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How do you know if someone loves you? 30 Signs of True Love

How do you know if someone loves you? Good question.

Even though sometimes we think we know that our special someone loves us, it is nice having more clarity, also so you don’t say “I love you” first to someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

Want answers? Here are 30 signs of true love to indicate he or she IS really and truly in love with you!

How do you know if someone loves you: 30 Signs of True Love

They flirt with you:

A pretty solid sign that someone loves you is when they enjoy flirting with you. They might play harmless little pranks on you, shoot you a couple of winks over dinner, or playfully tease you.

However they go about flirting with you, when they do so on a regular basis, consider that a sign that they’re comfortable with you and they feel a high level of chemistry with you. And that’s a pretty darn good sign that they love you!


They really listen to you:

You’ll know that someone loves you when they really listen to you. There’s a more intense focus that takes place in conversations when someone cares that much for you. They truly want to hear what you have to say, so when you speak they devote their attention to you.

You’ll know they really listen to you too, because they’ll remember your conversations and even make a point to bring certain things back up.

If you were really struggling with getting along with a co-worker and happened to mention it to your special someone, don’t be surprised when they bring it up a week or two later to see how things are going. This is a sign that they really listen to you, and that they love you.

You have very deep conversations together = Your SO genuinely loves you

A big sign someone loves you is when deep conversations occur very naturally between the two of you. There’s a level of trust and comfort there that allows the two of you to be able to discuss topics that you wouldn’t with someone you are less comfortable with.

Do the two of you naturally fall into discussions about your hopes and dreams? Discuss your future goals? Talk about difficult times you’ve faced in life and how you made it through them? If so, that’s a sign that they love you.


They make future plans with you:

A big sign someone loves you is making future plans with you. If they weren’t certain they cared for you and wanted you around for the long haul, you can bet there wouldn’t be any mention of the future.

But because they know how important you are to them already, they’ll regularly invite you to a friend’s wedding 6 months from now, plan a vacation for next year with you, and maybe even have you go with them to get your opinion on the house they’re thinking about buying. Take note if your special someone regularly includes you in future plans- that’s a sign!

They make you feel special:

When someone loves you, they’ll always be willing to go the extra mile to make you feel special. Whether it’s surprising you with fun gifts, planning out special date nights, or just calling you up out of the blue to let you know they were thinking of you.

They care deeply for you and they can’t help but let you know it. They’ll love doing little things that make you happy and will regularly go out of their way to make sure you know how much you mean to them. In turn, their actions will make you feel more than just a little special.

They’re very protective of you:

It’s a natural instinct for all of us. When we care for someone we instinctively become very protective of them. We want to ensure they are cared for and all their needs are met.

This might look like making sure someone is safe physically, wanting to cheer them up when they’re sad, or just being there for them when they need some support and encouragement. When someone loves you, they’ll show all of these signs of protectiveness (and more) and you won’t be able to help but notice it.


They make sure you know you can trust them completely:

Trust is a big part of any relationship and when someone loves you they’ll certainly want you to trust them entirely.

They’ll make sure you never have any doubts about their loyalty and they’ll hold your secrets close, never even considering sharing anything you’ve told them in confidence.

The last thing they would want to do is betray your confidence or give any kind of reason that would cause your trust in them to falter. If your special someone makes sure to let you know they are trustworthy, and proves that trustworthiness, it’s a sign they love you.

You have a lot of fun together:

Just being around each other brings the two of you joy and you love to plan fun things to do together. Date nights are a regular thing, you attend family functions together, and every day together feels like an adventure.

When spending time with people we love, having fun together is almost as easy as breathing! Pay attention to how you feel when the two of you are together.

If anytime you hang out you find yourself having loads of fun, there’s a good chance it’s because your partner loves you.


They ask for your thoughts or opinions regularly:

They want to know what you think of the new promotion they’ve been offered at work, the new car they’re considering buying, the haircut they’re thinking about getting, or the new shirt they purchased.

When we love someone, we look to them for opinions on even the smallest decisions in our lives. We want their thoughts and to know if they think the decision we’re making is a good one or not.

If your special someone is often asking for your thoughts and all the big and small decisions they’re making, consider it a solid sign that they love you.

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They make you a top priority in their life:

When we love someone we always make them a top priority in our lives. Whether it’s being there for you on a bad day, choosing to spend time with you over going out with friends, or prioritizing date night.

If your partner genuinely loves you, it’ll be very evident that spending time with you and doing things you enjoy are something that they prioritize on a regular basis.

They notice even the smallest details about you:

A big sign someone loves you is when they pick up on small details about you, especially when it’s little details others around you tend to miss.

It might be the latest haircut you got, a subtle change in your mood that day, or even something as small as a new outfit. We pay close attention to those that we love and notice even the most minute details about them. So if your special someone is always the first to comment on your new hair style or notices when you seem to be having an off day, consider it a sign they love you.

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They are proud of you:

A sign someone loves you is when they’re proud of you. They’re proud of your accomplishments, your caring personality, and just you as a person in general!

You’ll notice that their friends seem to know a ton about you. Their family has already heard about your latest promotion.

And even their co-workers have heard some of the great things about you. They’re just so proud of you and that they get to be the one cheering you on that they won’t be able to help sharing all the amazing things they love about you with those closest to them.

They want to take care of you:

When you’re feeling under the weather, are completely exhausted, or maybe even just had a long hard day at work, a sign someone loves you is when they want to take care of you. If you’re sick they want to make sure you’re tucked in bed resting and have plenty of water and snacks on hand.

If you’ve had a long day at work they might just bring you your favorite treats to cheer you up. When we care for someone, there’s an innate desire to take care of them, especially on days they aren’t feeling their best.

They get jealous:

It happens to the best of us, even if we don’t mean for it to. Sometimes the green-eyed monster of jealousy creeps in without warning. If you’ve picked up on signs of jealousy from your current partner it’s a sign they love you.

Jealousy tends to be rooted in fear. We see someone we view as a potential threat to our relationship with the person we love and are struck by the fear of losing them. Though it can be a frustrating emotion, chat with your partner about it and understand it’s often coming from a place of love.

They support you and encourage you:

Whether it’s taking a leap of faith and starting your own business, taking a chance on that new career, or saving up for your dream house, someone who loves you will support all of your hopes and dreams. And they will be right there encouraging you to chase them every step of the way.

When we care about someone, we want to see them achieve their dreams and we’ll be right there supporting them as their own personal cheerleader while they do it. If you’re special someone is constantly encouraging you to chase your dreams, take it as a sign they love you.

They are willing to try new things with you:

Even the person who most people might not quite consider adventurous will be willing to try new things when they’re in love. When we care about someone, we want to spend time with them and that includes doing things we might not necessarily be willing to venture out and try on our own.

If you’ve been dying to take a dance class and your partner, who swears they have two left feet, is willing to go with you and try it out as well then it’s almost guaranteed that they love you.

They trust you and are willing to open up to you:

Trust is a hard thing to come by and many people don’t give it easily. When someone trusts you, they’re willing to open up to you and they’ll share deeply personal details. This type of openness and vulnerability doesn’t come around often and if someone is willing to be open with you and trust you with their deepest secrets, hopes, and dreams, consider that a very solid sign that they love you.

They show affection:

Most everyone wants to be close to a person they care about, both emotionally and physically. When someone loves you, they’ll find it hard to resist showing you affection.

When you’re walking down the street they’ll want to hold your hand. When the two of you are getting ready to watch a movie at home, they’ll want to snuggle up with you on the couch.

After a long day at work, they’ll be craving a hug and kiss from you. If your person is showing you affection on a regular basis, that’s a sign they love you.


You never go a day without hearing from them:

When someone loves you, they won’t be able to stand going too long without hearing from you. Whether it’s hearing your voice via a phone call or even just checking in through a few quick texts, you won’t be going an entire day without hearing from them.

If you’ve picked up on the fact that your special someone seems to be diligent about making sure the two of you connect at least one time per day (and usually a whole lot more) there’s a good chance it’s because they love you.

They go out of their way to spend time with you:

When someone loves you, spending time with you will be a top priority. They won’t hesitate to shift things around on their calendar or turn down invites with friends if it means they get to spend more time with you. They might even go so far as to make excuses to spend time with you!

We always prioritize the people we care about and this is no exception when it comes to your special someone. If you’ve noticed they’re going out of their way to spend extra time with you, take note. This is a big sign that they love you.

They make a lot of effort for you:

Whether the efforts are big or small, it’s very evident. They might be super diligent about sending you a text wishing you a good day, everyday.

They might make elaborate plans for date nights. Or maybe it’s as simple as bringing you your favorite meal or treat after a bad day.

However they go about it, they make sure you know they love you by putting in extra effort. When someone loves you, they won’t hesitate to put forth a little extra effort to ensure you know how they feel.

They do things you want to do:

Spending time with someone you truly care about is always fun. But if it’s doing something they might not necessarily enjoy doing if it weren’t for your suggestion, pay attention.

We do things we wouldn’t normally do if we know it’s going to make someone we care about happy. Maybe they wouldn’t normally care much for watching a scary movie but you love them.

Or attending an art show isn’t exactly up their alley but it’s one of your favorite hobbies. If someone is spending time doing things you want to do, that’s a good sign they love you.

They’re happy when you’re happy:

Even if it’s not something that would necessarily make the other person happy normally, if you’re excited about something they are too.

Maybe you recently got a promotion or connected with a long-lost friend. This really doesn’t affect the other person but because it’s something that made you happy and brought you joy, they’ll be equally as happy. When someone loves you, they’ll always be happy for you and with you.

They know all of your favorite things:

Whether it’s your favorite comfort food, how you like to drink your tea or coffee, or your favorite sweet treat… this person knows all of those things. When we really care for someone, we pay attention to and remember even the smallest of details.

If you’re special someone is bringing you coffee fixed just the way you like it, picking up your favorite sweet treat on Friday nights (because they know that’s your cheat day), or dropping by with your favorite meal on a long day there’s a good chance it’s because they love you.

They won’t want to see you sad or upset:

A big sign someone loves you is when they absolutely cannot stand to see you upset. Whether they’re the cause of your hurt feelings or not, they’ll go out of their way to make you feel better.

It’s a bad feeling to see those we care about unhappy and if your special someone loves you they won’t be able to stand the thought of you feeling down. If you notice anytime you’re sad or upset, they seem to make a serious effort to make you feel better, that’s a pretty big sign that they love you.

They make an effort to get along with your friends and family:

Maybe you know that your mother can be pretty intrusive. Or your brother-in-law is a nut job. Your bestie is the best but she can be pretty high strung.

You know the people in your life can be a little bit much and so does your special someone. But even so, they make an effort to get along with your loved ones. If they make an effort to get along with even the most difficult of your friends or family members, it’s a solid sign they love you.

Even the most normal and mundane activities are fun: 

There’s something to be said about the chemistry between two people in love. When someone loves you, spending time with them is always considered fun. The chemistry between the two of you makes it near impossible to not be.

Even activities that might normally be considered “boring,” like chores or grocery shopping can turn into an adventure with your love. If you notice that any time you spend with your special someone turns out to be fun and memorable, there’s a pretty good chance it’s love.

How do you know if someone really loves you? They’re always willing to help you out:

We are always willing to go the extra mile for the people that we care about and this is especially true when it comes to those we really love. And it’s doubly true when it’s helping out with things that might not be considered super fun.

So if you’ve noticed that your special someone is always willing to lend you a helping hand, no matter what the chore is (or how fun it might NOT be), you can take it as a pretty sure sign that they love you.

They care about their appearance around you:

When someone loves you, your opinion will be highly valuable to them. This will be true when it comes to their appearance especially.

They may even spend extra time on how they look when they know the two of you have plans together. They’re going to want to go out of their way to impress you and ensure that you always think the best of them. Appearance plays a big role in that, so they’ll be wanting to look their best at all times when you’re around.

They tell you that they love you:

This is likely an obvious one but the absolute biggest sign out there that someone loves you is that they tell you they love you.

You’ll know they’re being sincere too because their actions will match up to what they’re telling you. If someone you’ve been dating respects you, treats you well, makes a point to spend quality time with you and then they tell you they love you.. It’s a very big sign that they do!


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