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How to start a Conversation with your Crush on Whatsapp: 16 Tips

Wondering how to start a conversation with your crush on whatsapp? Being confident is one of the important things when it comes to impressing a girl.

But how can you impress a girl on WhatsApp? While having a good profile picture and status can help you get started in making the first impression, the key to impressing her is by having a good conversation. You need to have the kind of conversation which will show her that you care for her. Just be yourself and find topics that can help you get closer to her heart.

How to start a Conversation with your Crush on Whatsapp

Before you even send that first message to your crush on WhatsApp, it is important to have a good profile set up. Below are a few things that you can start with.

Profile Picture

Having a good profile picture (also called as DP in WhatsApp) is the first step to impress a girl on WhatsApp. Upload your best photo as the profile picture.

Make sure you are well-groomed in your photo. Do not upload photos of celebrities or cartoon characters as your profile picture. That’s childish.

A tip here is to upload a picture of you doing something adventurous or exciting. For example, a picture of you playing guitar or performing a bungee jump. Your crush should feel that you are an adventurous and interesting person. Seeing your DP is the first thing she will do so give your best first impression.


Your WhatsApp status will be shown right below your profile picture. Whatsapp already has a collection of presets like Busy, Urgent calls only, etc, but try to think of a unique status that will go well with your personality.

If you can’t think of anything you can use a line from your favorite song, a movie quote, or something interesting that you encountered in the day.

You can further impress your crush if you know her favorite song or movie. You can use a line from that as your status that will get her attention. It can lead to the start of an interesting conversation.

Text Format

WhatsApp does not have a variety of options to set up your profile compared to social sites like Facebook and you are only limited to your profile picture, status, and availability.

But there are some WhatsApp hacks like text formatting that you can use to impress her. Instead of sending a normal text, you can modify by making them bold, italic, and strikethrough to make the texts more interesting. You can add asterisks (*) between the texts to make it bold, underscore (_) for italics, and tildes (~) to strikethrough.

Tips To Impress Your Crush On WhatsApp

If you want to impress your crush on WhatsApp then you need to first learn how to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp. The first conversations can be the hardest since you are still trying to impress her but you can make it easy with a few steps.


how to start a conversation with your crush on whatsapp

Learn About Her Through Social Media

To break the ice, start by learning more about her through social media. In today’s age, everyone has social media profiles so getting to know someone has become easier by checking their profiles.

Go through the girl’s social media profiles to know more about her interests, her likes, and dislikes and if possible other information like her hobbies. This will help you get started in successfully making conversation with her and maintain it.

For example, you can text her something like, “I see that you are interested in hiking. I have joined this hiking group and we are going on a hike to [place name] this weekend. Would you like to join?”

Don’t Stress Yourself

Started a conversation with your crush can be hard and stressful for some people. Just relax and don’t stress yourself. You don’t have to overthink it.

You can just start with a simple hello and let it start from there. Ask her how things are going. She might not reply to you straight away. This can mean she might be busy or still thinking about how to reply to you. Just have patience until she texts back.

Start With A Question

If you want her to reply then don’t start with a vague text. Asking her a question like “Hi, how are you doing?” as more chances of getting a reply than just a casual “Hi.”

You can also ask her how her day was or what she is up to. This will allow her to reply you back.

Find Common Interests

As I already said earlier you should start by finding common interests by checking her social profiles. This will give enough topics to start a conversation with her.

For example, if there is a common TV series that both of you watch, then you can text her something like, “Hey did you watch yesterday’s episode of [TV show name]? The ending was really interesting.”

Be Confident

Girls love confident guys. If you want to impress your crush you need to be yourself. Act natural and be confident.

Girls can easily spot a guy who is trying to fake. It’s common to get nervous when talking to your crush and you are not alone. Just have fun when talking to her and the rest will flow smoothly.

Compliment Her

Girls love it when a guy compliments them. It is one of the easiest ways to impress her. It will show her that you are paying attention to her.

Don’t use a typical pick-up line when you compliment her. Be specific and compliment something unique about her. For example, you can text her something like “Your hair looked very beautiful today.”

Don’t talk About Yourself

No one likes it who only talks about themselves. And it will be a big turn off if you are trying to impress your crush.

Instead of talking about yourself, you can ask her questions. This will show her that you want to know more about her. It is okay to talk about yourself when you want to relate to something that she told you but don’t try to dominate her.

You can ask her about her hobbies, her favorite food, place, movie, song, band, etc. The more you know about her the more topics you will have to talk with her and more interesting you can make the conversation for her.

And whenever she answers your questions respond positively and follow up with another question. If she says her favorite food is pizza you can reply like, “Wow, even I like pizza too. My favorite restaurant to eat pizza is [restaurant name]. Have you tried there?”


Go Deep With Your Conversations

Once you are successful with the initial conversation you can then go on a deeper level and get to know more about her by talking about topics that are closer to her heart.

This will show her that you really care about her and want to understand her for the person she is. Ask her about her goals, things, her favorite childhood memory, and what she wants to accomplish in her life.

You can also ask her about the qualities that she likes in a person. This will give you insight on the qualities she is looking for in a guy that you can display if you have those qualities.

Avoid Excessive Texting

Don’t lose your patience if she takes time to respond to your message. Give her enough time to reply. She might be busy with some work.

Do not keep texting her until she replies. No one likes to get bombarded with text messages. It is frustrate anyone and she might start to lose interest in you.

The same holds true if you are trying to make her laugh by sending memes or jokes. Sending one or two GIFs is fine but spamming is not okay.

Be Kind

Always be kind and considerate whenever you talk to her. Show her that you don’t want to bother her and that you care about her time.

Before you start a conversation with her, ask her if it’s a good time to talk with her. Make sure that she is not occupied and all her work is done.

Listen To Her

If you ask your crush how her day was and she says it was bad, do not try to change the subject or how bad your day was. Ask her what happened and let her know that you are there to listen to her and know about what’s bothering her.

Girl vent out whenever they are having a bad day and your crush will appreciate it if you let her vent. You can even impress her by giving thoughtful advice to her problem.

Don’t Talk Dirty Or Ask For Dirty Photos

One of the most unimpressive thing that you can do is talk dirty with her or ask her for dirty photos or even a video chat. It is a sign of disrespect even if you are just trying to compliment her.

Be courteous, polite, and treat her like a gentleman. This will make you stand out from everyone else. If you want to flirt with her wait until she is comfortable enough with you.

Even if she okay with having a video chat with you keep it clean and make your face-to-face conversation memorable for her.

By using these tips you will learn how to start a conversation with your crush on WhatsApp and impress her. Pick up your phone and get started right away.


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