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FREE WiFi in Hong Kong | Top 5 Places in HK

Are you looking for free wifi in Hong Kong? It’s a pain, right?! After venturing into cafes and public spaces all over HK in search of good WiFi, we finally found a few winners.

To break up the day, it is very handy to have a place outside of your hotel or apartment to do some work.

This can be a hard feat in Hong Kong as many coffee shops have wifi restrictions, meaning you can only stay at the café for 30 minutes!!!

To avoid this pitfall, we whittle down the contenders to find the five best places for wifi in Hong Kong. Our overall winner is going to surprise you (it surprised us)!

Five Best Places for FREE Wifi in Hong Kong

As location independent travelers, we need strong & reliable wifi to do work from. Hong Kong is not an easy place to find this. It is not a particularly great place for digital nomads (who like to work in cafes), which is sad as we really loved HK.

With a lot of investigation & trial and error these places we found to have the fastest and most reliable wifi in Hong Kong.

1. McDonalds

Usually, McDonalds has the slowest wifi on the planet but not in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, McDonalds in Hong Kong has high speed wifi, enough to stream or download movies.

You are allowed 4 hours of free wifi per day in McDonalds, Hong Kong.

What’s even better is that they seem to have even better deals than usual McDonalds around the world as well such as $8 HKD sundaes, $14 HKD small cappuccinos & $11 HKD sausage and egg Mcmuffins.

If you go there regularly ask for a loyalty card at the McCafe as after you buy 4 coffees you get one free!

2. Local Libraries

In each district of Hong Kong there is a public library where you can access unlimited wifi for free! 

It doesn’t get much better than this except there can be limited seating, it is strictly a quiet zone and power points are limited.

You can reserve a power point for 2 hours for free per day at most libraries in Hong Kong. Aside from free wifi, another benefit is that if you need to do printing (for instance, for the Chinese Visa) you can print for $1 HKD per page.

Here is a site of all public libraries in Hong Kong.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks is usually our go to place to do work around the world. It boasts reliable wifi and staff that are fine with you sitting in store for a few hours. There is a problem with Starbucks in Hong Kong however.

Without a green or gold star level (US card not accepted in Hong Kong) you only receive 30 minutes of free wifi per day (hardly enough time to even gulp down your Venti Latte).

Once you reach Green level, you are entitled to 2 free hours per day and at gold level wifi is unlimited. Therefore, if you are staying in Hong Kong for a long time it might be a worthwhile investment to buy enough coffee to get you to gold level status.

This is definitely a pricy venture for serious coffee lovers or long-term nomads though as each large coffee will set you back around $40 HKD. It is however nice for a fun date idea in Hong Kong.

4. Kowloon Park

There is free public wifi provided at Kowloon Park and the area has many tables making working in the park a very comfortable experience.

This is a great option for enjoying nature while you work but not if you need a power point to recharge or if you are relying on super fast wifi speed.

On the bright side, if get sick of doing work and want a break there is a ‘mini bird zoo’ at the park to enjoy free of charge consisting of pink flamingos, macaws and parrots among other birds.

For the enjoyment of the park alone, it made our Top 10 Things to in Hong Kong. Check out what else made the cut here.

5. Pacific Coffee

Starbucks competitor, Pacific Coffee is another option to get out of the house and do some work in Hong Kong.

Pacific Coffee generally only offers 30 minutes of wifi per purchase. However, if you sign up to their loyalty program, for each purchase, you can enjoy 60 minutes of free wifi two times a day for free

The best for wifi in Hong Kong.?

Surprisingly, the best place for free WiFi in HK is McDonalds!! With free fast wifi (like 50Mbps) for 4 hours & cheap menu options. Pity that there are no power points available!

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Best Places to Go (including Cafes) for Wifi in Hong Kong

Do you have any other suggestions for doing work in Hong Kong? Let us know in the comments below


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