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Is Kiev Safe to Visit in 2022?

Is Kiev Safe to Visit?

We first thought of traveling to the Ukraine while we were in Krakow Poland but we were apprehensive to make the journey – Is it safe to travel.

Note: This post was written before the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. It is currently not safe to visit the Ukraine.

Is Kiev Safe to Visit?

We were nervous and apprehensive to visit the Ukraine.

After all, it was only a few years ago that the country was deemed a no-travel zone due to the war happening in Crimea with Russia.

However, feeling adventurous (and assessing it was not too great of a risk) we set off on a bus from Krakow to Lviv  and onwards to Kiev.

Kiev should be distinguished from Crimea

Firstly, Kiev should be distinguished from Crimea.

Crimea is NOT safe to travel. It is currently a war zone since Russia invaded.

This does not however mean that that Kiev is unsafe to travel.

In fact, quite the opposite. We felt extremely safe traveling all over the Ukraine including Kiev.

Is Kiev safe at night?

We did a bit of night train travel while in the Ukraine.

On one particular instance we arrived late at night at 11pm in Kiev Central Station.

We have been in many dodgy train stations during our time traveling however, we didn’t feel Kiev Central Station was dodgy in the slightest.

We walked across the road to KFC and stayed there close to midnight eating dinner with no problems at all.

Safety of valuables while in Kiev

We have been in countries such as Colombia where it is unwise to flash valuables such as cameras and mobile phones in public.

In Kiev and the Ukraine in general you can walk just about anywhere with an expensive camera on full display.

Like in any country or city, I’m sure you can discover particular unsafe neighbourhoods but generally speaking it is completely safe.

Solo female travelers in Kiev

We traveled as a couple however, from what we experienced we believe it would be totally safe for a female to travel solo to Kiev.

Is Kiev Safe from Radiation?

I assume you are referring to the disaster in Chernobyl?

Yes, Kiev is completely safe from radiation.

You can actually even take a guided tour to Chernobyl so you are well and truly safe from radiation in Kiev.

Read more: Chernobyl Tour: Essential Things to Know

Hygiene in Ukraine

Ukraine has very cheap prices but it is not a third world country like Vietnam or Laos.

Unlike other countries we have traveled, we witnessed an extremely high level of cleanliness in Kiev and the rest of the Ukraine.

Hotels rooms and apartments on airbnb were always very clean.

They may look old and in soviet union style but we appreciated the high level of cleanliness.

Will Russia invade Ukraine?

Ukrainians are still a little scared of a Russian invasion.

A Ukrainian told us that people living in Crimea were completely unaware a Russian invasion was looming and one day they turned on their Tvs and everything was in Russian. Ekk!!

For this reason (and a general distrust in the government) Ukrainians don’t trust banks and prefer to deal in cash and gold.

The Ukrainian girl we spoke to told us it is prudent to hold a little gold on you in case of a Russian invasion (so you can sell it on the black market).

Therefore, in our opinion, a Russian invasion is probably the biggest risk to travel in Kiev. However, we believe the risk to be extremely minimal.

We would not stop our travel based on this very minimal risk.

The Ukraine has become one of our favourite countries in the world and we would highly recommend a visit to others.


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