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Date Ideas for Teens – A List of Cute & Fun Teen Date Ideas

Looking for cute date ideas for teens? As some of you might know, we were once a teenage couple. 13 years later and we are still together.

So, we think we know a thing or two about date ideas for teens and high school date ideas haha. 

Here are 44 Cute Date Ideas for Teens (so good you likely will be happily married in the future!)

44 Cute date ideas for Teens


1. A Bowling Date

Bowling was our first date together when we were teenagers. One of the best middle school date ideas.

We had an amazing time and we’re still together so we would highly recommend it as an awesome date idea!

If you are a poor sport you might want to skip this one. Mike, who considers himself the much better bowler was left with a very salty taste in his mouth when I won!

Winners certainly are grinners! One of the best first date ideas for teens.


2.Go Rollerblading or Ice skating

This might be a little cliche but cute never goes out of fashion!

Rollerblading or ice skating is the perfect date idea for teenagers as it is something fun and energetic.

The romance will be flowing as you help each other up as you fall over on the floor.

If it is raining on your date, an indoor ice skating or roller blading rink can be every bit as fun!

3. Board game or puzzle

This is a cute, simple and adorable date idea for a teens to do together. Definitely one of the best cheap date ideas for teenage couples.

Our favourite board games were and are Monopoly or Cluedo. Not exactly a board game but we recently came across these cool thought provoking conversation starters.

Prepare some yummy snacks in advance and get ready for some serious game action.

Are you guys too young to remember this old classic?


4. Go on a picnic

When you are young and don’t have a lot of money you are always looking for creative, fun new ways to enjoy yourself on your date.

Get some yummy things together in a basket and go somewhere with a pretty view.

I’ll never forget my Mum getting out the picnic basket out of the cupboard for us for one of our first dates as a teenage couple!


5. Go to a drive in cinema or movies

If you have your license, a drive in movie is always a super cute date idea! One of the most iconic first date ideas for teens. It is also a great winter date idea for teenage couples. It is nice to get snuggly inside!

It has a very Grease vibe and I’m totally digging it.

We went on many drive in dates as a teenage couple in Mike’s Datson 120 Y first car. It was super fun and we loaded up on snacks from the candy bar.

If you don’t yet have your license, the movies are a great alternative in the meanwhile. 

Pick a romantic rom-com movie! One of the best places to go in middle school for a date.

6. Go to an animal cafe

One of the most fun date ideas for teens!

Animal cafes are the new IT thing to do and they are seriously way more fun than a regular cafe, especially if you don’t have a dog or cat yourself to play with.

Cat or dog cafes are these days located in virtually every city.

If you have the chance, try to visit a more exotic animal cafe. We once visited a Meerkat Cafe in Seoul and it was beyond awesome!

I mean, seriously, how cute is he?!


Aww – how cute is this face!?

7. Go to a hipster cafe

If animals aren’t really your jam, we suggest meeting up for a date at a regular cafe. One of the most fun date ideas for teens.

Pick the latest, interesting, hipster cafe in your neighbourhood for a very memorable date.

Worst case, have a date at starbucks and each order a specialty drink of the month! Pumpkin spiced frappiccinos are our personal favourite!

8. Go second hand shopping

I remember not having a lot of money for expensive, lavish dates as a teenager. 

Going to a thrift shop and picking a few dollar outfits each to wear was one of our favourite things to do as a teenager.

Highly recommend agreeing to picking each others outfits for the day. It is a super silly idea sure to make your date laugh!

Second hand shopping is one of the best cheap dates for high school students.

9. Spend an afternoon at an arcade

There is nothing more fun than seeing if your date can win you a stuffed animal prize at an arcade.

To increase the amount of LOLs, have a go at the dance machines or the racing cars. A great dance date idea!

Why not challenge each other to a friendly competition.

You can also grab some snacks, play a few rounds of air hockey, and just enjoy each other‘s company.

10. Movie MARATHON!

I don’t know why but this super appealed to me as a teenager. Okay, who am I kidding, it still appeals to me.

What is better than 1 movie – 2 movies, 10 movies or 20 movies. Okay maybe not that many but you get the point.

There are heaps of movies that are ideal for marathons like Lord of the Rings or my favourite as a teenage couple, American Pie.

11. Go Swimming

Swimming is always a super fun date idea for teens.

If it is a summer date, have a beach day or if you find yourself in Florida, a beautiful natural spring!

If it is winter, swimming is indeed possible too at an indoor pool.

Indoor pools can be surprisingly interesting with many different water temperature pools to try.

12. Get your nails done

One of the best things to do with your teenage girlfriend.

Or, test how much your boyfriend likes you by suggesting you get your nails done together hehe.

This is a cheap date idea and if he actually agrees to have a mani/pedi then you really know he’s a keeper.

13. Go to a sushi train

Restaurants can be expensive to visit as a young couple.

We often used to frequent the local sushi train for a very inexpensive and fun date for teens.

A sushi train is not only a cheap date but a very fun experiences due to the theatrics of the train.

This is a sushi train we visited in Japan where you order on screens and it gets delivered to you.


Getting sushi is a fun & delicious date to do together!

14. Meet at a local shopping mall

As teenagers we often used to meet at the local shopping mall for some serious window shopping fun!

Even if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, a date at the local shopping mall is fun as there is cheap food and people watching in abundance!

We like to sit and eat some fast food at the mall while we take turns guessing the dark secrets of randoms life.

Looking for something different?

Why not try a competition where you can only spend a set amount – maybe $10 or $20 bucks

And you have to try to pick the best gift for your date.

15. Go to a photo booth

If you are looking for sweet dates ideas, don’t miss a photo booth date. This idea can be joined with the shopping mall date.

It is always super fun to go to a photo booth and take some super dorky photos together.

Usually, there is photo booths located in every mall.

We once visited a cool one in Japan where you could change the way your face looked – love hearts, red lips, pink cheeks, you name it, they got it!


16. Go Cart Racing!

There is nothing more fun for a teenage date idea than to go go cart racing.

Go cart racing really gets the competitive juices flowing.

Not too many people dislike go carts so your date is sure to approve of this one!

17. Get out the playstation or wii

There is nothing better than getting out the playstation or wii for a competitive dual.

Every now and then we pull out the wii to have a go at wii sports – so fun to have a bit of friendly competition.

It is the perfect date idea for teens as combined with some yummy snacks it is very low cost and fun!

18. Mini Golf

There is something about mini golfing, maybe it is all the obstacles that make it a super fun date idea!

Whether you get competitive or help each other make the holes, it is sure to be a date you won’t forget!

If it is raining on your date, mini golf is now an indoor sport too!

Get the competitive juices flowing with mini golf

19. Make it a double! Double Date Ideas for Teens

As it is a teenage date, you may want to make it more casual and make it a double date with friends. You could even make it a triple date if you wished!

Maybe you meet at a mutual friends house for a pool party – now that would be a fun idea!


20. Go to the aquarium

Whatever age you are, a date to the aquarium is always a good idea. One of the best teen first date ideas!

There is something pretty magical about watching the colourful fish, sharks and jellyfish float by.

As aquarium tickets are usually quite affordable it makes it the perfect teen date idea!


Visiting the aquarium is so fun!

21. Go for high tea

I’m note sure if this is a good or bad teenage date idea but I thought I’d add it in for nostalgia.

When I was 16 I took a boy to a chocolate high tea for HIS birthday. He said it was more of a treat for me. Haha could be true.

Tea, jam, scones, mini sandwiches – I thought everyone loved the idea of that?! Is this a good date idea for teens? You be the judge.

22. Volunteer at a dog shelter

This is like the cat cafe idea but – IT’S FREE!

The first time I saw this date was on the Bachelorette and well, it melted my icy cold heart! Does it melt yours too?

23. Make something together

It is always fun to make something together. 

A collage or scrapbook is a super cute idea to keep track of your dates together for years to come!

24. Car Wash

If you both need a little extra money, ask your parents if you can both wash their car. A great first date idea for teenagers.

You’ll make a bit of cash, have heaps of fun doing it and you can use the money for an ice cream date later!

25. Learn Origami

One of the best date ideas for teenagers.

Sure, it is a little frustrating but Origami is a perfect teen date idea as it is both low cost AND super fun!

Pick something out in advance you would like to create and do the steps slowly together.

Prepare some snacks in advance and you have yourself the perfect cheap date night.

26. Learn a song together

If you are musically inclined, it is fun to learn a new song together.

A duet is so cute and it is the ultimate cheap at home date idea!

Our ultimate couple duo inspiration is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.


27. Bike Ride – one of the best date ideas for teens!

Bike riding is another super cute date idea for teens to do because it is both fun and totally free (provided you have your own bikes!)  

Ride your bikes to somewhere scenic and enjoy an ice cream as a reward for all your hard biking work!

Don’t forget your helmet AND water.

28. Go to a sport match

Pick a sport you both enjoy like football or baseball and go to a match together. One of the best high school date ideas!

Cheering on your high school or college while you eat a gigantic hot dog and slurp down a big coke – doesn’t get much better of a teen date than this!

29. Go for a hike

In my opinion a hike is one of the cutest date ideas for teenage couples.

If you are both the adventurous type go for a hike somewhere new.

Hiking is also great for beautiful photography so you can get some cute snaps for Instagram!

As a plus, usually you can find a great hike that is totally free! Yippee!


30. Go to a haunted house

If you date is in fall (our favourite time of year) a haunted house is a really cute date idea.

I mean, it can be sort of fun to have the fits scared out of you!

31. Go for an ice cream date

When we were teenagers we would go for a lot of ice cream dates!

They were super fun and affordable.

Ice cream dates are a winner with even the pickiest of dates – who doesn’t like ice cream?

32. Go Horseback riding

Horseback riding is definitely one of the more memorable dates I can recall us doing together as a couple.

A horseback ride through the woods or on the beach is one of the most romantic date ideas.

It may be a little expensive as a teen date idea so you might have to save up for this one!

33. Go Fishing

Fishing is definitely a fun and cheap date idea for teens to do.

If you are in the country fishing and hunting is something you are probably quite experienced in already.

Take a boat out or stand on the shore and practice your fisherman skills together.

34. Visit a water park

One of the first dates we had together at 17 was at a water park.

It was super fun to go down all the slides together. If it is summer, this is the ideal date ideas for teens as it is lighthearted and super fun.

After you have become exhausted with all the sliding, have a BBQ under the shade of a tree.

Remember to wear sunscreen and don’t get crazy burnt as I did.

35. Balloon or Food Fight!

No matter your age there is nothing more fun than a balloon or food fight! A good date idea for teens.

A balloon or food fight is even more fun with friends, so invite a few more friends to join the party and let the fun begin!

36. Water gun fight

If you prefer something a little more tame you can opt for a water gun fight.

A water gun fight is the perfect teen date idea as it is super fun, lighthearted and won’t cost a fortune!

37. Organise to bring your dogs to the doggy park

Do you both have dogs? Meet up at the dog park and play Frisbee or fetch with your furry friends.

How he or she treats their dog might give you an insight into whether you like them more OR less.

38. Karaoke Time

You don’t have to be an adult or a Korean to enjoy a good round of karaoke.

There are Karaoke games that you can find that plug into your wii or playstation.

If you both love to sing, you can sing duets, or sing one at a time.

Be careful as Karaoke can lead to some serious competition!

39. County and state fairs

Visit the state or county fair! One of the best first date ideas for high schoolers.

A summer treat like no other, a state or county fair can be tons of fun and affordable.  

Win prizes, eat cotton candy or chili dogs, and enjoy the rides together! (Just be sure to let that chili dog settle before riding the crazy rides.)

If it’s not the of year for the fair, then check out if there is an amusement park nearby to check out.

40. Frisbee golf 

Frisbee golf is a perfect teen date idea as it is a fun and super inexpensive way to spend a date.

Play a few rounds of Frisbee golf and then cool off by buying an ice cream cone from the local ice cream truck.

41. Visit a Museum 

A museum? Boring! But some museum can actually be both fun AND free.

Research if there is an interesting museum in your local area and plan the date from there!

42. Library Study State

Chances are you are both studying so why not schedule a relaxed library study date?

You can mix study up with quiet chats and giggles.

If it is your first date together and you don’t want to plan anything crazy and super expensive then this is a great place to start!

43. Go Kite Flying

This is a really cute and inexpensive date idea for teens to do.

This is an actual sport! It takes skill to keep that thing in the air.

After the hard, kite flying reward yourselves with an ice cream or something yummy!

44. Visit the zoo or safari

Personally, I still love visiting the zoo. There is something about zoos that never get old.

Looks at cute animals, feed them, buy ice cream, or a slushy to stay cool.

What is even more fun than a zoo is a drive in safari. If you have your license, look up if there are any driving zoos in your local area.

Seeing monkeys jump all over your car is always a blast! Don’t bring Mom or Dads new car or you might have some explaining to do if there’s any damage!

45. Get lost in a maze

A maze can be a fun and unique date idea. Corn mazes are all over in the autumn.

Teens can explore the maze together, enjoy the fresh air and the autumn colors, and spend quality time together.

Plus, you can usually find other activities like pumpkin picking, hayrides, or apple picking that can be part of your date.

46. Take a walk together

For a low key, affordable date why not get back to nature and enjoy a nice walk in your local park.

Taking a walk in a park is a great date idea for teenagers.

It‘s a lowpressure activity that will allow you and your date to get to know each other better.

You can chat, explore the park, and just enjoy spending time together.

If there’s a playground then you can much around on it or take a swing.

47. Go stargazing

Stargazing can be a great date idea. It‘s a romantic activity that will show your date that you are creative and thoughtful. Plus, it‘s a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature together.

It is possible to go stargazing in the city, but it won‘t be as spectacular as in a dark area with little light pollution. National parks, rural areas, and beaches are all great places for stargazing.

So if you’re in the city or if it’s not the right date to venture into the country, the you can go stargazing in a planetarium.

Most planetariums offer shows that simulate the night sky, allowing you to observe the stars and planets without leaving the building.

Try stargazing in the countryside or a planetarium

Want MORE date ideas?

We have you covered with date ideas for all occasions.

If you didn’t find exactly the perfect teen date idea in this list, you might like to check out:

50+ First Date Ideas

If this is your very first date (exciting!!) here are some of our favourite first date ideas:

  1. Go bowling (this is certifiably a great way to spend a rainy day date. This was part of our first date together)
  2. Make a home cooked meal for two together
  3. Wine & Paint
  4. Visit a hipster cafe
  5. Go rollerblading or indoor ice-skating

50+ Second Date Ideas

When thing are heating up and really getting exciting! Here are our favourite second date ideas:

  1. Go on a double date;
  2. Visit a theme park;
  3. Go somewhere your date would love – demonstrate how attentive you were on the first date;
  4. visit a farmer’s market;
  5. go rock climbing.

50+ Third Date Ideas

If you have made it to your third date, you need to start looking at ideas out of the box including:

  1. write a song together;
  2. invite your friends to meet & bond playing cards against humanity;
  3. watch a Game of Thrones marathon (probably not Season 8 though…)
  4. visit a new restaurant;
  5. go diving.

50+ Rainy Day Date Ideas

If it’s raining outside, we have you covered! Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Take a dancing lesson. Take shelter from the rain in your partner’s arms;
  2. Visit friends. Make the most of the rainy day but hanging out with your friends;
  3. Go to an aquarium;
  4. Volunteer at a dog shelter;
  5. Have a pillow fight.

50+ Fall Date Ideas

Fall is possibly our favourite season for dates! Here are our favourite fall date ideas:

  1. See a movie at a Drive-In theatre;
  2. Take a horse-drawn hayride (super cute – no more to say);
  3. Go sweater shopping together;
  4. Go horseback riding and watch an orange sunset among the fall leaves;
  5. Hot cocoa and rockers (You and your date head to the front porch and get comfy in some rocking chairs)

50+ Winter Date Ideas

You might not think winter is a good time for dates but we beg otherwise! Here are our favourite winter date ideas:

  1. Build an igloo;
  2. Go ice skating;
  3. Indoor picnic;
  4. Get outside! Build a snowman, make snow angels and make the most of your winter day;
  5. Take an ice sculpture class.

50+ Summer Date Ideas

Ahh Summer! Everyone’s favourite season! Summer should be a easy one for date ideas! If you find yourself low on money this summer, here’s the dates we would recommend:

  1. Make a date for a pool party;
  2. Have a picnic on the beach;
  3. Try out water skiing;
  4. Have a go at surfing;
  5. BBQ at a lake or in a park.

50+ Active Date Ideas

It is always good to plan an active date every one in a while to get your energy levels up. Here are some of our fav active date ideas:

  1. Stand up paddleboarding;
  2. Swimming;
  3. Skiing or snowshoeing in winter;
  4. Tubing;
  5. Hiking.

List of Cute Couple Things to do

If you are looking for something simple and easy, check out out list of cute couple things to do. 

Our favourites include:

  1. Boat Pose
  2. Ride a tandum bike
  3. Dirty Dancing Lift
  4. Eskimo Kiss

We hope you loved all our date ideas and found something super special for your teen date night.

Save Cute date ideas for Teenagers to Pinterest!




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Rus Baccarat

Thursday 31st of October 2019

Love these date ideas. My teenage daughter is planning to go on her first date and I'm looking for something appropriate to steer her in the right direction haha. Helped a lot - thanks!

Couple Travel the World

Sunday 1st of December 2019

Glad it helped! We were once a teen couple so we tried to think of date ideas we enjoyed back then. Turns out many of these activities we still do for dates today!