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Cubesmart Review: Why We Could NEVER recommend them!

Wondering whether you should store your belongings at Cubesmart and want an honest, non sponsored Cubesmart review.

Okay you got it.

Long story short, TURN BACK NOW, do not store your belongings at Cubesmart whatever you do – unless of course you consider Cube smart a dumping grounds, where you store belongings you don’t care about only for them to destroy them and keep invoicing you each month. Then okay, maybe use this company…

Keep reading for one of the most outrageous stories you will hear from a company with $643 million USD revenue.

Cubesmart Review – Why You Shouldn’t use them!

We first came across Cubesmart in around February 2020, when we were looking for a place to store our beloved 2002 Chrysler Town and Country car with about $10,000 worth of possessions, including ski gear, expensive Lederhosen we purchased in Germany, sunglasses and a few expensive jackets etc, which were locked inside the car.

That is when we came across a Cubesmart location in Atlanta Georgia, with good self storage reviews. It looked like a genuine legit business.

Also, Cubesmarts are located all across the USA so we had full confidence that we could leave our car and possessions with them without any issues.

Leaving our car at Cubesmart

We left our car at Cubesmart in March 2020. We were looking for a place to secure our car and belongings as we exited America and lived with family overseas during COVID-19.

When we arrived at Cubemart everything was dandy. There was entrance by a secure gate and the staff seemed reasonably nice. A British couple in front of us was storing their 4WD while they returned to England.

We had no reason to believe that anything would happen to our car and belongings.

We filled out the required documentation and the staff directed us where we could leave our vehicle.

We left – none the wiser that this would be the very last time we laid eyes on our beloved Golden Girl.


Between March 2020 – September 2022

We expected we would be back in just a few months but little did we know, the world go would into a full lockdown and travel would no longer be possible for a while.

For a company like Cubesmart this should be a big win as they were receiving around $80 in storage from us every month. 

As we had left our car there for 2.5 years, by September 2022 we have paid Cubesmart a total of $2400 in storage fees for our car and belongings. On top of that we had to pay registration and insurance for our vehicle during this time.

Cubesmart invoiced us every month via email during this time and we paid them promptly without fail.

We never had any reason to believe that something had happened to our car and belongings….

Late September 2022 – We learnt of the death of Golden Girl

Late September 2022, we did not receive our usual bill from Cubesmart via email.

It was unusual so we rang them and asked why it had not been received and they informed us that they had sold their premises to another company and that we should ring them to pay our account for October.

We rang this company and they swiftly found our account.

They said to us on the phone “Yeah we have your account and sure you can pay it, but which car is yours again?

We told them it was a 2002 Gold Chrysler Town and Country.

They replied stating that there is no car of this description at their car-yard and there never has been since they took over from Cube Smart.

We were extremely worried. We thought it must be a mistake. We frantically rang around and discovered that  Cubesmart had disposed of our car, way back in 2020….

We couldn’t believe it and we couldn’t understand why.

It actually turned out to be pretty crap timing for us as we were in Mykonos at the time, a few weeks away from heading back to Atlanta to pick up our car. It’s always the way.

how to buy a car in usa as a foreigner

Our beloved Golden Girl that Cube Smart disposed of

Customer Care and Interactions with CubeSmart about their disposal of our car

As you can imagine we rang CubeSmart numerous times but no-one would help us. This was extremely frustrating. There is no cubesmart complaints line.

We subsquently contacted CubeSmart regarding the above issue on 29 & 30 September 2022, 4, 5, 6 & 7 October 2022.

On the above occasions we were referred to a manager called George Vasquez and/or told that we would receive a reply from George via email. 

It took a lot of hounding for George to even reply but he eventually did on 18 October 2022 asking for various details like a #VIN, registration, a picture of the car etc, all of which we provided to George.

With very little replies, and no sign of resolution with CubeSmart, we were forced to engage lawyers to assist us in February 2023.

So far, the situation is ongoing with no replies to correspondence from CubeSmart….

What type of reputable company are they?!

Other People’s Experiences at CubeSmart

If you look closely turns out we are not the only people with a terrible experience at CubeSmart. Amoung the paid cash for comment, you can see people who have had bad experiences with this company like us. We. found these reviews on TrustPilot.

John’s things got stolen

John, a person who wrote a review at TrustPilot, that Cubesmart failed to fix a broken door which resulted in his things being stolen. He also failed to get good service from the company to resolve his issues.

“They left the door handle broken on one… They left the door handle broken on one of the buildings for 4 months and then of course somebody just walked in and robbed a bunch of units including mine. I’m not in the state. They asked me to come in and I can’t. Then they sent me tiny photos, like thumbnails to see what was missing. Then I sent my mom there to take photos so I can file a police report. They wouldn’t let her in even though I have called multiple times. So I had to pay $15 to get something notarized just so she could get in even though they let random people rob the place. Also the manager was gone for 4 days after this happened. It’s like they really just don’t care. Date of experience: February 02, 2023”

Sharie Mills belongings got eaten by rodents under the care of Cubesmart

Sharie, a person who wrote a review at TrustPilot, wrote that under the care of this company, her things got eaten by rodents, which really shows if you have anything of value that you cannot leave it here.

I put my thing in this storage thinking… I put my thing in this storage thinking because it was climate control (AC) my things would be safe Smfh!!! Was I wrong they had Rodents that ate through my boxes and good thing I kept the plastic on my new Furniture I had to throw so much stuff away and the guy I spoke to about the situation was so nonchalant it made my blood boil no one has ever given me anything I have worked for everything I have and for this person ( I can’t say what I want)! To dismiss me like it’s nothing smh DO NOT PUT YOUR THINGS IN STORAGE HERE!!!!! Date of experience: January 17, 2023

Jim Hicks had his motorbike stolen while under the care of CubeSmart

Jim’s review really demonstrates that you cannot safely leave your belongings at CubeSmart and think they will be safe. He left his motorbike there and it was stolen. His review is as follows:

My motorcycle was stolen My motorcycle was stolen, the facility did not contact me until weeks later, I am disgusted by their treatment. And their prices are way above average rates. They take advantage of their customers…. Date of experience: August 24, 2022

Conclusion – Cubesmart = Worst Company Alive

Don’t believe any of the reviews about Cubesmart you read online. It’s likely that they pay cash for comment as they are the most dishonest company we have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Due to their disposal of our car without merit, we have lost thousands of dollars.

We had to replace our car which was a nightmare as prices have gone sky high for used cars, we have lost thousands of dollars of possessions we loved and we have paid storage (for nothing stored mind you), and insurance and registration for no vehicle.

Cubesmart has been one of the most horrible experiences of our lives and has taken a huge toll on our mental health.

Whatever you do, do not use this company.


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Wanda Bankston

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

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