $0.90

All in all Bratislava is definitely one of the best cheap holidays for couples in Europe.


3. Krakow

Krakow is one of our favourite cheap cities in Europe to visit as a couple.

If you would like to visit Prague, but don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of tourists on the Charles bridge, Krakow is a fabulous option.

Krakow is still low priced but is becoming more and more popular as the years go on so if you want to make a cheap romantic holiday to Krakow, the time is now!

The historical sites, amazing ambiance, colorful streets and a large market square built in the 13th-century make it a perfect place for a couples holiday.

Top must-see places in this city include:

  • Main Market Square
  • The Cloth Hall – Heart of Main Market Square
  • Mary’s Basilica –  The view is unimaginable.
  • Rynek Underground Museum
  • Barbican
  • Kanonicza Street
  • Pinball Museum- One-time ticket for an entire day. 
  • Aviation Museum- See the glorious MIG fighter jets.

If you would like to keep your time in Krakow affordable yet cover all the main sites the city has to offer, we would suggest doing a free walking tour of the city which included the main attractions including the Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Basilica andTown Hall Tower.

A great part about Krakow is that it is a very walkable city. The best parts of Krakow are accessible by foot.

Average prices in Krakow are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $87
  • The average price of meal: $ 10
  • Bus a ticket: $1.50


4. Warsaw

Warsaw is a city that surprised us. Warsaw is a place known for its relaxing green spaces, historic buildings, and modernity.

We really did not think that we would enjoy it as much as we did!

Interestingly, the city experienced destruction in WW2. The government did a fabulous job of restoring the city to its former glory of what it would have looked like back in the day.

Now, you can walk around cobbled streets, the historic cityscape as it would have looked had the city not have been destroyed.

We were completely mesmerised by the  efforts of the many historians, architects, workers, and volunteers who took part in the redevelopment of the city.   

Top must-see places in this city include:

  • Wilanów Palace
  • Lazienki Park
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum
  • Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • Copernicus Science Centre. 

If you visit Warsaw in Summer you can enjoy a free Chopin concert on a Sunday in the amazing Lazienki Park.

Surprisingly, this city is also famous for its nightlife. If you are a couple that likes hitting the clubs, excite yourself by visiting the vibrant Vistula boulevards and upscale clubs.

There are also amazing, famous restaurants in Warsaw to enjoy like Restauracja Różana, Restauracja Różana, and Specjały Regionalne at a fraction of UK restaurant prices.

Average prices in Warsaw are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $77
  • The average price of meal: $9
  • Bus ticket price: $1.10

5. Budapest

Divided by the beautiful River Danube, Budapest is definitely is a great affordable place for couples to holiday in Europe.

The great thing about Budapest is that it is incredibly safe and many of the attractions stay open late at night including the stunning Fisherman’s Bastion and many of the cities incredible thermal baths.

It is also nice to take a romantic stroll late at night in Budapest across the chain bridge, which comes to life in lights at night.

Must-see places in Budapest for couples include:

  • Chain Bridge
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Matthias Church
  • Central Market Hall
  • Cave Church
  • Heroes’ Square.
  • Vajdahunyad Castle
  • Sunset at the Citadel

Don’t miss the amazing Hungarian Parliament, one of our absolute favourite places in Budapest due to it’s incredible architecture.

Right near the stunning Hungarian Parliament you will find a great place to enjoy a romantic lunch in the world’s most beautiful cafe, otherwise known as New York cafe.

Average prices in Budapest are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $50 – $100 per night.
  • The average price of meal: $15
  • Bus ticket price: $1.30


6. Tallinn

Have you ever considered a romantic holiday to the medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city?

Most couples planning a trip to Europe chose to go to Paris, Rome or the Greek Islands. While these are fabulous locations for couples, a European vacation to one of these travel hot spots can prove very costly.

Luckily, Europe is full of hidden gems which are not only great romantic destinations but also very affordable. One of these places is the city of Tallinn. 

Tallinn is a great destination for couples as it is a very calm location with incredible weather due to its location on the Baltic Sea.

Tallinn currently is still a budget destination but its popularity is increasing by the second. If you would like to visit the city  of Tallinn before it is completely overrun by tourists, the time to visit is now.

Must-see places in Tallinn for couples include:

  • The Old Town of the city
  • The Telliskivi Neighborhood
  • Visit Tallins many museums including the KGB Museum
  • Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

Don’t forget to try the amazing Estonian food and craft beer. If you are visiting in December, Tallinn also offers one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Average prices in Tallinn are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $53
  • The average price of meal: $7
  • Bus ticket price:$2.20

7.  Prague

Prague is definitely one of the best cheap holidays for couples in Europe.

Prague is a city for lovers. We have been to Prague numerous times and the city, filled with colorful baroque styled buildings, never gets old as a romantic getaway in Europe.

One of the great things about Prague is it is a very walkable city. Last time we were in Prague, we spent an afternoon exploring all the hidden gems by foot. For this reason, it is an incredible affordable destination.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can also take the tram to the top of the hill in Mala Strana, our absolute favourite district in Prague.

At the top of the Prague castle, you can enjoy an absolutely amazing view of the old town of Prague. The Prague castle is the perfect spot for a romantic walk in Prague at dusk.

Prague is also one of the most affordable places to dine in Europe. In Prague, a meal of our favourite Prague duck (amazingly good if you are a meat eater) and a beer for 2 will set you back no more than 30 USD which is insane value for the quality and quantity of food you receive.

Take a stroll across the Charles Bridge to the John Lennon Wall behind a small church’s courtyard where you will see tributes to John Lennon as well as local artists singing “All you Need is Love”

Average prices in Prague are as follows:

  • Average price of 3* hotel: $50-$100
  • Average price of meal: $10 – $15
  • Bus ticket price: $1.70 


8.  Riga

Riga, a city bisected by River Daugava and situated in the Baltic Sea, is also a very romantic place to travel in Europe and one of the best rated cheap holidays for couples.

From historical cathedrals to mouth-watering food, from the majestic old building to mini car museum , Riga has got everything inside to make your romantic getaway unforgettable.

Don’t miss Central Market in Riga where you will have the opportunity to enjoy local food and buy affordable seasonal clothes.

There is also a very cool cafe in Riga, Sienna Art Cafe, which is not only affordable but themed in the 30s.

Unmissable places in Riga for couples include:

  • The Art Nouveau area
  • Lady Liberty.
  • Doma Cathedral.
  • Riga Motor Museum.
  • Riga Zoo. 
  • Latvian National Museum of Art 

Average prices in Riga are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $41
  • The average price of meal: $9
  • Bus ticket price: $1.30

9.  Istanbul

While Istanbul might not be on your radar for a cheap and romantic holiday destination, it certainly is a great option to consider.

Some of the best places to discover include Bosphorus Bridge and Taksim Square in Istanbul. If you visit some of the cafes around this area, it is a tradition to serve complimentary apple tea.

Unmissable places in Istanbul for couples include:

  • Blue Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Eat-in Spice Bazaar
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Galata Tower
  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • Ancient Taksim Square and İstiklal Ave
  • Bosphorus Boat Tour
  • Ortaköy neighborhood
  • Uskudar

Average prices in Istanbul are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $87
  • The average price of meal: $7
  • Bus a ticket: $2

10. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital and the largest city of Slovenia, divided by the Ljubljana River. Containing a major population of university students, Ljubljana is one of the top rated cheap holidays for couples.

It is also a great destination for couples with cafes, restaurants, parks and beautiful architecture to enjoy.

Make sure you visit the Ljubljana castle while you are there. You can either walk up or take the funicular railway. The the top of the castle provides an amazing view of the city.

Other places to visit include: Triple Bridge, Preseren Square; Dragon Bridge, and Butcher’s Bridge.

If you are spoilt for choice in the summertime between June to September is a great time to visit Ljubljana due to the many music concerts, films, operas, and ballets in the city, many of which are free of cost.

Average prices in Ljubljana are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $62
  • The average price of meal: $10
  • Bus a ticket: $1.30

11. Kiev

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine located along the Dnieper River. This city is famous for its arts, culture, architecture, and museums.

Surviving a number of wars and international conflicts and being a former Soviet State, this city has a rich and interesting history.

Kiev is definitely in our top affordable and romantic cities in Europe for a holiday.

Don’t miss:

  • St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral,
  • Independence Square;
  • The House with Chimeras;
  • St. Nikolas Cathedral;
  • St. Cyril’s Monastery;
  • Mariinsky Park;
  • State Aviation Museum;
  • St. Andrew’s Church; 
  • St Michaels Church

If you have a little more time, you can see an extremely affordable Opera or Ballet at the Ukranian National Opera House. We went in Lviv and paid $2 for the Opera.

We also loved exploring the amazing cute cafes in Kiev. Here are some of our favourite cafes in Kiev.

From Kiev you can also take interesting trips including to the Tunnel of Love and Chernobyl.

Average prices in Kiev are as follows:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $57
  • The average price of meal: $10
  • Bus a ticket: $0.30


12. Sofia

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, located on the western side of the country.

Like Kiev, Sofia has a rich and interesting history making it a perfect location for couples who have a deep interest in visiting historical places. This city’s monuments represent Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet times.

Sofia is a very walkable city. We would highly recommend taking a free walking tour which ends at one of the prettiest landmarks in Sofia – the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

A few must-see spots in Sofia include:

  • St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral
  • .The heart of Sofia St. George Rotunda – This red-brick church was made in 300s.
  • Vitosha Boulevard – The fanciest street in town.
  • St. Sofia Church
  • Boyana Church
  • Vitosha Mountain
  • National Institute of Archaeology

Not only is Sofia an incredibly interesting city but it is a very affordable place to go. The average prices in Sofia are:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $60
  • The average price of meal: $10
  • Bus ticket price: $1.20

13. Porto

Porto is a coastal city situated on the north-west of Portugal, famous for its many historic cafes, cobblestone streets, bridges and wine. Now what could possibly be more romantic than a city filled with many bridges and wine?!

Porto is the ideal place in Europe for couples who want to re-spark the romance. 

Some of the most romantic places in Porto include Muralla Fernandina, a place that is filled with beautiful orange trees, and the beautiful Crystal Palace Gardens with amazing fountains, gardens, plants, and peacocks. The pavilion in the garden hosts many events throughout the year for the tourists and locals alike.

If you would like somewhere a little less touristy and more secluded, spend some time around the amazing Parque Da Cidade.

Porto not only has lots to do but it is a very cheap holiday for couples. Average prices in Porto are:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $50
  • The average price of meal: $15
  • Bus ticket price: $2

14. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City is situated on the southern side of Croatia. It is consistently rated one of the best cheap holidays for couples in Europe

For a romantic getaway, the best time to visit Dubrovnik is in September and October when it’s not so hot.

Dubrovnik is a place that oozes romance. The narrow paved streets, the stunning sunsets, and the clear blue ocean make this city an unforgettable romantic getaway.

A few must do economical activities in Dubrovnik City include:

  • Visiting Lokrum Island and having a romantic picnic
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car;
  • Visit one of the cities cozy cafes.
  • Go wine tasting.

Average prices in Dubrovnik are:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $60-$90
  •  The average price of meal: $9
  • Bus ticket price: $2

15. Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city and the commercial center of Romania. This city is also known as ‘little Paris of the East’ for this reason it is often considered one of the best cheap holidays for couples in Europe.

Bucharest combines 500+ years of history including the glorious Belle Époque architecture with dour communist-era blocks, wide green parks with public squares along with modern architecture.

Bucharest is also a very cheap country in Europe to visit. Some of the prices include:

  • The average price of 3* hotel: $50-$60
  • The average price of meal: $6-$10
  • Bus ticket price: $1.20


We hope you enjoyed our round up of cheap holidays for couples in Europe. Which place will you be holidaying with your sweetheart this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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