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Honest Sky Airlines Chile review: Worse than Ryanair?

Unlike all the other airline counters which are practically empty, when you see Sky Airlines massive line you know you have hit Chile’s budget carrier.

I can’t recall another occasion where we’ve reflected on our decision to fly over taking a 24 hour bus, and decided the bus might have been the more enjoyable option.

Would we fly Sky Airlines again? Maybe. But we’d do things different. We explain why in our Sky Airlines Chile review.

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Sky Airlines Chile Baggage Allowance

First with the positive aspect of our flight with Sky Airlines from Santiago to Calama, the closest airport to the amazing San Pedro de Atacama.

For a budget carrier, Sky Airlines are fairly generous with their baggage allowance granting you 23 kilos of checked in luggage and 10 kilos of carry on luggage complimentary.

The long line at Sky Airlines

Sky Airlines Seats

The generous luggage allowance was about where Sky Airlines generosity ended.

We are not particularly picky when it comes to budget airlines, having flown the likes of Ryanair many times before, but this airline experience is truly something else. It’s no Emirates First Class!

We are on the thin side when it comes to the average human and we could barely fit in the seats, our legs were jammed up against the seat in front.

We couldn’t fathom how a slightly larger person could possibly fit in the seats. I don’t even think the plane had air-con if that’s even possible to believe.

Based on the quality of this airline, I began to wonder whether the pilots are adequately qualified to fly this old beast.

What was particularly concerning was just days earlier, our friend, who is a junior pilot in Chile, told us a story about how his boss forget to let the wheels down and crashed the plane as it landed. Very reassuring!

Seats look better in picture than in person

Sky Airlines Review

Sky Airlines is quite possibly the worse airline we’ve reviewed – which is saying something.

If you are familiar with latino transport, the best analogy i could make is that Sky Airlines is to a latino collectivo taxi.

You know, when 20 people are shoved into a 8 person van and people are literally hanging out from the doors and windows.

Heck, I could do with hanging out the window right now considering how god damn hot it is.

Well, at least there’s a silver lining – its cheap!

Sky Airlines

Would we fly with Sky Airlines again?

Not if we had the choice of another airline for a similar price. We initially chose to fly with Sky Airlines as it was the same price as the overnight 24 hour bus from Santiago to San Pedro.

Was this the right decision? Its really hard to say and it really depends on your priorities.

We could have travelled in luxury on the overnight bus from Santiago to Calama, equipped with fully reclining sleeper seats, the same quality as a first class airline with individual tvs and food.

Whereas on Sky Airlines we are shoved in like cattle, unable to feel our legs, with no ability to recline and no food and drink included.

However, in saying all that, we reached San Pedro in not even a fifth of the time that the bus would’ve taken.

Considering this fact, if there was no alternatives, I might be gluten for punishment & actually consider flying with them again.

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Have you flown Sky Airlines before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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Wednesday 14th of December 2022

I just arrived in Arica after an ungodly 3 hour Sky flight from Santiago. The seats do not recline. They are weirdly shaped. My head didn't reach the headrest. They weren't even the seats printed on our boarding pass. The staff told us as they checked us in that they changed our seats. ??? We were suppose to have 2 aisle seats NO MIDDLE SEAT. Well, guess who had to take the middle seat??? We were offered a beverage cart. No snacks.


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Avoid this airline at all costs! The catalogue of poor service is astounding. COVID we had 2 flights cancelled totalling $360 and never got a refund. We put it down as an expected and acceptable loss after numerous emails went unanswered. We booked a flight that arrived at our destination at the most favourable time only to have them cancel that flight but then they wouldnt put is on alternative for free/easily as our original flight had a stop along the way. Ridiculous does not begin to describe that scenario - most airlines will do anything to accommodate you after a cancellation to stop you going to a competitor. They have cancelled yet another flight and we requested a refund as we were allowed to - told that we would have the money back in our accounts within 28 days and nothing has arrived 31 days later and our emails have gone unanswered. Dreadful service!!!


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

What a nightmare Tanya! Hopefully you make some progress with them. Safe travels :)