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How to travel from Krakow to Lviv by bus (2019)

Traveling from Krakow to Lviv is a relatively easy and stress free process. We recommend the direct Krakow to Lviv bus. Follow our simple steps to find out how to travel from Krakow to Lviv by bus.

If you are also looking for amazing accommodation in Lviv click here to find all available accommodation in Lviv during your dates. Otherwise, keep reading our 4 Simple Steps to Travel from Krakow to Lviv.

Krakow to Lviv Bus

It takes around 8 hours to travel from Krakow to Lviv by bus.

This was a little shocking at first considering Google maps suggests the journey only takes 3.5 hours if you drive.

What are you doing for the other 4 hours? Turns out there is a fairly sizeable wait at the border.

Step 1: Purchase your Krakow to Lviv Bus Tickets Online

Krakow to Lviv bus tickets can be purchased online. We found the cheapest tickets for the Lviv to Krakow bus here.

How much are tickets for bus from Krakow to Lviv?

At the time we purchased our tickets they cost 63 PLN. However, the price of tickets for the Krakow to Lviv bus varies depending on what time of day you wish to travel.

It is possible to catch a day or night bus to Lviv. While we have caught night buses before during our time in South America, on this occasion, we opted against a night bus. On a night bus, you arrive in Lviv very early in the morning, meaning most accommodation will not let you check in until 2pm.

We found most companies require you to print out your bus ticket. There is a place where you can print your bus ticket in the Krakow bus/train station for 0.15PLN per page.

Pro tip: Some buses go to Lviv Central Train station (near town) but cheaper options go to this place wayyyy outside Lviv town. Don’t be sucked into a location far away from Lviv centre for a marginally cheaper price.

Step 2: Travel to Krakow Bus Station & Board your Bus

Just outside Old Town Krakow is Krakow bus station. You need to arrive for your bus at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

Unless you are staying nearby, the best way to get to the bus station is by Uber. Uber is very affordable in Krakow and you can virtually go anywhere you want for 10 PLN (first ride free when you use this code: mikes48767ue).

Usually, buses depart from gates G14 – G17 on the 0 floor (which is not actually on the ground floor – take note).

Our bus fare T&Cs said there was a bag limit of 25 kg per person however, our driver did not seem to care what you brought with you. The conductor provides you with bag tags for anything that is checked under the bus.

You will travel on the bus for a few hours before you reach the Poland/Ukraine border.

Step 3: Cross the Poland/Ukraine Border

Probably the worst part of the bus journey is crossing the border between Poland and the Ukraine. However, this is not the worst border crossing we have experienced.

While the wait was long & boring, the border crossing was very stress free.

At the Polish border, border control collected all the passports. You are able to stay in the comfort of the bus or have a toilet break while they process your exit stamp.

At the Ukrainian border, we expected a full bag inspection, however, like the polish border, they simply collected our passports, processed and returned them – simple!

After this process, after a few more hours traveling on the bus, you will arrive in Lviv.

Step 4: Lviv Bus Station to Hotel

The bus from Krakow to Lviv arrives at Lviv Central Train Station.

Lviv station reminded us of Budapest Station. It’s a little bit chaotic and there appears to be lots of dodgy characters wandering about.

However, unlike our experience in Budapest – no one approached us and we didn’t really feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Trams connect Lviv station with most of the city. There are also plenty of taxis waiting to transport you to your hotel.

We found wifi at a cafe to the left of the station (here) where we ordered an Uber (first ride free when you use this code: mikes48767ue).

It cost 60UAH ($2 USD) for our Uber to take us 20 minutes to our Hotel.

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Krakow to Lviv Flights

Flying is the quickest option to travel from Poland to Lviv, Ukraine.

However, there is often no direct flights running, making it quicker & easier to travel by bus.

Click here to search for flights from Krakow to Lviv.

Krakow to Lviv Train

If you prefer, there is an overnight sleeper train that runs from Krakow to Lviv with 4 berth sleeper carriages.

The train runs from the train station in Krakow. I believe you need to purchase tickets in person at the station. This seemed riskier to us than purchasing bus tickets online in advance.

If you want advice about catching the train in Poland, don’t miss our post about the train from Warsaw to Krakow.

What to do in Lviv

Lviv is a city of quirky cafes, exceptional coffee and overall delicious food. It was hard to narrow down our list of incredible Lviv restaurants to just 12.

Let’s start with the cafes. Fancy a cup of delicious melted milk chocolate with your coffee? Or maybe you would prefer a flaming coffee (yes it’s flamed in front of your eyes).

Check out our guide to the best Lviv cafes.

Lviv Nightlife is one of the highlights of the city. Consider also taking a trip out to the unspeakable Tunnel of Love.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen all the best things to do in Krakow yet – check this out too.

P.S. Don’t bother with Lviv High Castle if you don’t have much time in Lviv, we found it to be a little overrated.

Lviv-High-Castle, Lviv-Castle-Hill, Things-to-do-in-Lviv

Accommodation in Lviv

Accommodation in Lviv ranges from $20 a night for a budget room to $150 a night for luxury accommodation.

For the safest and best areas to stay, don’t miss our detailed guide to the best places to stay in Lviv.

Don’t miss our Astoria Hotel review – a luxurious 4 star hotel in an enviable location.

We would recommend this hotel for a comfortable and unique experience in Lviv.

Or click here to find accommodation options in Lviv during your dates!

We hoped this helped you plan your journey from Krakow to Lviv by bus. If there’s any information we missed or you need any more assistance, we would be happy to help, leave a comment below!

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