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How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You (and win him back!)

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Firstly, what an a**. Bye boy bye!

If a guy is ghosting you, we gotta make him regret it, I mean girl you are one fine piece of ass and he should know he’s making a seriously big mistake in deciding to ignore that.

Do ghosters regret ghosting? Of course they do! They may not say it but sure they sometimes regret ghosting the person.

Wanna make him burn or possibly even get him back after he ghosted you? There are a lot of ways to make a guy regret it but here are 30 of our favourite and most effective ways – how to make a ghoster regret it!

How to make a guy regret ghosting you: 30 Effective Ways!

Remove him from all of your social media accounts:

Wanna know what to do when a guy ghosts you? Remove him!

Sometimes the best way to make a guy regret ghosting you, is to just forget about him altogether. Delete him from all of your social media accounts to avoid the temptation to check out his profiles and see what he’s up to (or who he’s been hanging out with most recently).

You might not ever know if he actually regrets ghosting you but you can avoid the regret you’ll experience after spending a night stalking his Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t remove him from social media and show him what he’s missing:

If you don’t quite feel like cutting him off altogether, you can use social media to show him what he’s missing out on by ghosting you.

Share that stunning selfie you took, your night out with the girls, or even something more elusive like a possible date night picture. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the last laugh here but if you pull out all the stops, there is a good chance you’ll have him regretting his decision to ghost you.

Block his number:

This one goes along with removing him from social media and moving on without giving him another thought. You might still be crushing on him but if he can’t use enough common decency to let you know that he’s no longer interested in you, you’re better off letting him go.

Block his number so that if he does happen to decide to reach back out at some point, he won’t be able to get through to you and possibly cause you the inevitable confusion you’ll feel with him trying to reconnect.

Don’t block his number, but don’t respond when he reaches out to you:

If you want to make him feel the pangs of regret from ghosting you, don’t block his number. But when he tries to reach back out to you don’t respond.

And if you really want to stray from the high road, turn your read receipts back on so he knows that you’ve seen his message but have chosen not to respond. If he’s decided to reach back out and it’s obvious that you’re choosing to ignore him, he’ll certainly be feeling regretful over choosing to ghost you in the first place.

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Spend time focusing on yourself:

How to get him back after he ghosted? Spend time on yourself! There’s is nothing more awesome than an empowered woman or man!

There’s no better revenge than self-care. Instead of focusing on how you can make him regret the way he treated you, focus on taking care of yourself and doing the things you love. Go for a new hairstyle, get a massage, revamp your workout routine.

Whatever makes you happy and feel the most like yourself, prioritize doing those things. Though this may not directly affect him, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. And you just might receive a bonus of him seeing how happy you are and feeling regretful over ghosting you.

Avoid reaching out to him:

But I miss the guy who ghosted me!!?

As tempting as it can be to want to reach out to him and try to get some closure or figure out why he decided to ghost you, it’s better to avoid that if you can.

Ultimately, whatever the reason he decided to ghost you, he didn’t care about your feelings and reaching out to him won’t change that or make him feel guilty over ghosting you. Save yourself further hurt or disappointment by avoiding reaching out to him.

Just move on with your life:

If a guy couldn’t even take the time to let you know he was no longer interested in you, but rather took the easy way out and just stopped communicating, he’s not someone you want in your life anyway. One of the best ways to make him regret ghosting you is to move on with your life.

You may need to block his number, delete him from social media, and avoid some of your old hangouts for a while. Whatever it takes for you to be able to move on, do it. This guy isn’t worth you spending any more of your time on.

man who is uninterested in girl

Give him the same treatment he gave you:

Maybe he ghosted you a couple months ago and all of the sudden he’s back in your DM’s or he’s started texting you nonstop.

If the high road isn’t the way you’d like to go, you could always give him the same treatment he gave you. Continue responding for a while and then once he seems hooked again, ghost him just like he did to you. This is certainly a colder way to make him regret ghosting you but effective if you’d like to carry out revenge and have him wishing he hadn’t treated you badly.

Find someone else you actually connect with:

Rather than spend your time pining over someone who obviously didn’t really care for you, move on with your life and find someone you really connect with.

You may end up inadvertently causing him to regret ghosting you once you’ve moved on with someone else, but that doesn’t have to be the reasoning behind finding a new guy. But meeting someone who actually cares about you and makes you feel special will help you forget about the guy who ghosted you.

Go on a few new adventures:

Try a fancy new restaurant, take a class you’ve been really interested in, go on a blind date with that guy your best friend has been insisting you’d get along with.

Go ahead and live your life, and forget about the guy who doesn’t deserve to be a part of it. Bonus points if you share all of your new activities to social media so he can see exactly how much fun you’re having without him. Be fun, spontaneous, and adventurous and show this guy what he missed out on by cutting ties with you. He’ll be rueing the day he decided to ghost you!

signs he's fighting his feelings for you

Hang out with his friends:

If the two of you spent more than a couple of weeks together, you likely met some of his friends and maybe even connected with some of them yourself.

If you did happen to make friends with any of his friends, you can keep yourself fresh on his mind by continuing to hang out with them, even after he’s stopped communicating with you. They’ll be sure to bring your name up at some point and he’ll likely wonder how you’re doing. There’s a good chance that while you’re on his mind, he’ll start feeling some regret over his decision to ghost you.

Switch up your routine:

If you often used to run in the same circles, visit the same places, and spend time with the same people then it’s time to change things up. This doesn’t have to be with the intent to hurt him but rather with the intent for you to be able to move on.

It never hurts to try something new and finding a new routine for a bit so you don’t have to worry about running into him is a good way to help you get past the guy who ghosted you. And whether he ends up regretful over the way he treated you or not, you’ll have moved on to happier times.

Act like you don’t care that he ghosted you:

The absolute best way to make a guy regret ghosting you, is to not care that he did. Even if you’re actually still feeling a bit hurt over his decision to cut ties, fake it until you make it.

Eventually you won’t feel the sting of his rejection, and in the meantime pretend it doesn’t bother you in the least bit. He might take note of your apparent indifference, or not. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to moving on with your life and avoiding future heartbreak from someone who didn’t deserve you in the first place.

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Tell him how you feel:

A bold move, and he may not even care that he hurt you. But if you’re comfortable with it, communicate to him that he hurt your feelings by ghosting you.

You can take the higher road here and avoid being rude in your communication but let him know the way he treated you was hurtful and you would have appreciated him letting you know he was no longer interested. If he has at least some compassion, he’ll likely be regretful over choosing to end things with you that way.

Don’t give him a reaction at all:

Maybe he ghosted you a couple of weeks ago and all of the sudden he’s come back around, sending you texts, liking your Insta posts, and messaging you on FB.

How do you make him regret ghosting you in this case? Don’t give him any sort of reaction at all. The best reaction is often no reaction. By the time he’s come back around, you may have lost interest anyway. He may be fishing for a reaction by reaching back out to you, so the best thing you can do to make him regret ghosting you, is giving him no reaction at all.

Signs He Will Never Come Back

Try out a new hobby or set a new goal:

Have you been considering trying out a new workout class lately? Maybe you’ve considered taking an online course or possibly even starting a new side hustle?

Go for it. Move on from your ghoster by focusing on something you really want to do. Take some “me time,” do a little soul searching, and spend time on finding a new hobby you enjoy. Not only will he end up regretting ghosting you, you’ll no longer care that he did it in the first place.

Try to avoid the drama altogether:

It can be tempting to want to reach out to him, post things on social media to make him wonder what you’re up to, and even try to make him jealous.

Maybe he would care about you doing these things, or maybe not. What you can be sure of, is if you opt to avoid the drama altogether, you’ll be sure to care less that he ghosted you. And when he sees that you are less than concerned over him ghosting you, you can bet he’ll be regretful of ghosting you.

How to make a guy regret ghosting you: Start dating other guys:

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Start dating other guys.

This one might not exactly be taking the high road but if you’re okay with being a bit on the petty side for a while then going on dates with new guys is one way to make a guy regret ghosting you.

Start dating again and go ahead and make the fact you’re single and ready to mingle evident on social media. Be careful with this one though. You don’t want to hurt a new guy while trying to make a new one jealous, so be sure the guys you’re dating are okay with things being casual as well.

Make him jealous:

This one may put you on the petty spectrum too but if you’re okay with being a little catty, you can make him jealous. This may be with a new guy or by being a little sly on social media.

Dress up and take yourself out to dinner, capturing the night in your story. Share deliberately vague posts that insinuate you’re out on a date. He’ll be left wondering who you’re spending time with and exactly who you’re being wined and dined by, regretting that it’s not you and the fact that he ghosted you.

Spend some time with your family:

Spending some time with those that love you is a sure way to help you forget about the guy that ghosted you. And the best way to make him regret ghosting you is to move on and be happy.

Take some time and spend with your favorite family members. Enjoy brunch together, go on a family vacay, or take turns hosting a cookout. Spending extended time with loved ones can help ease the sting of rejection when someone ghosts you and before you know it, you’ll have forgotten all about him.

Take a weekend trip… Or an extended vacay:

Again, one of the best ways to make a guy regret ghosting you just might be to put some focus on yourself. Go on a weekend getaway or take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Self-care and loving yourself helps ease the pain of having someone you liked cut you out of their life. And ultimately when you move on with your life, even if he never apologizes for hurting your feelings, he’ll regret ghosting you when he sees how little it actually affected you.

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Don’t be too available for him:

After he’s ghosted you, there’s a chance he may reach back out when he’s bored. It can be tempting to respond immediately.

If you can’t keep yourself from responding altogether, at least keep from making him a priority. Give it a day or two before you respond and keep your responses short and to the point.

If he couldn’t have been bothered enough to let you know he was no longer interested in you before ghosting you, don’t waste your time with giving him thoughtful responses now that he’s trying to come back around.

Flirty first date questions for her.

Pretend you don’t know him when he does text you again:

There’s a good chance he’ll reach back out to you even after ghosting you. And when he does, this is your chance to pretend it didn’t bother you a bit that he stopped communicating with you.

Hit him with the “who’s this?” when you get his text. If you really want to go all in, when he gives you his name you can continue the game of pretending you don’t know him. It’ll be quite the hit to his ego and you can be almost certain he’ll be regretful of ghosting you afterwards.

Pretend you don’t remember him when you bump into him:

If the two of you run in similar circles or spend time at the same local hangouts, there’s a good chance you’ll end up running into him at some point.

If it’s been a couple of months since he ghosted you, you can make him really regretful by pretending you don’t know him when you do run into each other. Acting like you don’t remember him indicates he made very little impact on you and it’ll be bruising to his ego. He’ll rue the day he decided to ghost you.

Focus your time and energy on your career:

When you’ve been putting energy into a relationship or a potential relationship and suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of a communication cut off, it can be devastating.

Channel the time and effort you were putting into the relationship into your career. It gives you a place to focus your energy and can help you forget about the guy you were seeing. Whether he ever truly regrets ghosting you or not, you’ll no longer be concerned about it because you’ll be happy and thriving in a successful career.

“Accidentally” bump into him:

If you’re not quite ready to move on from this guy and want to make him regret deciding to ghost you, try to accidentally bump into him.

Stay dressed to the nines anytime you go out and spend time in places you know that he often visits. Chances are you’ll run into him eventually and if you’re looking your best there’s a good chance he’ll be sorry that he decided to cut ties with you.

Accept an invite to somewhere you know he’ll be:

This is a little less devious than “accidentally” bumping into him. You didn’t seek out being in the same location as him, you just didn’t turn down the opportunity.

Go all out when you get ready to attend the event so when you show up and he catches sight of you, he’ll rue the day he gave up his opportunity with you. Looking your best at the event will have him wondering why he decided to ghost you in the first place, and put you in the place of being able to be the one to turn him down this time.

Focus on reconnecting with friends:

Make some plans with your friends, go have some fun with your favorite people, and forget all about the guy who ghosted you. You’ll get to enjoy some time with people who care about you, which is one of the best ways to forget about the hurt you may be feeling over being ghosted.

You’ll get your confidence back and it’ll be obvious to all of those around you that you’ve moved on. If he happens to see how much fun you’re having with your friends, and how unconcerned you are over his ghosting behavior, he’ll be sure to regret ghosting you.

Date one of his friends:

This one may be considered a bit of a low blow but if you really want to make him regret ghosting you, go out with one of his friends. Be careful here, and make sure you actually like the guy.

Otherwise, you’ll be hurting him the same way his friend hurt you. But if you actually find you’re interested in one of the ghost guy’s friends, then go out with him. You might even end up having a better time with your new guy than you ever did with ghost guy. And you can bet his friend will pass on the news that the two of you are hanging out.


Show some serious confidence:

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Show some confidence!

Let that confidence shine! Even if you aren’t feeling exceptionally confident right now, especially if you’re feeling the sting of rejection from being ghosted. But fake it til you make it if you must and remember what a catch you actually are.

Your confidence will be evident in everything you do and the next time you happen to run into ghost boy, he’ll be stunned by how unaffected you were by his childish way of breaking things off with you. And he’ll be sure to be feeling the pangs of regret over ghosting you.


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