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18 Totally Unique Places to Stay in Iceland

Iceland is SUCH a cool country so it will come as no surprise there are tonnes of cool and unique places to stay in Iceland.

One of the main reasons people choose to go to Iceland is because of all the unique activities the country has to offer like seeing incredible waterfalls and geysers on the Golden Circle and riding one of the shortest and cutest horses in the world, The Icelandic Horse.

Let’s face it, Iceland is a seriously good option for a couples getaway or honeymoon due to all the unique places to go but also the incredible and very different places to stay in Iceland. I want to go back just thinking of it.

The issue is with hundreds of Iceland hotels on the internet, its exhausting trying to find the most unique- Im talking the best northern lights viewing, hot tubs and unique architecture.

So with that in mind, I did the hard work for you and make a list of the most unique places to stay in Iceland. You will likely need a car rental to access these places as they are sometimes in more remote areas of Iceland.

Hope it helps you find the most perfect place to stay in Iceland!

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18 Totally Unique Places to Stay in Iceland

360 Hotel

Are you looking for a combination of luxury, good service and amazing views?

Then look no further then the 360 Hotel in Iceland with first-class rooms paired with astounding 360° views of the mountains and volcanoes nearby.

This hotel is located in a beautiful location in Selfoss in the Iceland country side.

What makes the experience at the hotel so unique and special is that it only has 13 rooms in total – 10 deluxe rooms, 2 junior suites and 1 suite. It is purposely designed in this manner so the  staff can give very personalised service.

It is the aim of staff at the hotel for guests to feel that it is their home away from home. <3

We personally love the very modern decor of the hotel with modern furniture backed by original gorgeous Icelandic art.

If you wish to dine at the hotel, it has amazing reviews. At dinner, the hotel purposely chooses to seat guests together to bring internationals with different stories together which is a cool concept.

There is also a possibility to book any tour you wish to do in Iceland from the front desk if you want a very stress free holiday.

Book the 360 Hotel during your dates here.


Image owned by 360 Hotel

Frost & Fire Hotel

Situated amidst the geothermal foothills above Hveragerði village, Frost & Fire Hotel gives a unique Icelandic experience of the geothermal activity in Iceland.

Here, you can bathe in the outdoor pool, the riverside hot tubs and directly thermal river which is a pretty cool experience and why we think this hotel is certainly one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland.

A dip in the black stone sauna is a very unique Icelandic experience to rejuvenate after a long day.

Not only is the hotel itself very unique but it is situated in the middle of beautiful Icelandic countryside. The surroundings show gentle foothills, vast valleys and fumaroles. 

Nearby the hotel is the village of Hveragerði with pubs, cafes and ice cream parlors. It is also close to some of the best spots along the Golden Circle including the legendary Þingvellir parliamentary plains and the Viking-age farms on the South Coast.

Book The Frost and Fire Hotel During Your Dates Here.


Image owned by Frost and Fire Hotel

Camp Boutique

Camp Boutique is a distinct glamping hotel in located in the rural areas of Selfoss near Black Sand Beach in the South Coast.

Just like a camp, it’s rooms are designed like tents but with all the features that a deluxe room usually has.

IMO, It’s not ideal for families but for couples or newlyweds since the rooms have little space for children. However, the hotel welcomes kids so if your kids are a little more adventurous and you don’t mind sleeping in close quarters, it may be possible!

One of the best parts of the hotel (aside from the free wifi of course) is that you can gaze at the sea from the terrace. The Camp Boutique actually has its own private beach area which is always a win!

Reykjavík is about 40 minutes’ drive way from Loftsstaðir-Vestri, the gigantic estate in which this hotel is located. This means you can stay here and still explore all Reykjavík has to offer.

At the Camp Boutique you are also close to the Geothermal park and Urridafoss Waterfall, two places that accentuate the beauty of the region, and the Turf House and Ghost Centre which emphasize it’s cultural heritage.

All in all, you should stay there if you love camping and want an unforgettable and unique experience in Iceland

Book The Camp Boutique During Your Dates Here!


Image owned by Camp Boutique

Framtid Lodging Barrels

One of the most unique places to stay in Iceland is without doubt the Framtid Lodging Barrels. 

The cabins are literally in the shape of a barrel and have pillows and duvets for up to three people along with electricity and heating inside.

Amazingly there is even wifi available in the barrels.

Feeling hungry? You can grab a bite to eat from the hotel’s restaurant or café.

The barrels are relatively close to The Eggs of Merry Bay, the Bulandstindur, the Petra Steinasafn and the Icelandic Wartime Museum, which is about 110 km away from the hotel.

Book The Framtid Lodging Barrels during your dates in Iceland here.


Image owned by Framtid Camping Lodging Barrels

ION Adventure

Honestly, this hotel is definitely one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland.

This space ship hotel beneath the majestic Northern Lights is placed in one of the most amazing surroundings in Iceland, against the harsh yet stunning background of the mountainous lava fields.

Huddled near the Nesjavellir Power Station, this hotel offers a very memorable and need I say it, totally unique experience for its guests in Iceland. The hotel has lava spa, a top-notch Northern Lights Bar and spectacular views that span out along the horizon.

If you are looking to view the Northern Lights in Iceland this hotel is a fabulous place to do it and the beauty of it is you don’t have to go out of the comfort of your hotel.

If you are more of a foodie, you will be happy to hear the hotel’s restaurant and the bar serves exquisite Nordic Cuisine which combines the traditional Nordic taste with new and improved cooking techniques.

The Ion Adventure is located about one hour’s drive from the capital. It is the perfect place to stay while you explore the Golden Circle and along with the cultural heritage of Iceland.

Don’t miss the Thingvellir National Park if you are staying at the hotel as it is nearby. The famous red Úlfljótsvatn Church is also only a 20 minute drive away.

Book Your Stay at The Ion Adventure in Iceland here


Image owned by Ion Adventure

Kex Hostel

Housed in an old biscuit factory in the centre of Reykjavik, this hostel is a beehive for social people as it’s a mixture of organic concept, an industrial touch and contemporary design. The hostel has adequate dorms and rooms to house 215 guests.

At the hostel, every piece of déco is salvaged so each piece has its own unique story to tell. Play a game of “What’s its story?” when you stay at the hostel with its resident furniture – staff are happy to tell you of the origin.

Dorms are made simple and the atmosphere is kept friendly to encourage social interactions at the hostel.

Book Your Stay at Kex Hostel Here


Image owned by Kex Hostel

Esjan Hotel

If you’re looking for very unique accommodation in Iceland, then then Esjan bus Hotel will surely call to you.

Esjan Hotel has tried to bring life to the boring stuffy hotel concept with well-furnished buses for their guests to stay in. You will find this hotel near the Esjan Mountain and Reykjavik in Iceland.

Each Bus has a few guest rooms and each room in turn is equipped with kitchen appliances like a stove, a seating area and comfortable beds. At least four people can stay in unit.

Watching the awe-inspiring landscape from the big coach widows of the buses is an experience not to be quickly forgotten!

Book your stay at Hotel Esjan Here


Image owned by Esjan Hotel

Hotel Ranga

Nestled between the towns of Hvolsvöllur and Hella, this 4-star resort is built in log-style and offers 25 furnished rooms for its guests.

It boosts a comfortable interior and it’s a hot spot for weddings and honeymoons in Iceland due to the fact that that it is one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland.

Ranga’s 10-foot high polar bear, Hrammur is placed in the lobby to greet all those who happen to wander into the hotel.

Along with 52 rooms, the hotel has one lounge, a bar and a mind-blowing riverside restaurant, where you can enjoy food with a stunning view.

You can also take advantage of the game room or the three popular outdoor hot tubs that are kept warm with geothermal water. Good news for star gazers!

The hotel even has an observatory where you can gaze at the stars to your hearts content. 

Book Your Stay at Hotel Ranga Here

unique and different places to stay in iceland

Image owned by Hotel Ranga

Volcano Hotel

Beneath the volcano Katla, this Hotel stands just by the Ring Road – a perfect place to stop on your Ring Road road trip – in the striking South Coast. 

The Volcano Hotel is 170km away away from Reykjavík and 12km away from the town of Vík (home to the famous black beach of Iceland). In Vik you will also find a popular swimming pool, supermarket and gas stations for refueling.

This hotel is a perfect base in the Mýrdalur valley as a lot of amazing tourist attractions are close to the hotel including the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the Skógafoss, the Skógar museum, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano glacier, and the glacier outlet Sóheimajökull on route to the hotel if you’re travelling there from the capital. 

Compared to some other unique hotels in Iceland, this hotel is very small scale and intimate with only 7 comfortable rooms.

Book your stay at the Volcano Hotel here.


Image owned by Volcano Hotel Iceland

101 Hotel

Located in downtown Reykjavik, this chic hotel is designed with up-to-date- furniture and offers a variety of rooms to suit all budgets including Double Suite, Double Balcony and Apartment Suite, etc.

Plus, if you are an art lover you will love the 101 Gallery at the hotel which showcases the talent of the local artists.

Being in downtown Reykjavik, it is also in a great location with the opera right next door to the hotel and the National Museum and the Harpa Concert Hall only a 20 minutes’ walk away.

If you love food you will be happy to know you can find food at  101 hotel at a reasonable price at the hotel’s restaurant. You can sit underneath its glass ceilings and order dishes that are a mix between modern Icelandic and International Cuisine.

And for burger fans, you will find a great hamburger there.

Book 101 during your dates in Reykjavik here


Image owned by 101 Hotel

Hotel Budir

This hotel, whose windows all show the breathtaking view of the beach it is on, is situated in the picturesque area of Snaefellsjokull.

In the season of gazing at the Auroras (winter to late spring as far as April in Iceland), staying at this hotel is ideal since it is far away from city lights.

Moreover, the staff often wakes up guests when the Northern Lights are spotted so that they can view this awe-inspiring phenomenon – now that’s service!!

Book your stay at Hotel Budir Here


Image owned by Hotel Budir

Hotel Húsafell

Nestled amid the wilderness of Stórarjóður in Húsafell, this hotel is special because it’s the only 4-star, self-sufficient resort that is powered by hot springs.

On top of that, there is a high probability of the Northern Lights appearing in this location as Húsafell is one of Iceland’s best places to see Auroras.

The hotel has 48 luxurious rooms with each room having local artwork and modern furniture. You can also take pleasure from soaking in the geothermal baths at the hotel.

Book Your Stay at Hotel Hasafell here

best places to stay in iceland

Blue Lagoon Retreat

You may be able to find many hot springs and geothermal baths dotted all over Iceland, but the Blue Lagoon Retreat offers a unique way to experience the ancient bathing tradition in Iceland.

he retreat is home to one of the most unique activities in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon so while you stay there, you can take a dip into the healing water of the Lagoon. Besides taking a dip, you can also get treatments and messages.

One particular massage in the in-water message in the Blue Lagoon in which you will get revitalized amidst the volcanic landscape.

The great thing about staying at the Blue Lagoon as opposed to just visiting is you can be the first in during the day and experience the magic of the lagoon all to yourself – Yippee!

If you love great dining, the retreat has fabulous dining options including the Lava Restaurant, the Café, the Spa Restaurant and the Moss Restaurant with a breathtaking view of the volcanic landscape.

Staying at the Blue Lagoon Retreat is definitely a unique bucket list experience in Iceland if I do say so myself.

Book Your Stay at the Blue Lagoon Retreat here


Image owned by blue lagoon retreat

Fossatun Camping Pods

The people at the Fossatún Pod Village in Borgarbyggð have innovated a new kind of accommodation: living in camping pods.

Each pod has sleeping space for 2 to 3 people along with sleeping bags and bed linens can be rented if guests are lacking sleeping bags. In the pods, guests will have access to hot showers, a kitchen, dining and Barbeque facilities.

One of the best part of the Fossatún Pod Village is the beauty that surrounds it. Troll Falls River and Blundsvatn Lake are very close to the village.

Mark this village in your calendar for your next camping trip in Iceland.

Book your stay at Fossatún Pod Village here 

Fossatun Camping Pods & Cottages - Sleeping Bag Accommodation

Image owned by Fossatun Camping Pods

The Five Million Star Hotel

I have to admit when I first saw this place I thought WOW, this has to be one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland.

For tracking down and watching the Northern Lights, people often travel to remote places and hike in the mountains. However, gazing at these natural kaleidoscopes is a matter of timing and a bit of luck.

The Five Million Star Hotel or better known as the Bubble hotel provides you with an opportunity to gaze at the Auroras from the comfort of your bed via bubble rooms.

We once stayed up all night in a park in Tromso, Norway and saw NOTHING so the comfort of your hotel is a huge blessing!

The hotel has 5 bubbles – Una, Asta, Valdis, Maria and Thorunn – that are all made of clear plastic and include a thermostat to keep them warm throughout the winter.

The bubbles are made with viewing the Northern Lights in mind but note there is NO WIFI so be prepared to kick back to nature and be disconnected for a few days.

The bubble hotel is certainly one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland.

Book Your Stay at the Bubble Here


Image owned by Five Million Star Hotel

Hótel Laxá

Near Lake Mývatn and River Laxá, this hotel showcases rooms with modern interior and stunning lake views.

On top of the marvellous view, all rooms have wi-fi, a clothing rack, kettle with tea and coffee and a LCD TV. Disabled guests can also be accommodated into the rooms.

If you are a food lover, like, me, the Eldey Restaurant is a great pick as the head chef has created a menu made with regional and high-quality products.

If you’re a coffee lover, then the Bar Bistro at Hotel Laxa will seem like heaven to you with its delicious coffee, cocktails and tea. There, you can sip your drink with one of the most beautiful landscapes of Iceland (the Vindbelgja mountain and Lake Mývatn) in the background


Book Your Dates at Hotel Laxa here


Image owned by Hotel Laxa

Hotel Viking

Do you know of the Vikings of Berk from “How to Train Your Dragon”?

Well, even if don’t, you might have wondered where and how the Vikings lived. Now, you can get your answer by staying at the Viking Hotel in Hafnarfjordur which has Viking themed furnished rooms – a total  of 42.

You will be happy to know the Viking theme also has modern appliances like television and hot showers. Truth be told, we only want the half Viking experience anyway.

One aspect I love is that the hotel has a Viking themed restaurant called Fjörugarðurinn, capable of seating 350 people, in entire Viking décor. Step inside and you will be instantly transported to the Viking era of the past. While you’re there, don’t forget to try the traditional Viking feast served in a typical Viking tray.

Hotel Viking is in a great location for a short but memorable trip to Iceland. You can drop by the geysers close to the hotel in the Golden Circle or visit Reykjavik as it’s only 15 minutes away.

Book a stay at Hotel Viking during your dates here


Image owned by Viking Hotel

Reykjavik Domes

Similar to the Bubble Hotel, this hotel offers its guest cozy domes to stay the night. However, unlike the Bubbles, these tents have Wi-fi. Yay for internet addicts!

This is seriously one of the best places to stay in winter in Iceland.

The dome shaped tents are unique and they even come complete with a fire burner and an electric blanket, making for a very romantic experience.

If the goddess of luck supports you, you might even get to see the enigmatic Northern Lights from within the tent.

As the name suggests, these domes are huddled within Reykjavik so the beauty of the domes is that you can also visit the highlights of Reykjavik including the Harpa Concert Hall, the National Museum, Hallgrimskirkja and Perlan or you can bathe in the Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool.

A stay in Reykjavik Domes will no doubt be a unique experience in Iceland and one not to forget!

Book at stay at Reykjavik Domes during your dates here.


Image owned by Reykjavik Domes


If you decided to stay somewhere unique in Iceland, we would love to know – leave us a comment below

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