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How to Flirt with Your Husband: 30 Cute & Naughty ways to regain the spark

Wondering how to flirt with your husband?

It might seem like a bit of a silly question but after numerous years of marriage it is sometimes hard to think of ways to flirt with your spouse as after many years out of the dating scene, flirting is a term so foreign.

Never fear, we have come up with 30 awesome ways to flirt with your husband. This guide could equally be used to flirt with your wife or spouse.

How to Flirt with Your Husband – Ways to gain back the spark

Tell him how attractive you think he is:

Every man loves to hear how attractive he is and your husband is no exception. It might be something you think is a given (you did marry him, after all!) but reminding your husband that you find him extremely good-looking is a great way to flirt with him.

Send him a quick text reminding him how handsome he is, tell him at the end of a long day that you still think he’s the hottest guy around, or let him know on your next date night that you just can’t take your eyes off of him. This is an easy way to flirt with him and he’ll love being reminded that you find him attractive.

You can even do this over the phone if you are going long distance.

Send him a surprise picture of you:

Take a picture of yourself when you’re feeling especially confident and send it to him as a surprise. Bonus points if you do it during the day when he’s working to give him a nice little surprise at work.

Wear your favorite outfit, put on some lipstick, and snap a cute selfie. He’ll love receiving a pretty picture of his favorite person and he’ll be super excited you thought to send him something to break up the monotony of his day.

Give him an unexpected kiss:

He always gives you a kiss before the two of you head off to work, he greets you with a kiss when the two of you return home, and before heading off to bed there’s a kiss goodnight.

But what about in between? Sneak a surprise kiss in as he’s helping you with the dishes or lay one on him as he’s relaxing in the recliner. An unexpected kiss is sure to make him feel the love and turn the heat up a little when you’re wanting to find fun ways to flirt with your husband.

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Send him a fun and flirty text:

The two of you text throughout the day about how work is going, who’s going to take the kids to soccer practice, and how someone needs to stop by and pick up the groceries after work. But have you thought about spicing up your text convos a bit by sending him something flirtatious?

Maybe it’s how hot he looked headed to work this morning or how you can’t wait to make out with him when he gets home tonight. However you want to spice the conversation up, take a few seconds and send him a flirty text and you can be certain you will make his day.

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Leave him a sweet note in his car:

Take a minute to write him a sweet note telling him how much you love him, how special he is, or just to tell him you hope he has a good day.

Sneak your hand-written note into his car the day before he has to work for him to find it the next day. He’ll be super surprised and it’ll be a great way for him to get his day started! He’ll love that you took the time to remind him how important he is to you and he’ll definitely be picking up on your flirty vibes.

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how to flirt with your husband

Make him his favorite meal:

Whether you typically do the cooking or he does, make dinner feel extra special one night by cooking his favorite meal. He’ll feel super loved since you took the time to intentionally plan and cook something he loves.

Make it extra special by surprising him with it on a random week day and cooking enough for him to eat as leftovers the next day for lunch. He’ll feel twice the love this way!

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Ask him on a date.. And then plan the whole thing!

It’s always nice to have someone plan a fun date for you but go the extra mile here by not only planning the whole night but asking him out to go along with it!

No pressure here (there’s no way he’ll say no!) and he’ll be super excited that you asked him. Is there a concert he’s been really wanting to see? A restaurant he’s been dying to try?

A big ball game he’s hinted he’d like to attend? Choose whatever he would really love to do, set the whole thing up, then ask him out on the date. He’ll be shocked in the best way possible and will definitely appreciate the extra effort.

Tease him:

You know the old saying, “If they pick on you it’s because they like you?” It’s true and guys love to be teased, especially when it’s from the love of their life!

Amp up the flirting between the two of you by tickling him, picking on him (in a loving way, not on anything that he could be sensitive about), or by playing fun (but harmless) little pranks on him. He’ll love the new little games between the two of you and you can anticipate him finding ways to flirt right back with you.

Let him pick out your clothes out for date night:

Spice things up a bit by letting him dress you from head to toe. As much as he loves seeing you dressed up in anything for date night, he’ll be feeling extra loved if you let him pick your outfit for the night.

Everyone tends to have a certain outfit that seeing their spouse wear drives them just a little crazy. Let him know you want to drive him just a little crazy by giving him the choice of your outfit for your next night out on the town together.

Wear a new perfume for him:

Men tend to love when their lady smells nice and a fun way to mix things up and let him know you’re trying to flirt a little is to wear a new perfume.

A light scent that it’ll be just enough for him to pick up on will have him intrigued and excited that you’ve gotten a new scent just for him. This is one of the easiest and most subtle ways to flirt with your man.


Wear his favorite outfit:

When you’re getting ready for your next date night, put on the one outfit you own that you just know he absolutely loves. This is even more flirtatious if you’re able to get completely ready and he doesn’t see you until it’s time for the two of you to go on your date.

Just before you get dressed for the night, have him go wait for you in the car. It’ll be a complete surprise to him that you’re wearing his favorite outfit and he’ll be so excited knowing you put in the extra effort to flirt with him.

Send him a text just to let him know you’re thinking of him:

Maybe your husband is usually the one to text you first throughout the day or maybe both of your schedules are so busy it’s often hard to send many texts to each other and most of your communication is reserved for when you get home.

Sending him a sweet text in the middle of the day just to let him know you’re thinking of him will brighten his day and is a fun way to spice up your normal communication. He’ll love knowing you thought of him even during a hectic day and be extra appreciative that you took the time to let him know what you meant to him.

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Surprise him with subtle and spontaneous touches:

This is one of the most subtle ways you can spice things up a bit and flirt with your husband. It can be as simple as brushing up against his knee when you’re relaxing together on the couch.

Maybe you rub the back of his hand when you’re riding in the car together. However you go about those spontaneous touches, he’ll be thrilled that you’re initiating physical contact with him and love that you are using sweet touches to turn up the flirting a notch or two.

Surprise him with a card to remind him how much you love him:

Cards are typically saved for special occasions so a fun way to send your hubby a few flirty vibes is to pick up a card for him with no specific occasion in mind. It could be a funny card or a sweet and romantic card, it won’t matter all that much once you give it to him.

He’ll love to know you were thinking of him and will be extra surprised to receive a reminder of what he means to you, especially when you give him the card with no special occasion in mind.

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Play footsie with him:

When you’re eating dinner, one of the best and easiest ways to flirt with your hubby a bit is to play footsie with him under the table. Rub your foot along his and when he looks at you in surprise, give him a little wink. He’ll be overjoyed that you’re finding sneaky ways to flirt with him, even while just at the dinner table.

Playing footsie can extend to while watching a movie or tv. If you’re close enough to him while the two of you are relaxing, play a little footsie with him on the couch for a fun and easy way to let him know you’re feeling playful and flirtatious.

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Dress up and surprise him:

Spice the day up by dressing up a little more than normal. Maybe you work from home and typically wear yoga pants and a T-shirt. Maybe your job doesn’t require business attire so he’s used to seeing you dressed more casually. Surprise him by wearing an outfit that’s dressier than something you would normally wear.

When he comes home and asks what the occasion is, you can tell him it’s whatever he wants it to be. He’ll love the spontaneity and seeing you all dolled up just for him!

Give him a massage:

Most every guy out there loves physical touch from the one they love. Offering him a massage is a very easy (and maybe not so subtle) way to flirt with your husband.

He’ll be absolutely thrilled you want to spend one-on-one time with him and especially so since it involves a relaxing massage from his favorite lady. Bonus points if he’s on his feet a lot and you offer a foot massage, or if he’s he carries all his tension in his shoulders and you rub his shoulders down.

Shoot him a wink:

One of the oldest flirting tricks in the book is winking at someone! Shoot him a wink or two while you’re at the grocery store, cooking dinner together, or folding the laundry.

Sending him a flirty little wink just to let him know he’s on your mind is fun and will have him wondering what’s on your mind. It’s extra fun flirtatious if you do this while you’re doing something not so fun, like household chores. It’ll take his mind off the mundane tasks you’re working on and put it on his lovely lady!

Make him a few fun love coupons:

This can be a super simple way to let your husband know you want to up your flirting game. As easy as “good for one free 20 minute back massage,” or “breakfast of your choice in bed.”

Anything that you think your husband would enjoy and would let him know you’re giving him a little extra love and attention. He’ll be thrilled that you took the time to think up a few special treats for him and extra excited to cash in on his sweet coupons.

Pay him compliments:

When the two of you first started dating, you likely paid him compliments all the time. Even without thinking about it! It may take a bit more thought and effort now, but put the spark back into your flirting game by paying your man compliments. These don’t have to be just how attractive you find him. You may tell him he does a great job keeping your yard looking nice.

You may mention how he’s a fantastic dad for your kids. Or maybe just how he does a wonderful job as a husband. Any small compliment to remind him how much you appreciate him as a husband and all the little things he does well.


Plan a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you:

A great way to rekindle some of that old flirty energy you shared when you first started dating is to get away together, just the two of you. Make it extra special by planning the whole thing out for the two of you, and surprising him with the trip.

Even if it’s just a short weekend getaway, he’ll love the chance to get away for a bit and spend some time with his favorite lady.

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Spontaneously dance together:

Build a romantic (or fun!) playlist for the two of you to dance to. You may want to include his favorite songs, your first dance song at your wedding, or a song that reminds you of a favorite concert the two of you attended together.

Have the playlist ready to go for use at random times to make it even more spontaneous and fun. Hit play and grab him to bust a couple fancy moves or slow down and take a romantic sway. Either way, he’ll love the fun and spontaneity of it!

Show him off on your social media:

Everyone loves for their significant other to show them off! Post a picture of the two of you with a sweet caption about him on your Facebook or Instagram.

Or share just a picture of just him and add a few sentences about what makes him such a good husband and great guy. It’s a short, sweet, and super easy way to make him feel a little extra special that day!

Plan a romantic movie night together:

Set up a nice little love nest for movie night. Pull all the pillows off the couch, build a blanket fort, and settle in for a night of movie watching, snacks, and snuggling.

Bonus points if you buy his favorite snacks and choose to watch one of his favorite movies. He’ll be able to relax and enjoy a fun night with all of his favorite things: snacks, movies, and you!

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Have a secret language for just the two of you:

Maybe it’s a secret code word that means you’re both ready to go home. Or it’s a sentence that you use with each other that is another way to say I love you. It could even be just an inside joke that only the two of you know.

Either way, having a fun “secret language” is a great way for the two of you to get a little flirting in, no matter where you are! Since others won’t know what you mean, it’ll feel extra fun and like you’re getting away with something!

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Give him a list of all the things you love about him:

You married your hubby for lots of reasons but we often get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to remind each other of those reasons! Write out a list of a few of your favorite things about him. Anything from how hard he works for your family, how handsome he is, how he makes you feel loved and special…

Whatever it is you love about him, take the time to write it out and let him know! Slip him the list when he’s least expecting it. He’ll be super surprised and he’ll love that you took the time to share your feelings about him.

Put a love note in his lunch box:

This will make his lunch extra sweet! Whether he packs his lunch or you do, find a way to sneak a little note into his lunch box as a surprise. It’ll be a perfect midday pick me up and he’ll love knowing that you were thinking of him the night before and wanted to ensure he had a great day.

It can be as simple as a quick little note telling him you hope he has a great day, letting him know you can’t wait to see him tonight, or a sweet reminder that you love him. Either way, he’ll be excited to read your mini love letter!

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Buy him his favorite treat as a surprise:

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up his favorite treat as a surprise! Whether it’s a candy bar, his favorite ice cream, or those chips he can never get enough of snacking on.

He’ll be thrilled you thought of him and super stoked that you got him his favorite treat. Everyone loves to receive little surprises. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a little something to let him know you were thinking of him and wanted to let him know.

Whisper something fun or flirty to him:

You lean in to give him a hug at the end of the day and you surprise him with a little something sweet whispered in his ear. Maybe it’s how handsome he looked today or maybe it’s reminding him he’s the love of your life.

Either way, he’ll be super excited to hear you flirting with him in a surprising and fun new way. It’s extra romantic as you’ve already wrapped him up in a hug and made him feel loved. Whisper a few sweet nothings to him for the cherry on top!

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Send him his favorite lunch at work:

Break up the monotony of his workday. Surprise him by sending him his favorite takeout meal during his lunch break. Sending him his favorite meal will let him know you’re thinking of him, and everyone loves a nice change up to the same old sandwiches and leftovers!

He’ll be so excited to know that he was on your mind during the middle of the day. And he’ll feel a little extra love knowing you thought to send him his favorite meal while he was on your mind. This is a super easy and thoughtful way to flirt with your hubby.

So what are you waiting for? Starting flirting with your husband again now.