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How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it: 30 Signs

How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? You have come to the right place.

You may have recently noticed you’re getting some more attention from a guy friend? Have you picked up on a new vibe from the guy you’re crushing on? If so, you may be curious to know if he has feelings for you. How can you tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? 

He may not be sure you’re interested in him or he may not be exactly sure how to tell you how he’s feeling. Whatever the reason is for his secrecy, there are some subtle signs to look for when a guy likes you but is hiding it. 

Wanna know how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it – keep reading and we will give you the signs!

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How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it: 30 Signs

1. He seems nervous around you

Pay attention to how a guy acts when he is around you versus how he acts when he is around his friends. Is he super confident and plays it cool when other people are around but seems to blush like crazy or get fidgety around you?

Is he talkative when hanging out with the guys but gets all tongue-tied when you show up? If he’s showing signs of being nervous around you, it’s a solid sign he’s got feelings for you but isn’t sure how to tell you. 

2. He goes out of his way to talk to you

He makes sure to sit by you when your friend group is out to dinner. Or he wants to be in your Uber on the way home. This is especially true for a guy who typically tends to be more on the shy side.

Is he going out of his way or putting in extra effort to get to talk to you? It’s a big sign that he has feelings for you. Any guy that puts forth extra energy to have the chance to get to know you is likely harboring some secret feelings. One of the best signs he likes you but is hiding it.

3. He puts extra effort into getting to know you

Does he ask you questions about your hobbies? Is he often asking you questions about your friends or family? Does he ask what your favorite foods are or how you like to relax at the end of a long day?

When a guy is showing interest in the personal details of your life, it’s a big sign he is interested! If your crush has been asking you more detailed questions and seems to want to get to know you better, there’s a good chance he likes you but he hasn’t figured out how to tell you yet. 

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signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it

4. He often teases you or jokes around with you

Is he constantly picking on you or giving you a hard time, in a joking manner? If a guy is teasing you or making fun (in a fun, not spiteful way) it’s a sign he feels comfortable around you and is flirting with you.

He might have realized he has feelings for you but isn’t quite sure how to tell you just yet. In the meantime, he’ll be picking on you about your favorite movie or giving you a silly nickname as his way of flirting with you.  One of the best signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it. If you want to reciprocate, try giving him a nickname back.

5. He remembers even the smallest details about you

Maybe he picks up on the kind of perfume you wear or he remembers what your favorite dessert is. Maybe he’s noticed your go to take out when you’ve had a bad day.

If a guy is noticing the tiny details about you that others tend to overlook (or maybe you aren’t even aware of yourself!) there is a good chance he’s interested in you. Men pay more attention when they’re interested and if he’s picked up on your tiny habits then he’s probably hiding feelings for you. 

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6. He gives you subtle but sweet compliments

If you’ve noticed a guy has recently been dropping little compliments here and there, it’s a good sign he likes you but he’s hiding it.

Maybe he sneaks in a little something about how nice you look in a certain outfit you’re wearing. Or maybe he mentions how he likes the way you’ve fixed your hair today. Sneaking subtle compliments in is a sure fire way of showing he’s interested in you without outright telling you so. 

7. He gives you a lot more attention than others around you

He’s super involved with the whole group until you show up. All of the sudden it’s like you’re the only person that exists. If a guy is into you he’s going to be giving you a lot more attention than anyone else that’s around.

Even if he’s trying to hide his feelings from you, he likes you and he’s not going to be able to help but to want to talk to you and take advantage of showering you with attention when you’re around.  

8. He tries extra hard to impress you

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it? He tries hard to impress you.

If a guy is secretly interested in you, he’s going to want you to be interested in him too. He’s going to spend time trying to impress you. Maybe he shows you his most recent gym video where he hits a personal record on squats. Maybe he brings you your favorite snack or meals when you hang out.

Maybe he helps you fix that leaking faucet at your apartment so you’re impressed with his handyman skills. No matter how he does it, when a guy sneaks in subtle ways to try to impress you he’s showing that he’s harboring secret feelings for you.   

9. He doesn’t talk about other girls around you

He’s interested in you and he doesn’t want to do anything that could blow his chances with you so you won’t hear him talking about other girls when you’re around.

His friends may notice a pretty girl walking down the street and mention her but he’ll pretend he didn’t even see her. He may even make a point to explain who other women in his life are, like his sister, cousins, or other close female friends, so you know there isn’t any competition. 

10. He’s extra nice to your friends

A guy that likes you knows he’s not going to get very far if your friends aren’t his biggest fan. He’s going to go the extra mile to make sure he gets along with both you and your friends.

He might volunteer to be the designated driver on girls night or offer to treat you and your friends to dinner. If he’s hiding feelings for you, he’s going to want to make sure your friends are singing his praises. After all, he’s got to be in your good graces AND theirs if he has any chance of you returning his hidden feelings. 


11. He responds to your texts or calls quickly

A guy that is super available for you almost certainly sees you as more than just a friend. Any guy that makes it a point to answer your calls, texts, or social media messages, no matter what time of the day or night it is, has more than just friendship in mind.

He is most likely not extending that sort of availability to others and if he is for you there’s a reason for that. If he always picks up your call, you can almost bet he’s secretly crushing on you.

12. He makes sure you know he’s single

Does your crush take extra measures to make sure you know that he’s very much single? Maybe he makes it a point to let you know he doesn’t have a date for his sister’s wedding.

Maybe he emphasizes his only plans this weekend are with the guys. If he’s interested in you he will want you to know he is available. Take note the next time he’s making extra certain you know that girl he’s chatting with is just a friend. It might just be a sign he’s hiding secret feelings for you. 

13. He also wants to know if you are single

If a guy likes you but he’s hiding it he might pay extra attention to the other men in your life. Mention another guy and he’ll be curious to know if this guy is your brother, cousin, just a friend or something more.

Take note if he seems to perk up and pay attention when you bring up another man. If he’s interested in you as more than a friend he’s going to be keeping up with your relationship status. He wants to know if he has a chance with you, after all!

14. He asks you questions

“What’s your favorite food? Do you like to read? What’s your favorite show on Netflix? What do you like to do for fun? Do you like indoor or outdoor activities? Do you like flowers?”

If a guy is harboring hidden feelings for you he may pepper you with questions because he wants to know more about you. His interest in you will lead to him wanting to know all the little things that make you, you. Asking you a lot of questions about your likes and dislikes is a big indicator of his feelings. 

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15. He seems jealous when you talk about other guys

Have you noticed any signs of jealousy when he sees you chatting with another guy or when a friend brings up some other potential love interest?

Maybe he loses his smile or his face gets a little red and he goes quiet. If a guy is secretly into you he definitely won’t want you having feelings for someone else! You’ll know he’s feeling some jealousy, he’ll wear his feelings all over his face. 

16. He avoid using his phone around you

You’re the center of his attention when you’re around and he doesn’t want to deal with texts, calls, emails, social media, or anything else that could be a potential distraction.

His phone stays in his pocket or put away and he focuses on listening to you and what you have to say. You may notice all his friends are playing on their phones but his phone is not even in sight and he’s deeply involved with trying to hold a conversation with you.  


17. He often finds ways to be close to you

Ever noticed anytime you’re around a certain guy it seems he’s always finding subtle ways to touch you? His hand might just brush yours as he passes you your drink.

He casually drapes his arm over your shoulders when you stand near each other. His knee just so happens to lean up against yours when you sit close to him. If a guy is interested in you he’ll want to find as many subtle ways as he can to feel close to you. 

18. He acts different around you

Is he normally the jokester with his friends but way more serious when you’re around? Or maybe he’s usually withdrawn around others but with you he opens up and is a major conversationalist.

Is he pretty loud with the guys but soft spoken and attentive towards you? A guy acting differently is a big sign he’s into you. Those subtle changes in his personality are his growing feelings for you, even if he hasn’t quite said it out loud. 

19. He (or his friends) make jokes about him liking you

Does he make little jokes like, “Maybe you and I should just go out sometime since we’re both single?” Or his friends call him out about his feelings for you and his response is, “Maybe I do like her!”

If he or his friends are making jokes about his feelings for you there’s likely some truth to it. He might not quite be ready to tell you seriously or be afraid you won’t share his feelings so he makes jokes to try to find out how you feel about him. 

20. He’s always willing to help you

You’ve asked for help moving this weekend in your group text and all you get are crickets. Until he sees the request and lets you know he’s more than willing to help.

A guy with feelings for you is going to want to support you and spend time with you. What better way to do that than to offer up his help anytime you need it? If he goes out of his way to make sure you know he’s available anytime you need help, it’s a pretty sure sign he’s into you. 

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21. You catch him staring at you

How often have you caught him staring at you recently? If he’s secretly hiding feelings for you his eyes are definitely going to be drawn your way more often than not.

He might hope you don’t catch him in the act too often, but he won’t be able to resist sneaking peeks at you anytime you’re around. And if he’s really into you, he’s going to be staring enough that you’ll catch him more than a few times. 

22. He pays attention to your social media posts

Yesterday you posted a picture of you soaking up sun on the beach and he’s already liked it on Facebook and Instagram. You shared your gym selfie from last night and he has already commented about how strong you’re looking.

You asked for a recommendation for favorite local restaurants and he’s already commented with his faves. If a man is paying close attention to all of your social media posts, he’s paying close attention to you. This is another subtle sign that he’s secretly into you.  

23. He sends you flirty emojis

Anytime you get a text from him it’s filled with smiley faces, winky faces, and kiss emojis. If a guy secretly likes you he’ll want to find not so obvious ways of letting you know.

In the modern world of dating, one of the easiest ways to send hints you like some is by sending them flirtatious emojis via text or commenting flirty emojis on their social media posts. It sends a message that he likes you without him having to come right out and say so. 


24. He makes excuses to spend more time with you

Does it seem like he’s going out of his way to try to spend time with you? Maybe the rest of his friends have called it a night but he’s still hanging around because you haven’t gone home yet.

Or your walk home is less than a block away but he offers to walk you home anyway (to get a few extra minutes with you). If a guy is making all kinds of excuses just to spend a little bit of time with you, it’s a safe bet the reason is because he has feelings for you. 

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25. He will defend or stand up for you

Have you noticed he has become somewhat protective or often takes up for you? Maybe you were out to eat with friends and the waiter was rude to you.

Nobody else in the group said anything in your defense but he didn’t hesitate to speak up on your behalf. Or one of his friends was taking their bad day out on you in a not-so-nice way and he quickly put him in his place. A guy that’s into you will not want to see you treated badly, and will be quick to come to your defense. 

26. He does things to make you happy

Does he go out of his way to make sure you get your favorite candy when you’ve had a bad day? Maybe he offers to bring you some soup when you’re feeling under the weather.

Or he sends you funny TikTok videos because he knows they make you laugh. If a guy is going out of his way to make sure you’re feeling happy, it’s a big sign he has feelings for you. 

27. He notices when you get a haircut or have on a new outfit

Have you picked up on the fact that he seems to notice every time you’ve just gotten a haircut? Or that he pays you a compliment when you’re wearing a new outfit?

A guy that notices the small details is definitely interested in you! It means you are important to him and he has started paying close enough attention to you that he picks up on any subtle changes you make. Wear that brand new outfit you just got and see if he notices. If so, it’s a good sign he’s secretly into you. 

28. He remembers the days that are important to you

It’s your birthday and he’s one of the first people to call you. Or right after your annual family reunion you get a text from him asking how it went.

If he cares enough to remember days that are important in your life, he’s taken an interest in you. It can be hard enough to remember birthdays of our own family members and friends. Yet we do it when it’s someone we care about. If a guy is remembering your most important dates, you mean something to him. 

29. He has introduced you to all of his friends

You know his very best friend, the guys he likes to get together and play basketball with on the weekends, and the guys he likes to grab drinks with after work on Friday nights.

If you’ve met all of the men he considers his closest friends, then there’s a strong chance he likes you. Guys want to show off the girl they’re interested in. And they want you to meet the people they care about. If he’s introduced you to all his friends, take it as a sign he’s interested in being more than friends with you.  

30. He smiles a lot more when you are around

Have you noticed your crush always has a big smile on his face? Have his friends pointed out that he seems to smile more when you come around? If a guy is showing increased signs of happiness such as smiling or laughing more when you are with him, it’s a sign he’s harboring hidden feelings for you.

Everyone gets happier when they’re around their favorite people. If you notice being around you is causing your crush to wear a big grin, there’s a chance it’s because you’re one of his favorite people!


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