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50 Late Night Date Ideas Other than a Movie

Looking for late night date ideas? 

We have you covered with 50 Late Night Date Ideas that are so much better than just a movie.

If you are at home during your date you might also like to mix and match with our at home date night ideas.

50 Late Night Date Ideas Other than a Movie


Late at night when the kiddos are in bed, as a couple you are often looking for something romantic to do.

Here are 50 of our favourite Late Night Date Ideas (that aren’t just a movie – you could have thought of that yourself) 

1. Finger Foods

Prepare some hand-held finger foods like fries and spruced-up cheese spread.

Have fun as you prepare them together.

Eat them with LOTS of ketchup and make funny faces at each other. 

This is one of our favourite late night date ideas as it’s just so easy!

2. A Year in Review

Take time to go through the events that have marked your year as a couple. Look at these events from your partner’s point of view; you will be surprised at what you will learn.

Take time to laugh at some events which might have been intense then but hilarious now.

A date that is super simple and easy to do snuggled up on the coach, late at night.

3. Write How You Fell in Love

Write a story of how you met and fell in love with your partner and have them read them it aloud.

Get them to hear all the things you want them to hear – your love for them, your fears for the future – but make it fun.

The essence of date night is to have fun, therefore, avoid extreme circumstances that might change the atmosphere from a romantic one.

This date can take as little as an hour so it is perfect to do late at night when you don’t have much time for outlandish dates.

3. Have a book reading session

Decide on a book that you both love and haven’t read.

Read aloud the parts you find interesting. Then discuss the characters as you perceive them later on.

Act like you are the author and make different scenarios from the ones the author has created.

5. Play Newlywed Games

Pretend you are newlyweds and recreate your wedding night.

Dress up as you were on that night, make some improvements on the things that did not go well then.

These games will help rekindle the feelings that you had on the night of your wedding.

6. Make Ice Cream Together

Invest in an ice cream maker, then buy all the ingredients and make ice cream.

The best part is you don’t have to pay extra for any extra nuts or worry about second servings.

Perfect for a late night date for a sneaky midnight snack!

7. Star Gazing

Star gazing is the perfect late night date idea as it is when the sky is most untouched from city lights.

Star gazing is a perfect winter date idea as winter is when the sky is the most clear as there is no moisture to obscure the view.

Dress warmly, and when the cold gets too much, get inside and have some hot cocoa.

8. Act Like Kids

Your kids are all curled up in bed? Okay, now is your time to shine and be the big kids you are inside.

Do you remember playing hide and seek when you were younger? Especially how much fun it was to avoid detection from your parents.

Play hide and seek and other fun kiddy games together.

After all, late nights make us all go a little wacky!

9. Make Some Popcorn

Get comfortable in your sitting room, and pop some popcorns.

Enjoy adding different flavours while popping them. Then sit back and watch your favourite YouTube videos.

A simple and easy late night date idea!

10. Living Room Camp Out

Get rid of the living room furniture and put the tent up.

Make a beautiful campsite and enjoy having some wine or beers as you tell each other stories that you grew up listening to from your grandparents.

Or recall a story that impacted you as you grew up.

11. Personality test

How well do you know your partner?

Well, take a personality test together, ask each other questions regarding your personality.

Put a rewarding system in place where, for every correct answer, a person gets something.

The reward can be a kiss, a massage, or something similar. If you do not get the right answer, you should pay up with something that you both agree on, like taking out out the next trash.

12. Get a Video Game

Rent some video games and play.

Get something that you have never played before, follow instructions together, and see who will miss first.

The idea is to have some fun while spending quality time together.

Get the games you played as kids and refresh your memory while playing them. Take the role of the video game characters for the night and act their parts.

13. Build a Fire

Get yourself cosy with your partner in the living room with a roaring fire at the fireplace.

Make some hot chocolate and enjoy each other’s company. You can do this during winter or when it is raining.

Give your partner a foot massage as you listen to them recounting how their day was. Such moments will give you an insight into your partner’s mental status and help you understand how to relate well with them.

14. Blind Taste Testing

It is so fun to try new things together so a blind taste testing is one of my favourite late night date ideas.

Get some yummy food and some disgusting food and let the fun begin!

15. Read a Novel Aloud

Audiobooks have made reading a lot easier, but how much more would you enjoy the same book when read by that special someone in your life. Marvellous …right!

Take a seat on your favourite love seat and listen to the melodious voice of your love as s/he reads from your favourite author.

16. Toast some marshmellows on the fire

Toast some marshmallows on the fireplace and eat them while hot.

Better yet, get a marshmallow gun and let the hunting begin. Play a game where you use the marshmallow gun to shoot marshmallows on your partner. Hilarious and super fun as a late night date idea.

17. Take a Bubble Bath Together

Get a really nice smelling bath bomb and have a bubble bath together.

Better yet, have a champagne and bubble bath. There is nothing more relaxing than a late night champagne bubble bath.

18. Create a Couples Bucket List

How many people have created a couples bucket list and followed it through with it?

Sometimes we lack guts or motivation to carry out whatever is on our bucket list.

So, make a couples bucket list with your partner and motivate each other to carry out the tasks on the list. 

A couples bucket list is one of our favourite late night date ideas as late night is when the creative juices get flowing. Add some alcohol if you need a bit of encouragement.

19. Chocolate Tasting Party for 2

Invite your partner to a chocolate tasting party for two.

Buy all types of chocolates from different outlets and have a fantastic time nibbling on them. 

Get a piece of paper and rank the chocolate from best to worst. Compare notes.

20. Watch a Sports Game Together

Make a date of watching some late night sport together.

What kind of sport is your loved one interested in? Agree to have a late night date for him or her and relax and watch the game.

Buy some beer or have that wine you’ve been saving.

Take some time and learn the basics of your partner’s sport if you are not a fan. Your effort in learning will show your partner how much you care, which in turn will strengthen your bond.

21. Play A Game of “Would you Rather.”

In this game, you ask each other questions – would you rather this or that? For example, would you rather an apple or an orange? Take turns at asking the questions.

Ask the most outrageous question you can think of and don’t get annoyed by the answers you get.

Have fun while you are spending quality time together.

 Get to know your partner on a deeper level – learn about their fears, worries, and what would bring contentment and add value to their life.

22. Do a Puzzle together

Get some crossword puzzles and do them together. It is a great stress free night night activity.

Try to work together in getting the answers; if the answers are not satisfactory, redo the whole crossword puzzle. Make a competition to see who gets the most correct words.

23. Have a Candlelight Take out

Buy some take out and convert your house into a romantic place with strategically placed candles.

Take time to dress up, then sit at the table and enjoy the romantic ambience created by the candlelight.

One of the most romantic late night date ideas.

24. Play Cards or Board Games

Playing a card game is one of the easiest ways to spend time indoors and have some fun with your loved one.

Make sure you know the rules governing the game, know which rules you can break and get away with. See if your partner notices. Everyone loves a bit of cheekiness. 

Place some bets on who will win the game and what the reward will be for the winner.

We love this card game for couples: Fun & Romantic Card Game for Couples.

25. Make dinner or dessert together

Get a recipe online, or take out one that has been passed along from your parents. Prepare the ingredients together, and then cook the meal together.

Compare the end-result to what you expected it to be and if you made it correctly, kudos! If not, there is always another time.

Eat what is edible in case your meal doesn’t meet your expectations. 

As dinner is probably over, this is really just a late night snack.

26. Ask Each Other Questions

How well do you know your loved one, is there something you don’t know about them?

Make a list and ask each other questions to get to know each other a little deeper.

Play a game of a question for a question. 

27. Get out the photo albums

Take a walk down memory lane by getting your photo albums out.

Go through the pictures discussing the events leading to the image as you remember them.

Make fun of your partners less than alluring pictures. Review what you have gone through since the time the photos were taken.

28. Watch the city lights

Drive somewhere, like a hill where you have an amazing view of the city lights.

Bring some champagne or a drink of choice for some extra ambience.


Watching the city lights is a very romantic late night date!

29. Learn a new dance

Find a new dance style on youtube and try to give the moves a go around your living room.

Compete with each other to see who would make the best performer in a musical.

30. Have a late night Travel Inspired Dinner

Make a dinner based on travel themes; you can have dinner based on France, Spain, Italy (even a Lake Como villa party!) or any other place that caught your fancy.

If travel doesn’t take your fancy, you could choose an era in history instead. Dress the way people in that era did and prepare a meal based on that.

31. Play Twister

Play twister in your living room.

You can play without covering your eyes and follow the rules of the game to a point.

The idea is for you to have fun as you spend time together, which in turn strengthens your bond as a couple.

32. Play a Love Match Game

Think about people you each know or alternatively characters in different movies and see if you can pair personalities together.

For example would Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl be a good match for Noah from the Notebook? Why or why not?

When you disagree, give your reasons as to why they are not compatible.

33. Set A Home Spa Date

Late at night is absolutely perfect for an at home spa date.

Put up a massage table or get some facial masks to try.

You can even give each other a mini-pedicure as you relax.

Note: Robes are essential for a late night spa date

34. Turn Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Hotel Room

Remember the last vacation you took together as a couple, how was the hotel room?

You can recreate the same room in your bedroom and surprise your partner, especially if they are having a hard time at work.

Make your home a place they will long to be at and decompress.

35. Work out at a 24 Hour Gym

If you are a couple who loves fitness, you might like to hit up a 24 hour gym for a late night work out session together.

36. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a fun way to spend the night together, especially if it’s on the weekend and you don’t have to be at work the following day.

There is a catch, if don’t want to disturb your neighbours and kids this date might be out late at night.

37. Decorate Mugs for Each Other

Buy some oil-based paint pens, cotton balls and the mugs you want to paint.

Gather all the materials needed, and then make a design that best suits your partner, you can even have a cheeky message that only him/her will understand.

38. Break a Guinness Record

Get the Guinness world book and try to break the records set there.

Remember to have maximum fun as you try to outdo the people who set the record. Even if you don’t break the record, the most important thing is that you tried, right?!

39. Throw a Vinyl Listening Party for Two

If you love all things old school, a vinyl record listening party is a ideal late night date idea.

40. Listen To a Radio Station

With the emergence of youtube and other social amenities available, we can lack time to listen to a good radio station.

Night late has some good talk back radio too!

41. Read Poetry Together

Take a poetry book, and recite the poems to your partner.

Let the words speak to them, in a way that you usually wouldn’t do. Take time in learning the verses and their deeper meaning. Try to understand what the poet wanted to say in their poems.

42. Go for a spooky walk

Late at night is the perfect time for a spooky neighbourhood walk.

Everyone will likely be in bed so you will have the whole place to yourself ad lets just say, it can get a little freaky.

43. Go to a late night cafe

Starbucks and other cafes are often open until midnight and would you believe this actually is a super popular time to visit?

Order a frappichino or something fatty and really make the most of it.


44. Watch A Late Night Comedy Show

Put your legs up, sit back, relax and have your limbs cracked by the best comedy show.

Laugh at the great jokes and come up with ways to improve on the flat jokes made on the show.

45. Go Clubbing

Clubbing of course is the ultimate late night date idea.

Get your best party dress out and really make a night of it

46. Make some Decorations

Anytime of year is good for making decorations but of course this is an absolutely perfect Christmas date idea.

There is always a reason to decorate – you can decorate the baby’s bedroom if you are expecting a newborn baby. You can also decorate your house by season for example fall decorations.

47. Re-organise Your House

Late at night when the kids are in bed may be the only time you get to re organise your home.

Change the sofa and other pieces of furniture to different places to see the effect they will have on the overall look of your home.

You might be surprised at how differently your home can look just by re-organising a few pieces of furniture. 

48. Talk About Your Dreams and Aspirations

Talking about your dreams and aspirations with your partner is beneficial as it can give you the encouragement you need to achieve them.

49. Make a Mcdonalds Run

You always know one things for certain, Mcdonalds will be open at night.

Late at night is always when you are feeling the most peckish so make at late night drive through run for a Mcflurry – Mmmm!

50. Talk About Your feelings

Talk about your passion, especially if your relationship is in a rut.

Communicate about what you expect from your partner and what you are getting. Open up in a way that it will help build your relationship to the next level.

Talking about your feelings is definitely something that is done best late at night.

Summary: Late Night Date Ideas

So there you have it, 50 of our favourite late night date ideas.

Which was your personal favourite? We’d love to know. Let us know in the comments below.

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