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How to Take Couple Photos by Yourself – 8 Simple Ways!

Wondering how to take couple photos by yourself? Wonder no more.

We have even been asked by our family how we take this photo or that photo that we show them. To be honest, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take decent photos as a couple on your own, but you will need some good equipment, which we will recommend to you in this article complete guide of how to take couple pictures by yourself!

How to Take Couple Photos by Yourself – A Simple Guide

I have full confidence with these tips you will take better couple pictures by yourself.

Sure, it is great to pay for a professional photographer but who really has a spare $4,000 to drop on one every trip you take. We sure don’t. Yet, we still want some really nice memories that are a little higher quality than just a selfie stick.

We have spent entire holidays with only pictures of one of us in the frame, which is kind of sad. And, the only way we can get a photo together is to rely on strangers, which honestly, sometimes don’t take the best picture. And with COVID who want a rando touching your camera in any event.

Tip 1 – Buy a good Tripod

Investing in a quality tripod has been a total game-changer for us for travel photography. The biggest tip I have here is don’t go for a stupidly cheap one, it will just fall over with the weight of your camera.

We bought a cheap one at first and we might as well have flushed the $100 we spent on it goodbye.

We have this tripod now, which I was honestly a bit apprehensive to drop over $600 on but it has been a total game-changer. It holds up our Nikon D750 camera up perfectly on any surface and has never failed us. If you think what you could spend on a professional photographer, this really isn’t too big of an investment. Or at least that is how I justify it to myself!


We took this photo using our trusty tripod and a Nikon D750 camera. PS this is in the Ukraine, one of our favorite places.

Tip 2 – Use the Self Timer Function on Your Camera

One of the advantages of using a camera over say a phone is that you can put it on a timer, to take multiple photos for you, while you pose.

This is a life changer. Running backwards and forwards just to take 1 photo is ridiculous and you’d soon give up. That is why a good camera like a Nikon D750 camera or the Sony A7III  is honestly a great investment.


Tip 3 – Get more Savvy and buy a Remote

The self timer on your camera only gives you about 10-12 photos. If you want to take even more than that, without running back to your camera, you will want to buy a remote control for your camera.

They’re really small so you ca easily hide them in your hand while you pose for your stunning travel photos.

Tip 4 – Learn how to pose like an Instagram pro

Half the battle with beautiful photos is knowing how to pose. If you look enough at instagrm you will notice that everyone is sheep and is posing in exactly the same way. That is because it looks good and flattering.

The best tip I have here is test out some poses and see what works for you. Some ideas will look good and flattering for you as a couple as some will look plain awkward, depending on your individual heights and size.

I found this video below to get you started on your couple posing techniques.

Tip 5 – Work Against the Crowds

Now I love to sleep in on a vacation. So does most other people! If you don’t want hundreds of tourists in your photos you will need to wake up early and get to the pretty sites before the crowds of people roll in. I personally find this hard. Very hard. But your photos will reward you for the effort you put in.

I also find that often people leave around 5-6pm to go have dinner. If the light is still with you, this is another great time to take travel photos.

Dumaguete + places to visit in Philippines for couples

Picture taken at sunrise in the Phillippines

Tip 6 – Try a Drone

If you have mastered the above techniques of couples photography, you might want to consider investing in a drone.

Again, I’m never sure when making a big purchase but the drone has taken some really fabulous photos for us and it’s been so fun too! We have had hours of enjoyment playing with the drone. If you want to know which one we have, we use this drone, which we love.

Tip 7 – Do your Research

Not every spot around the world is going to look amazing in a photo. You are going to need to do some research to find the best “instagrammable locations”.

This can be done by searching instagram by a hashtag say #paris or alternatively a google search of the most instagrammable locations in X place usually does the trick.

Tip 8 – Enjoy Yourself!

Finally, make sure you enjoy yourself while taking your beautiful couple photos. There is nothing worse than making travel photos a chore, which can seriously happen when you have to wake up at crack of drawn just to take them, trust me I know.

Check yourself as to why you are taking this photos – is it because you want to just have beautiful memories or because you want to make a career out of it. If it is the former, remember to have fun too! You are taking these photos for YOU, no-one else honestly cares at the end of the day. So remember to have fun!

We have stopped taking so many posey photos because we were losing the fun side of it, which is why we started in the first place. Don’t let that be you.


Bonus Tip: Photography Course to help you take better couple pictures

A couples photography course can provide the tools, techniques, and knowledge necessary to take better photos.

The course will provide you with tips on how to capture a couples’ connection and emotion, which will ultimately create better photos.

In addition, the course may provide you with an understanding of different lighting techniques, composition, and more.

What do you learn at a couples photography course?

At a photography course for couples, you will learn about the art and techniques of couples photography. This includes things like posing, lighting, composition, and more.

You may also learn about camera settings and how to use them to capture the best possible images.

You will also learn about different types of couples photography, such as portrait, wedding, and engagement photography.

Tips for taking different couple pictures

The secret to taking amazing photos of the two of you together is by getting the mood, camera angle and lighting right.

How to take a romantic couple photo

We recently took a romantic couple photo and couldn‘t be more proud of the results!

We started by scouting out a beautiful spot that would capture the beauty of the moment.

I then set up my camera, playing around with different angles and lighting.

Then, we got close and cozy with each other, and to act like we were completely in love (which we are of course)

Try some poses holding hands and looking at each other.

We then snapped away and each even threw in a few cheesy jokes to make the photo session more enjoyable.

In the end, we captured a truly romantic photo we are proud of!

How to take a power couple photo

Looking to portray a strong and powerful image? A power couple picture is a staple for marketing purposes, such as in a business’s promotional materials.

Or maybe you want professional headshots, wedding photos, or any type of formal event? 

Here’s how to nail the perfect shot with these couple poses:

When taking a power couple photo, the couple should stand tall and be confident – after all, they are a power couple!

They should stand close together, so that they appear as a unified team, and look into each other’s eyes to create a strong and powerful connection.

Place their arms around each other, as this will create a sense of protection and strength – like they are ready to take on the world together!

Lastly, have them tilt their heads slightly up to show their authority and power – like they are the king and queen of the castle!

How to take a cute couple photo

When might you want to capture a cute couple photo? Well, any time you want to show off your adorable relationship and gushy love for each other, of course!

A cute couple photo could be great for a wedding, a special anniversary, or just to show off on Instagram.

It would also be fun to have a cute couple photo to hang up in your home and give you something to smile about when you look at it.

When capturing a cute couple photo, it’s important to make sure you capture your couple’s connection and love for each other!

Start by getting close and cozy with each other and give a few cheesy jokes to make the photo session more enjoyable.

Then, look for playful poses and do things like hug, kiss, and nuzzle each other.

Finally, make sure to capture the laughter and smiles – those will be your most precious and memorable moments!

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