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58 Fun Date Ideas Ottawa Canada for Couples

Looking for fun date ideas in Ottawa?

Look no further! Ottawa Canada is a great place to be for couples as they are heaps of fun romantic activities.

Whether you want to spend your days chilling at an urban oasis or finding some of the best coffee shops in the city- we have you covered with the most romantic things to do in Ottawa at night for date night and also during the day! The most romantic date spots right in Ottawa here. 

58 Fun Date Ideas Ottawa Canada for Couples

Romantic things to do as a Couple in Ottawa

Trattoria Café Italia. Authentic Italian cuisine, private dining and even a dinner bundle for two in Ottawa’s Little Italy. This restaurant brings Italy to you. You two can drink a few glasses of wine and stare into one another’s eyes over the fresh basket of breadsticks. Or you can just enjoy one another and the atmosphere. Don’t miss the calamari fritti, it is divine and well worth the calories!

Jabulani Vineyard. Just in time for the holidays or anytime of the year. Jabulani is perfect for the wine aficionados. Or if you just like a good bottle of red or white and sometime outside with mother nature, this is perfect too. Giving all the romantic vibes, date night just got sweeter!

York Street Spa. This luxurious spa is equipped with some of the best equipment to make your spa date perfect! They offer treatments specialized for the ladies and the fellas, so no one is left out. You two can relax and enjoy the peaceful, serene date that you two deserve. You know it is a good day spa when they specialize in weddings.

Options Jazz Lounge. Romance is made up of good food, live jazz and candle lit dinners. This jazz lounge inside of the plush Brookstreet hotel, offers the perfect evening for the lovers. An A-list menu gives this lounge five starts without even trying too hard.

Nordik Spa. Keeping one another warm in a hot tub or jacuzzi at this winter wonderland spa, will have you two falling in love in no time. Reserve a cabin, sit by the fire, and talk all night, get a salt massage, really fall in love, ok? This is the place!

Aroma Meze. Bringing Greece to Canada! This restaurant is romantic and yet so laid back. They serve authentic Greek cuisine, accompanied with a fine date, seems like a good night if you ask me. This restaurant may inspire you to take a baecation, you never know!

Cacao 70 eatery. There is nothing more romantic than chocolate everything! Literally. Chocolate pizza, chocolate fondue, chocolate cocktails, chocolate waffles and more. This is just the place to go if both of you have a sweet tooth. The offer sweet plates for two, so you can do a lady and the tramp with the fondue.

Le’ Germain Hotel. Just because you’re on a date, doesn’t mean you can’t spend time in a hotel. You two can enjoy some indoor date night fun if its cold out and relax in the room and order room service and binge watch Netflix shows. One of the best things to do on a date in Ottawa.


Image credit: Jabulani Vineyard

Free date night ideas in Ottawa

Ottawa Art Gallery. Abstract views for true art lovers or newbies alike. This eye-catching art gallery is always free, and they even let you rent art for your home or office space! Want to impress your date? Rent a piece for your space, to impress your date!

Love Lock Bridge. Have you ever wanted to do something romantic, new, yet simple to show your lover that you were in it for the long run? You two can walk down the Rideau Canal with your permanent marker and pad lock. Write your names on the lock, lock it on the bridge and toss the key in the canal to seal the deal.

Ottawa’s Farmers Market. Just because it’s the winter season, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh produce. You two can check out the fresh goods or buy, it’s up to you. Most vendors let you try a free99 sample.

Maman. If large spiders creep you out, then maybe you shouldn’t visit this sculpture in front of the National Gallery. But if bugs are your thing, you and your date can take a few selfies in front of this gigantic black spider and show your friends you are one tough cookie.

Governors Office. Have you ever wanted to see where to governor spent their time? Take a trop to Rideau Hall and get a free tour of the governor’s office. This is where all the planning, meetings and maybe even naps took place.

Canadian War Museum. Pay your respects to the soldiers who have risked and lost their life for us. Every Thursday is free, if you have a timed ticket, and honestly, it’s just great to go, to see the sacrifices our elders did for us to be where we are today. You and your date will remember it for a lifetime.

Stittsville Vintage Market. The best dates are the free dates. You two can walk and enjoy the scenery at this vintage flea market and see what cool items you can find. I say make it a game and see who can find the most rarest, vintage items.


Image credit: Stittsville vintage market

Casual first date ideas

Cup of Intention. You two can enjoy making soap, candles, or bracelets from the comfort of your home or inside of this beautiful, serene workshop. Create items with positive intentions, to pour into you and your date, to manifest a true love connection.

Escape Manor. You two have only one hour to escape or it’s over for your date night. I mean at least for the night. You can always try another room if you can’t seem to escape the one you started in. Find your great escape!

Broadhead Brewery. Where the motto is “work hard, drink easy”, this brewery has a beer that will tickle any taste bud. Offering not only tours, but refills on kegs if you to want to keep it simple and drink up from home! Free delivery for certain areas in Canada. How’s that for some beer, eh!

Arlington Five Coffee Shop. The perfect place to get to know your date. Small but filled with large flavors, this coffee shop has a cute balcony in the back, just in case it gets a little crowded on this inside. Even though the closeness could bring you too closer together and makes reading and drinking coffee more intimate.   

Ottawa Little Theatre. Finally opening back up since the pandemic hit, this small theatre is preparing for big shows for 2022! Make sure you get your tickets now because shows are selling out fast! Be one the first in line and enter upstage with your date for a fantastic show!    

Art is In Bakery. This bakery was voted best bakery in Ottawa and even had Guy Fieri come for a taste. Filled with fresh baked goods and other eats, this restaurant and bakery is perfect for a casual, get to know you date night.

Maverick Donuts. Even though it may be cold in Canada, but they sure know how to keep you warm with their fresh, baked daily donuts at this bakery. Vegan options are also available, and you two can see who has the sweet tooth and guess who likes what flavor donut.

Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar. Book nerds love this place. So do coffee buffs. Books and espresso keep the brain moving. This bookstore and espresso bar also offer baked goods for you to munch on while binge reading your favorite author’s latest release!

Orleans Bowling (OBC). I bet you like to bowl with the small duck pins. Or maybe you like a challenge and like to bowl with the big boys! Either way they offer both. You and your date can bowl and enjoy the light show as you knock over a few pins.

Allo Mon CoCo. Ok, so if you’re not sure if you want to take your date out for breakfast or lunch just take them here and do both, brunch! Fresh fruits, pastries, food made to order and of course a few mimosas to top everything off. I heard brunch dates usually lead to weddings, but I could be wrong.

The Orange Monkey Bar and Billiards. Break some balls and break into your dates heart by shooting a few games of pool. Grab some food, a few beers, and have fun. Get to know one another more. Maybe even hustle your date into another date from a friendly bet.

Unique things to do as a couple

The Mud Oven. Create beautiful ceramic works of art with your date that will last a lifetime. If you two are more of private romantic, you can always pick up one of their paint at home kits and keep things more intimate.

Canadian Science and Technology Museum. From crazy kitchens, to robots, to taking a quick trip to mars. You two love birds can explore the sciences at the science and technology museum. Reservations are required, so make sure you book early!

Haunted Walk in Ottawa. The door to love slowly opened, making an eerie creaking sound. Suddenly, boom! In walks in your date ready for some spooky good fun! You two can take a virtual holiday tour of a haunted walk in Ottawa or call to reserve a spot for one of their traditional tours of some of Canadas spooky hot spots.

Tweed. Take a quick stop and puff the night away after you two leave this canna friendly dispensary. Offering pre-rolls, edibles, and even soft drinks to get you two lifted. You can pre-order online and go pick it up if you’re more discreet once they’ve packed it all up for you.

Local Talks YOW. If you two are entrepreneurs or business savvy and love to soak up knowledge from successful business owners, gran some tickets to Ottawa’s local talks. Meet and greet with other business owners and get some game on how to step your business up!

Wine Bar from Afar. Ok, yes, we are still in a pandemic, and yes, it’s scary! But that doesn’t mean date night is ruined. Order you a make it at home cocktail kit. You customize the cocktails you want to make and can even order a make it at home wine and charcuterie kit!

VIP Karaoke Bar. If you sing like Selena or like a cat scratching a chalk board, it doesn’t matter. I think you and your date will enjoy yourselves either way once you have your fill of booze and food. Enjoy a private karaoke room or open room and sing your hearts out to one another.

Ottawa Palm. Give this seer your hand and let them read your palm lines to see if you and your date have a future together. Maybe the psychic will see marriage, children, world travel, you never know. Or maybe you can read their palm to see if you’ve got the gift.

The Devils Workshop. Whether you have some jewelry that needs repairs, or you want to impress your date with some smoldering and banging on metal, you can create something special for them. Devils offers workshops to show off their work, and to help those of us wo have no idea how to use a melder or hammer.

Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Image credit: Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Adventure/Nature date night

Altitude Gym. Home of one of the biggest ninja warrior obstacle courses in Canada, this gym is perfect for a rock-climbing good time! If you two like adventure and aren’t afraid of heights, you two can climb with one another until you fall in love.

Bad Axe. Release the need to be uptight and perfect for date night. You two can let loose, throw some axes, and get to know one another over some pieces of metal and wood. Prices are cheaper if you become a member and they allow walk-ins or reservations.

Saunders Farm. Enjoy this family owned, 100-acre farm during all times of the year. During the holidays, its extra special because they offer special holiday tours! The smell of pine trees, the lights, and the snow, make it extra romantic for date nights.

Rideau Canal Skateway. If you and your date love skating, snow, and sightseeing, then this Skateway is the ideal date. The skate canal goes through Downton Ottawa and allow your two to slide and skate into one another’s heart.

Winterlude. Ottawa’s annual winter event is one of the biggest! It starts in February, so you and your date have time to prepare and plan! Tons of ice sculptures, enormous snow playground and ice skating, gives you two something to warm up too all night. One of the best winter dates in Ottawa.

Parc Omega. For the nature lovers out there, Parc Omega is perfect! Sight see and get to see the wildlife and enjoy all the activities this park has to offer. Grab a bite to eat, go snow tubing, and get your date a gift at their lovely gift shop.

Little Rays Nature Center. Take an in-person tour or even book a virtual tour to this wild nature center. If you and your date love being in tune with nature and love hand to hand experiences, then the in-person tour is perfect. You can hold a few snakes, maybe feed a few gators, just don’t get bit.

NHL game. Who doesn’t love a good fight, I mean game on the ice right? Full of surprises and a few punches, ice hockey is a staple in Canada and a great date night idea for new lovers or seasoned ones. Who’s your favorite NHL team?

XQuest. Aim your bow and arrow right for the heart of your date. Not literally, but figuratively of course. But if you two want to know what cupid had to learn, try out some archery lessons here and become a pro and shooting arrows of love.

Cabinscape. Snow, winter vibes, woods cabins all come together to be the perfect combination for romance. Grab you two a mini cabin in the woods and enjoy a mini getaway. Perfect for alone time, sitting in front of the fireplace and roasting some marshmallows. Lovers and friends turning to lovers alike make this the place for a cozy date.

Buffalo Range Shooting Park. It’s cold in Canada but they still offer some warm deals at this gun range. For Fire and Ice shooting, they offer warm drinks to keep you focused on your target and on point. Bullseyes are ready for you and your date to aim.


Image credit: Bad Axe

Best Couple activities with deals

Absolute Comedy. If you’re not a comedian, you can take your date to a show to laugh. Enjoy just the show or their dinner and a show package. Grab a few drinks, some food, and tons of good laughs.

Level One. Games, food, and drinks. The triple treat combo! Come and play some classic board games and some new games, all while enjoying some good eats and drinks! This pub also has an event calendar filled with things for you two to do!

El Furniture Warehouse. All food items on the menu are $8 or less and will fill you two up! Date night with amazing deals, amazing food, and amazing drinks! You two can get drunk and full for cheap. Cheap dates are the best.

Putting Edge. Score a hole in one into the heart of your date, while playing a friendly game of glow in the dark gulf. Black lights illuminating several courses over the green for swelling red hearts is a perfect combo.

Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt. Simple, easy, and fun! Buy your tickets online, set the reminder on your calendar and get ready to go on a scavenger hunt! Take selfies and see who can find the most clues. Once you escape one room, you two can come back and try another!

Midnights Cabin. Who knew that such a small window would produce a big meal! This window restaurant is Canada’s number one mac n cheese food window! Offering several options to spice up your mac n cheese and even throwing in some deep-fried Oreos to seal the deal! Most items cost under ten bucks! Affordable date night me please.

FunHaven. You two can cut loose and play all night like kids again. This fun haven has tons of things for you to do. You can try a game of laser tag, try an escape room, ride their mini roller coaster, and even play some old-fashioned arcade games. Tuesdays are half priced after 5, so plan your date night on Tuesday night!

Gongfu Bao. It’s aBAO time you and your date got to know one another more. Corny? Listen, I need you and your date to try out this delicious Asian cuisine and order you two a take home build-a-Bao kit. I heard Bao is the place to be.

House of Targ. Wall to wall pinball and classic arcade games. They’re looking for Wizards to join the team and take over the world or become a Targ bartender. They also have food in case you two get hungry trying to beat one another’s score.

Sidedoor Kitchen. I hear the happy hour at this Asian family style restaurant is amazing. The food is great as well. Have a seat inside or inside outside at their indoor patio. Amazing views looking at your date and the food! Happy hour is Monday through Friday and with $2 tacos, you could eat all night.

The Standard Luxury Tavern. I must keep the happy hour spots going, so here’s another on the list! For two hours a day throughout the week, you and your date can drink until your bellies are full and you’re both buzzed! Canadians’ favorite poutine is also up for grabs for happy hour Who doesn’t love a good poutine right?!

The Standard Luxury Tavern best date ideas ottawa

Image credit: The Standard Luxury Tavern


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