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Grand Canyon honeymoon: The Ultimate Guide for couples!

Planning a Grand Canyon honeymoon (or even planning on visiting as part of a romantic getaway)?

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is definitely an iconic bucket list destination and a fabulous choice for a honeymoon for a couple who loves the great outdoors and adventure! If you have been dreaming about visiting this park for a while, it definitely won’t disappoint. 

Even after the ‘hype’ surrounding the park, I wasn’t at all disappointed. The GC is pretty far from most major cities, being 4.5 hours from Las Vegas and 4 hours from Phoenix. But, if you’re looking for something pretty special to do (and you certainly will be for a honeymoon or anniversary trip – this spot is worth the drive!)

The best honeymoon ideas in the Grand Canyon right there including where to get the best views in the South Rim! DIY your very own Grand Canyon honeymoon package right here. If you like nature and haven’t decided yet, you could compare this with a Yellowstone honeymoon to see which you prefer!

In our opinion the very best way to see the Grand Canyon is by having your own car. If you don’t have a car, we use this car search engine to find the cheapest cars during our stay. The cheapest place would be hiring to-from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon Honeymoon: Must Dos

There are so many great views in the Grand Canyon which is one of the main reasons I think it is a great place for a honeymoon – especially if you are a fan of ohhh and ahhh moments. We drafted out a Grand Canyon itinerary if you want to plan out your stay!

The good news about a Grand Canyon honeymoon is that it is a pretty cheap honeymoon destination as a lot of your time involves hiking which is free so that’s always a plus!

Hike the Rim Trail

Probably the most iconic view of the Grand Canyon is located along the Rim Trail.

This trail is perfect for all ability levels as it is mostly paved and flat and does not require you to trek down into the Canyon. The trail starts from the South Kaibab Trailhead and ends at Hermits Rest.

It is possible to access the Rim Trail from any viewpoint in the Village or along Hermit Road.

Just think about looking out in the distance with that special someone!

Best View Grand Canyon South Rim Trail Hike

The entire Rim Trail stretches a distance of approximately thirteen miles (21 km).

If you wish to walk the entire trail it would be necessary to break up the walk over a few days.

In order to do this, you can make sure of the complimentary shuttle buses provided by the Park or there was good availability of car parking along most of the Rim. We completed the walk from the Visitor Centre & finishing at Yavapai Point, where there is a viewing deck.

Walking at a slow pace and stopping to take pictures, this walk us a couple of hours to complete (round trip back to car parked at the Visitor Centre).

This walk ends at the Yavapai Point and Geology Museum which provides a great view and interesting facts about the Canyon.

View Grand Canyon Rim Trail Hike

Watch the sunset at Yavapai Point or at Hermits Rest

At the end of a day full of exercise, it is very relaxing to kick back and watch the sun set across the Canyon.

Yavapai Point or Hermits Rest are great places to watch the sunset.

You can find out the exact time of sunset at the Yavapai Point and Geology Museum. The sun sets at around 6.30pm in March to give you an idea.

To access Hermits Rest between March 1 – November 30 it is necessary to take the free shuttle bus from the Bright Angel Lodge as the Hermit Road is closed to private vehicles.

Best View Grand Canyon, Sunset View at Yavapai Point or at Hermits Rest

Hike the South Kaibab Trail for a perfect view

The South Kaibab Trail is a fantastic hike to get a more ‘up and personal’ view of the Canyon.

It is quite a strenuous steep hike which requires a reasonable degree of physical ability.

The South Kaibab Trail begins south of Yaki Point on Yaki Point Road. You can access the trailhead by catching the free shuttle bus (Kaibab Trail Route) or alternatively park at Pipe Creek Vista & walk the rim trail until you reach the South Kaibab Trailhead (Note: Yaki Point Road is closed to private vehicles).

The best time to complete this walk is in mid Spring. The trail may be extremely icy and dangerous due to the sheer drop offs in winter or early spring and incredibly hot in the summer (with little shade provided on the trail).

Hike the South Kaibab Trail 

The best part of this walk is that you can walk as far or as little as you desire into the Canyon.

The South Kaibab Trail hike is up to 6 miles (round trip) to Skeleton Point. Despite it only being a short distance, it can take a considerable amount of time due to the steep hike into the Canyon.

We decided to hike in the cooler part of the afternoon and complete a shorter 1.8 mile round trip to Ohhh Ahh Point.

The trek to Ohhh Ahh Point was enough to make your legs burn but was definitely a worthwhile venture due to the magnificent views and a different perspective of the Canyon.

It is necessary to note that the trail was a little on the scary side (due to the sheer drop offs) and probably not advisable for very small children who have a tendency to wander off.

Best Views & Hikes in the Ground Canyon

The trek to Ohhh Ahh Point took us approximately 2 hours to complete, stopping regularly for photo opportunities. If you only have time or want to do only one strenuous hike in the Grand Canyon, this would be the hike to select.

Hike the Bright Angel Trail

Another fantastic (although relatively strenuous) hike located in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the Bright Angel Trail.

The trailhead is located just west of Bright Angel Lodge, left of the Grand Canyon visitor centre. Parking is available near the Bright Angel Lodge.

You can hike as far as Plateau Point which is 12 miles and a very long all day venture. Many people advise to walk to the Indian Garden however, we choose to walk in the shade of the afternoon and just complete a shorter walk to the 2 Mile Switchback point.

Similarly to the South Kaibab Trail, the best time to complete this walk is mid Spring. The trail may be extremely icy and dangerous due to the sheer drop offs in winter or early spring and incredibly hot in the summer (with little shade provided on the trail).

Side note: Best Hikes in Arizona, Utah & Nevada

If you’re into hiking (like us), you’re in for a treat in this region of the country.

In Nevada there’s the a few incredible hikes in the awesomely named Valley of Fire State Park which made it into our list of things to do in Vegas for couples.

Across the border in Utah is Zion National Park. The Narrows is a famous hike upstream through cavernous terrain. The Emerald Pools is another gorgeous hike in the park. Beware, before you hike, read our warnings because many people have died there in silly ways. 

Grand Canyon Honeymoon Cabins & Resorts

Grand Canyon Lodge

If you like a couples vacation where you really get back to nature and get cozy, you will simply adore the Grand Canyon Lodge. It is located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which means there will be less hustle and bustle of tourists as it is the less busy rim of the Canyon. It also gives you the opportunity to explore lesser known parts and hidden gems of the rim.

This area is known for its absolute beauty as the Colorado River runs only a mile below. 

Note: The North Rim is only open from mid May to mid October.


Clear Sky Resorts

I mean seriously how cool is this place?! When we go on romantic trips, we always hunt for awesome places to stay. If you are going to splurge on honeymoon accommodation in the Grand Canyon you want it to be really memorable and unique.

Lots of places have a nice comfy bed but not many have rooms as cool as this!



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