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Couples Adventure Book: 5 Best Adventure Books for Couples

Looking for a great couples adventure book to document your adventures as a couple together or complete a couples challenge? No worries, we have you covered.     

If you are wondering, an adventure book for couples is always a good idea, whether you want to use it for date ideas, planning a trip or just having more fun together as a couple, it is a great way to continually work on making your relationship as good as it can be.  A great new hobby for couples for sure. 

Here are our 5 best adventure books for couples you should check out:

Couples Adventure Book: 5 Best Adventure Books for Couples

Our Adventure Book

Our Adventure Book is a cool adventure scrapbook that couples can use to document their adventures together. The package included with the book comes with 8 coloured pens, 3 self adhesive photos and 6 stickers along with a few other bits and pieces to help document your adventures.


  • A lot of ability to take the adventure book in your direction as it is essentially a blank canvas. This means that you can use it for documenting vacations or alternatively planning date ideas.
  • Reasonable price at $18.99


  • Front cover of the book could be more attractive
  • The pens that come with the book are more geared towards children
  • If you are looking for a book that babys you through date ideas, it probably isn’t a good choice.


Our Adventure: A bucket list journal for couples

If you are making your own ultimate couples bucket list and want a little bit more direction, this is a great book to purchase.

This book is designed to help couples continue the adventure after the honeymoon is over. Inside includes 101 Romantic, Unique and Fun Ideas to consider adding to your own bucket list. There are also really fun activities inside the book to do together such as say “I love you” in different languages and challenges (some harder like kissing in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris and some easier at home date ideas to try).  

Theres also room for you to think of your own activities and tick them off when you are done. A great wedding gift for friends if you are looking for a super fun gift.

Review:  Amanda S. 5.0 out of 5 stars

I bought this for a 1 year anniversary gift. I’m almost 40, and been friends with him 10+ years. That being said I feel like this was a good purchase. I’m pleased with the 101 ideas list to get you started, and you can add to it with your own ideas. 102 pg. book in all. If you write big you will probably need more Space to sum up your memory of whatever it is you did or experienced, but you can slip in an added page or continue writing onto the next page. All together I’m super happy and excited with this book and would def buy it again. I looked at tons of different ones online and read reviews before I purchased one. No of them seem to have quite what I was looking for. This one really hit most qualities. If I could fix anything it would be more writing space, and picture or momentum pockets. I like to keep tickets and stuff like so many people, and it would be cool to have that displayed with my memory writing.


  • If you prefer to have a little more direction in the book, this is the book for you
  • Reasonable price at $14.99 for a hard cover.


  • Front cover of the book could be more attractive in my opinion, it looks a little dated.

Couples Adventure Challenge

This book is all about couples having more fun in their relationship through adding spontaneity and romance. Through exciting challenges that can be used as fun date ideas for couples, it is designed to help your relationship grow.

The book prides itself on creating unique and not boring dates. An example of a date is baking an apple pie blindfolded. The interesting part of this book is you can’t pick and choose what you feel like doing. You scratch off a date – you do it. The only clue you get is that each “challenge” has a time limit and a budget so you can avoid certain dates if you are low on time or money.

One of the best adventure challenge books for couples.


  • If you prefer to have a little more direction in the book, this is the book for you


  • Doesn’t leave much room for coming up with your own adventures.
  • Quite expensive at $52,

A.J 5.0 out of 5 stars

Remember the camera! I’m in love with this! My husband has enjoyed a couple of them already and is always down to do another. Only let down was that it didn’t come with the camera. You have to buy them separately. Which is ridiculous when it’s included in the video and all of their adds.

Fun Book for Couples

The fun book for couples is pretty much exactly what it says – a book of fun for couples to do together including a range of quizzes, games to do together and challenges to complete.

In the games and challenges you have the ability to score points and win rewards, so this is a great book for a competitive couple.  The quiz are carefully drafted to see how well you know each other with a range of fun and flirty questions to ask, designed to build a stronger connection.

This book is based on getting couples to spend time together, do activities together and build a stronger bond and connection.


  • If you prefer to have a little more direction in the book, this is the book for you
  • Cheap at $17


  • Doesn’t leave much room for coming up with your own ideas.

Review: Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars

Fun, engaging, and brings GENUINE conversations! I got this on a whim as one of those “let’s get anything to get us through this Pandemic” and holy guac, this has over delivered! On the one hand, yes, it’s fun, engaging, and definitely something new. On the best hand? It prompts really good conversations! My partner and I would just keep talking and talking (about things OTHER than our toddler….) and with each new page it just prompted genuine, interesting conversations between us that may not have come up otherwise. This book has gone from a “what the hell, let’s try it” to “Which page are we on? Let’s do another!” I deeply appreciate the positive change of pace and the comic relief it’s brought as we’ve gone through the quizzes and challenges. It’s something we both look forward to doing a little bit of after bedtime when we finally have our time to connect. Watching TV can only go so far in decompressing – this has been entertaining AND brought us closer together from all the conversation.


Here we Go: Couples Adventure Journal

If you are looking for a really pretty adventure journal, that is pretty much a blank canvas for you. Great if you are a couple who wants to document their travels together.


  • If you want a blank canvas, this is a good book. Perfect for documenting your honeymoon or a romantic getaway together
  • A pretty book.
  • Cheap at $26


  • No direction in the book – a blank canvas which could be a con for some.



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