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50 Chill Date Ideas For Super Relaxing Date Nights!

Do you need more chill date ideas to do with your partner?

Especially these days, being coped up indoors, we need ideas to bring harmony to the situation!

There’s a lot of anxiety going around, and tempers can get short. Perhaps having plans for something fun to do can save the day! Here are some chill date ideas for relaxing together and making some good memories during these stressful times.

50 Chill Date Ideas


What is a “Chill” Date Anyway?

A chill date is a date that does not involve a whole lot of energy!

Sometimes you want to enjoy date night with your loved one without doing something super active! That is where chill date ideas come into play!

Netflix and Chill

One of the best chill date ideas ever!

Fire up that Firestick and pick out a great movie! Between Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Sling, Vudu, Pluto TV, Tubi, and CBS All Access, there are thousands of options at your fingertips.

Pour some wine or a cup of tea, light some candles, lower the lights and turn up the volume. Pull a warm blanket across the two of you and press play.

Looking for a new show? Here are our favorite travel shows on netflix right now.


Date Night Box

A date night box is one of our all time favorite chill date ideas! I don’t know about you but I get extra joy receiving something fun in the mail!

Some of the best date night boxes include:


Image Credit: Crated with Love Date Night Box

Bring your partner breakfast in bed

Nothing is more romantic than making a lovely breakfast on a tray, adding a flower, and gently waking your partner up to a yummy breakfast served in bed.

Show your partner how much they mean to you with this sweet surprise. Extra bonus for making it their favorite breakfast food cooked up just the way they like it!

It is kind of hard to have a comfortable breakfast in bed without a tray! Here is one of the most adorable breakfast in bed trays on the market!

breakfast in bed

Play hide and seek

Bring out your playful side and play hide and go seek. It’s your choice if you prefer to let your spouse know before you hide!

Generally, if you hide in the path of your partner and jump out at them and scare them, this is a fun way to keep the playful spirit of your relationship alive!

One of the cutest indoor date ideas ever!

Hang out in the backyard

A nice chill way to spend time together is in your own backyard. Enjoy a glass of wine or iced tea. Watch the sunset or the stars. Let the conversation flow.

You can even grab an acoustic guitar or a harmonica to add atmosphere and contentment. The options are endless for dates in your own backyard. And it’s good to be grateful for all that you have. Even pulling weeds together can be a blast when you’re with your significant other!

Feed each other grapes

Another sweet idea is to feed each other grapes. Togas are optional! Along the same idea would be to pop open a pomegranate and feed little seed segments to each other. You can even do orange slices.

Whatever you have, feed the other. Feeding your partner and being fed by them is both fun and an exercise in trust.

Make dinner for your SO dressed up as a servant

Of course, I’m joking here, but role playing can be a lot of fun. Either one or both of you can dress up in a cute, funny, or sexy outfit and cook dinner. You can even make the theme of the outfits to match up with the food!

Here are some fun sexy outfits:

Groom each other (i.e., brush each other’s hair)

It might not sound like much but grooming each other is a seriously good chill date idea.

It can’t get more relaxing than this. Brush each other’s hair, and give each other massages. You can paint toe nails or give manicures, too. But first and foremost, give the hair brushing a try.

I just love the way it feels to have my hair brushed, it is so relaxing it can put you to sleep.

Do puzzles together

This is a fun and relaxing activity. You can find good puzzles at the thrift store or online, and sell them or donate them later. Start with smaller puzzles and move your way up to the larger ones.

Set aside an area on the ground in your house or on a table you won’t need for a few days, so you can keep working on it until it is done. The bigger and more involved the puzzle, the longer it will take to complete.

If you do them by candlelight you can pretend you are living in the 1800’s. If you haven’t been together long this is a great chilled first date idea!

Play board games

There are so many board games out there. Old and new. You can play Monopoly, Checkers, Chinese checkers, The Game of Life, or newer games like Parks, Dune, Tokyo Highway or Root.

There is also a series of Game of Thrones boardgames. This is a fun way the two of you can relax and get your minds off the real world for a while.

If you want a new and fun board game to do you might like to check out our favorite board games for couples.


Play trivial pursuits

Here’s something you don’t just have to wait for a social gathering to do. You can play Trivial Pursuits or similar type games you can find online.

Make it a drinking game or negotiate prizes to make it into a date night. Add an alcoholic beverage and settle in for hours of fun picking those big brains of yours!

Read the Bible

You can read bible passages to each other or sing songs from the Book of Psalms. If you have a piano or other instrument, play an accompaniment.

If you are a Christian here are some couples resources for you:

Bake a cake or special brownies

Baking can be a fun and relaxing pastime, and its always nice to have a treat to celebrate being together. If desired, you can add “special” ingredients in accordance with applicable laws of your state.

Here is a great brownie mixture if you want it to be super easy.

Build a fire in your fire pit or chiminea

Enjoy a relaxing evening staring into the fire with your beloved. Stay cozy and hold hands, relax, and sit back. Add a warm beverage like Kahlua and coffee, or drink liquors warmed up.

Do some bird watching from your back yard or balcony

Get outside, bring your binoculars, and check out your neighborhood birds. Watch them build their nests in the spring and feed their babies through the summer. Listen to their calls, listen to the symphony of nature.

Relax and enjoy the concert of your local wildlife mixing with other urban noises. See if you can pick up the rhythm and mimic it. You can make videos of yourselves trying to mimic their calls.

Collect lightning bugs

A relaxing pastime in the height of summer. Be sure to set your lightning bugs free once you’re done with your amazing light show!

Go for a car ride

Drive somewhere pretty. Get the tunes going and pick a destination or simply drive and see where you end up. You can check out a nearby town or take a drive out in the country.

It’s refreshing to get new scenery, especially when you’ve been cooped up at home under a “Shelter in Place” order.

You don’t even need to get out of the car to feel refreshed. It’s important during these times to keep our morale up. Just be safe and don’t jeopardize others.


Take a walk

Get some fresh air. Take a relaxing walk together. Bring the dog. You can go to a dog park, or walk by the beach. Or just walk to a nearby park. Remember to keep 6 feet of space between yourselves and your neighbors.

No one will be insulted if you cross the street these days, so as to keep enough space between you. It is unfortunate but necessary. Just remember, it is temporary. The most important thing is for you and your partner, your family, to stay alive!


Read poetry to each other

Make a pot of tea and pull out your books of poetry and pick a few to read to each other. You can take turns, perhaps choosing the ones that say the things you want to say to your partner.

You can add candlelight to make it extra romantic.

Shop on Amazon

You can make a date to do some shopping on Amazon or other online store.

Here are some of our favorite products on Amazon right now:

Hot tub, if you’ve got one!

An incredibly relaxing way to spend the evening together would be to get into your nearest hot tub and chill out together and have a cold beverage.

Make clay figurines

If you both like working with clay, you can make figurines of people or animals to pass the time. It’s enjoyable to play with clay, and it’s relaxing too!

Here are some tools you can use to craft your clay!

Play chess

This is great game to play together, and it’s relaxing as long as no one gets too competitive! Remember, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Do an art project together

Find items outside or inside and make an art project together. You can even do a home improvement job and take it that extra mile of taking the time to make it artistic. This allows each partner to create something and to admire each other’s creations.

Do yoga together

Yoga can be a relaxing way to spend time together. Alternatively, you can do Thai Chi together or try meditation.

Paint each other’s nails

Shape with an emory board and then paint them! Try not to tickle the feet. You can definitely fit a foot massage in, too, right?

Watch YouTube videos together

Plan a night to watch something completely new on YouTube. You can choose music videos, funny cat and dog videos, old Saturday Night Live episodes, or how-to videos to learn a new skill together, like gardening.

Play your old vinyl records

Make a date night out of listening to your old records. Get out the turntable and bring back those memories.

Get some inspiration listening to your favorites together. Maybe even get up and ask your partner to dance!

vinyl records

Play video games together

This is something many couples already love to do together. There are also many couples where only one person plays video games regularly.

Perhaps the two of you can make a date to play some games together? One can teach the other? This could be a lot more fun than you imagined!

Go swimming

Swimming and playing in water is super relaxing and fun. And it’s great exercise with the least exertion. Make a date of it and have some fun swimming!

Play ping pong

Remember the days when we had rec rooms in our basements? Ping pong is still a favorite, as is pool (billiards). But ping pong is easier to set up or make from scratch!

Sit on your patio and drink beer

Get out the cooler and crack open a cold beer. Sit together and talk. Play some music and have a few laughs.

Draw portraits of each other

This a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time together as a couple. Draw portraits of each other using pencil, charcoal, water color, or oil paints.

It’s fun to get really creative and use a medium you don’t use as often or mix things up. Plus it is such a cute chill date idea!

Make a diorama

Do you remember making dioramas in elementary school? All you need is a shoe box and a variety of craft supplies and you’ll be on your way to making a little “scene”.

Why not endeavor to make a scene from your marriage – like your wedding day or your child’s birth? Or you can do a diorama of your favorite movie or TV show.

Give each other foot massages

Get out the massage oil and massage each other’s feet. You can do full body massages or just the feet.

The feet have acupressure points in them that will correspond to different areas of your body. So, a foot massage should do a wonderful job of relaxing your whole body.

Make whip cream pies to throw at each other

Everyone needs a little fun in their lives.

Make some whip cream pies or get some from the supermarket and have fun throwing at each other. If you have kids you could always try to bring them in on the fun!

Bake bread together

Making bread together involves kneading the dough, doing everything from scratch. Waiting for the dough to rise and bake, you can tell stories, talk about your kids (if you have some), or dream about your next vacation.

Try different kinds of bread, find a new recipe, to create an exciting date.

Practice archery

Archery is a super fun to do as a couple. And anytime you want to give your partner a tip, you get to put your arms around them! What could be better than that?


Play darts

Here’s a fun game you can set up at home in your basement. You don’t have to hang out in bars to play a game of darts. But you can if you want to. It’s a super chill way to have a fun night at home, if you’ve got the space.

Make pizzas from scratch

You can make the crust from scratch or buy pre-made crusts and apply the toppings yourself. I recommend making your own crust.

You’ll never want to order in again! Home made pizzas are the bomb! Since it is kind of messy, save this activity for a date night.

Make craft beer together

You might have to buy a kit for this. Look online and pick out a set up or system you think you can handle. Some systems arrive with ingredients for your first brew. If not, get all the supplies you will need. Designate an area in your basement or garage to brew your beer. Then put on the tunes and get it started!

You’ll have a lot of fun getting this project going. There’s continual checking on the system and then of course the happy day when your brew is ready for tasting! You will have to make another date for this! The anticipation will be worth it!

Make Couples Halloween costumes

Have you thought about who or what you guys want to be for Halloween this year? There’s nothing that says you have to wait until October to make your costumes. One of the best halloween date ideas!

Perhaps, you guys get so “into it” that you’ll need multiple sewing sessions and many more objects yet to be collected for your costume? All the better. Take your time.

You can continue adding features on to your costume as items are found for it. Start with what you’ve got, and have a fun night of it with a beverage and music going while you two create.

When Halloween comes around you can use these Halloween Hashtags to dominate the ‘gram.


Knitting has become popular in the last few years, even among men. It is not just forold grannies anymore! Ask your partner if they’d like to learn to knit.

It is a very relaxing activity you two can do together, provided neither of you absolutely hate the idea!

Singing in the rain

Just like the movie, you two can go out during a warm, rainy evening and sing and dance in the rain!

Do be careful with metal objects, though! Not everything in a movie is a good idea in real life! It can be very romantic and relaxing to walk in the rain with your partner. It can make you feel alive!

Want more Rainy Day Date Ideas? You can check out our very best here!

rainy-day-date-ideas, rainy-day-first-date-ideas, rainy-day-activities-for-adults, rainy-dates, rainy-day-activities

Paint rocks

It may sound funny, but there is actually a market for painted rocks! It might be fun to try!

You can get as detailed as you like. You can make it realistic or abstract. Choose a big rock or small. They actually come out very pretty and you will have a keepsake of this date together.

Go to the park and swing on the swings

Be a kid again! Of course, during these uncertain times, it is probably a good idea to bring anti-bacterial wipes with you and wipe down the swings and playground equipment before you begin playing on it.

Parks are great fun for adults at night. If you haven’t played in a playground at night together in a while, consider trying this date again very soon. You won’t regret it.

Perform magic tricks

Do either you or your partner know any magic tricks?

It would be a fun date to perform magic tricks for each other. There are many new ones to learn on YouTube, which can be done before the date so you’ve got great surprises readily in store for reach other!

One of the very best fun chill date ideas!

Play poker

You can play poker together, or rummy, or Yahtzee – and you can play them all “strip” too!

Just make up your rules and get playing! Poker is always a blast to play as a couple because it can be tough to “bluff” someone you know so well! But you can still try!

Make jewelry

Half the fun is going to the bead store or the gem shop to pick out supplies, but if you have the supplies at the ready at home, why not make a night out of making jewelry together?

This is a very sweet and relaxing pastime to do together, and it’s always nice when at the end of your date, you have a gift for your loved one or someone else in your family!

See what your friends are up to on Facebook

Check out what silly things your friends are doing and posting on social media might give you a laugh together.

Take a bubble bath

Relax and enjoy the steam. Wash each other’s backs. Wash your partner’s hair. Block out the outside world for half an hour.

More Date Ideas?

If these chill date ideas just wern’t enough for you, never fear we have plenty more cool date ideas including:

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