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Is Tinder Worth It in 2023? Should you Get Tinder?

Is Tinder worth it? 

Sure, there is no doubt about it – tinder is a total time suck. And like anything in life (where your minutes and hours are very valuable) you really have to consider whether it is actually worth it OR whether it is a total waste of your time. Something to consider. 

There’s indeed various opinions on this hot topic because different people have different morals and values and hopes and dreams and therefore what is a valuable investment of their time may not directly translate to a valuable investment of your time and vice versa.

Despite the fact that tinder has indeed been around for quite some time now, it is still heavily used so you still have a good chance of finding love or a hookup on there. But, in saying that let’s break down the pros and cons of this Tinder time investment to determine if it is worthwhile to YOU!

The Positives of Tinder

Let’s first consider the pros of tinder which may help you to determine whether it is a good time suck.

Ease of Use

The creators of tinder are just as savvy as the creators of Facebook or Instagram or any other platform in that they are smart and have made Tinder really easy to use.

You don’t have to even fill out a great big question sheet just to sign on. This will lead us to a negative later – the catfish!

It’s Fun

Like I was saying above, the creators of Tinder are not morons and have made the platform fun – I don’t know about you but the act of swiping seriously does it for me – it’s just so much fun!

Plus, you can use some of our best Tinder pickup lines, even some you wouldn’t dare to say in real life and see how they go!

You Might Find Your True Love

One thing that I have always strongly believed is that you don’t know where your true love is hiding – who knows they may be on Tinder! So if you knock Tinder you effectively may be knocking one of the only opportunities to find him or her.

It’s not actually crazy and beyond the scope of possibility that you might find someone on Tinder that you genuinely like because it is a very popular app with hundreds of thousands of people on the platform.

If you’re new in town – you can use it to meet people

One of the cool features of Tinder is that you are sorted by location so if you go traveling or move to a new city and want to meet the locals you can always jump on Tinder.

Sometimes it’s really darn hard to meet new people, even new friends and Tinder facilitates this meet up.

Tinder Profiles allow you to filter out the duds fast

The really great thing about a Tinder profile is that you can swipe past the duds fast.

People include a little about themselves in their profile so you can see if you think you align before wasting more time in talking to him or her.

If you’re not into a Relationship you can still use Tinder for Meet Ups

If you aren’t the type who are into a long term relationship but still like to meet up with people (as friends or more) you can use Tinder as there are low expectations of a relationship blossoming.

One of the stereotypes of Tinder is that “everyone on Tinder just wants to hook up”. Whether it is true or not, if this stereotype does apply to you, people will be more understanding on Tinder than say if you went on a dating site, where everyone on the site is expected to be looking for true love.

There is a silent – TINDER BUYER BEWARE – of a f*** boy or girl so no-one goes on Tinder expecting any more than a chat at first.

It has the potential to raise your self esteem

If you are feeling down or just a bit crappy, Tinder *may* have the effect of making you feel good about yourself. Of course, this can totally backfire and go the other way too!

If you are looking for compliments as your main purpose for Tinder, make sure you include a smoking hot picture and an awesome Tinder bio that is compliment driven.

You know the age old saying – the best way to get over one guy is to get under the next or at least to get a compliment or two 🙂

The Negatives of Tinder

With the positives also come the negatives and of course, there are some negatives of Tinder that you might want to weigh up to determine if it is worth your time.

The Catfish

With any online dating platform you honestly always got to consider the potential of a catfish. Sad but true – catfish are out there. Obviously the worst and most disgusting catfish are ones that prey on kids but it is still pretty awful to find out someone you have invested time in is not who you really think they are at all – honestly it is a bit scary!

There’s nothing fun about pouring your heart and soul into a funny opener only to realise you’re chatting with a bot trying to drive you follow guy or girls Instagram account.

If you are serious about the person, always ask to do a real time video chat before you meet up to see if they are the person you think.

It can be dangerous

Sure, if you stay on the platform it is all fun and games but if you meet up in real life, the person could be a total creep (see the Grace Millane story). So, not only is it not worth your time – it is not worth it – period.

If you decide you would like to meet up with someone from Tinder, we always recommend meeting a few times in a public place first, ideally with some friends. Think of it as a fun double date.

Safety first – always! 

You Probably won’t find love

It is always best to keep your expectations low on Tinder. Sure it’s possible you will find Mr or Ms Right on the platform but in all fairness it’s probably not likely.

How many married people do you meet that say they met on Tinder? From a personal experience I haven’t met many. That is not to say these people don’t exist – They do – and everything’s worth a shot for love, but it’s better to keep your expectations low and be delighted later if you do find that special someone.

There is also a stigma that people don’t come on the platform looking for love so some people who are seriously looking for commitment tend to steer clear of the platform.

Ghosting Happens

One of the biggest reasons that Tinder is not worth it is due to ghosting. For some reason – ghosting is super easy on Tinder.

Basically, this is when someone is talking to you for a while, maybe meets up then blocks you everywhere and disappears. This can be a massive mind f*** and can be very emotionally damaging.

Just be aware that this can happen on Tinder before you get on. Be aware of who you are talking to and if they sound sketchy stop the convo.

Is Tinder Worth it?

Whether you feel like Tinder is worth it or not really depends on what you want to achieve out of it.

Firstly, you have to be ready for a potential waste of time. In saying that, nothing is every guaranteed in love and dating and no matter how or in what manner you meet someone, it can at the end of the day be a total waste of time.

Tinder has sadly developed a bit of a stigma over the years of being a place for only people looking for a hookup and this has chased “relationship – focused” people off the platform a bit. That is not to say they aren’t on there – after all, there are hundreds of thousands of people on the platform – but you will have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince – let’s just say that.

Alternatively, if you just want to meet new people as friends, as a hookup or otherwise, Tinder serves its purpose well. The only thing I would caution in this regard is safety safety safety.

Is Tinder Plus or Gold Worth It?

Okay so you’ve decided to go on Tinder but should you upgrade to Tinder Gold to really make the experience worthwhile?

The biggest benefit of Tinder Gold is seeing who has liked you. While you may think you will just be able to see this information when you match with them, due to Tinder’s algorithm you may never see them as they are so far down your list you would literally have to swipe through tonnes of people just to get to them.

Swiping through a bunch of idiots is hard work. Tinder Gold allows you to remove this hard work but seeing all the profiles in one spot. 

If you are low in time, I would give a big YES this is worth it. If you just want a bit of a play on Tinder, probably not.

Is Bumble a better option for dating?

Bumble has a rep for being the better dating app for those actually looking to match with someone (rather than just hookups). You can check out the Tinder vs Bumble vs Hinge debate here.

As far as dating apps go, Bumble is to dating what Tinder is to hookups. 

Many guys experience Tinder-fatigue (or TinderF): the feeling of wasting time with witty one-liners and cool icebreakers (like these) which are met with silence. 

Don’t be despondent – tinder is a company with motivation to drive users to from free plans to tinder plus to boost the chance for matches with girls or guys.

On Bumble women start conversations, and then guys have only have 24 hours to respond before the match is lost. 

These mechanics result in quicker responses, more conversation and a better chance at finding a match.

If you’re a guy or girl experiencing TinderF, wondering whether Tinder is worth the hassle, then before you give up on (virtual) love matching, then know there are other options out there.


So let us know if this risk to reward ratio is worthwhile or not for you personally.


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