The Golden Gate in Kiev is one attraction not to be missed during your time in Kiev.

Golden Gate in Kiev

One of our favourite things we saw in Kiev was the Golden Gate.

The gate is built in Eastern Byzantium style. Once upon a time it was the gateway to the city of Kiev.

Nowadays, it has a museum inside.

We saw this gate as part of the Free Walking Tour (which we would highly recommend to anyone for a history and insight into Ukrainian life).


History of the Golden Gate in Kiev

At the time of Kievan Rus, the gate was a central entrance of Kiev.

Standing at a height of 12 metres it is a very grand structure and something not to be missed in Kiev

Many of Kiev beautiful and historic structures were destroyed by Soviets such as St Michaels Cathedral which was rebuilt in 1998.

One amazing thing about the gate is that it survived Soviet rule. It is actually one of the oldest structures in the centre of Kiev.

The gate was built way back in 1037. It was partially destroyed in 1240 by Batu Khan but has largely stood the test of time.

The Golden Gates have also served Kiev well over the years. They have prevented many foreign attacks of the city.

A legend says that a Polish king blunted his sword on the golden gates.


Why are the Golden Gates Golden?

The gates are golden primarily to showcase Ukraine’s glory and to demonstrate to foreigners the greatness of the city.

To us, it worked! They certainly are an impressive structure.

Interesting Facts about the Golden Gate Kiev Area

A few things we found interesting about the gate area are as follows:

  • Nearby the gate is a green space. Here you might see traditional Ukrainian buskers playing the torban (a traditional Ukrainian harp style instrument). See below!
  • The metro stop at the golden gate rates as one of the most beautiful in the world. It has actually been rated in the top 200 most beautiful metros in the world.


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