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List of TOTALLY Cute Couple Things to do for some serious #COUPLEGOALS

Think of this like a Couples bucket list of fun, romantic, and cute things to do for couples when you’re bored (or to avoid boredom).

Let’s kick it off with some things that you can really only do if there is two of you.

List of Cute Couple Things to do

To be in the cutest relationship ever you need to have fulfilled this list of totally cute couple things to do.

These include some simple tasks that can be crossed off right away and some more challenging couple activities.

With no further adieu here is our list of cute couple things to do for the ultimate #couplegoals.

1. Ride a tandum bike

Am I the only one who thinks tandum bikes are hilarious?!

They just seem so unnecessary. Yet at the same time, I’m intrigued.

Since this is something you can really only do as a two-some – we’re going to keep you eyes peeled for tandum biking opportunties on our travels around the world.

2. Boat Pose

Huh? You ask. How are we going to do that?!

According to FullLotus Yoga follow these instructions:

Sit facing your partner about three feet away. Touch your toes and forefeet to your partner’s, as shown at the top left.

Reach forward and grip your partner’s forearms, sync yourselves up and lift all four of your feet off the ground.

Raise your shins to be level for a half-boat, or point them upward for a full boat. Keep bringing your navels forward and upward, to stretch your hamstrings and protect your lower backs. 

And there you have it – a boat pose!


This is NOT what we mean by a boat pose

3. Slapjack

No, this doesn’t mean you get to rough up your little brother.

Slapjack is a simple, fun card game. The goal of the game is to win all of the cards in the deck by slapping down on the jacks in the deck as they are played.

Playing cards is a great way to spend time with a partner or to break the ice with someone new.

Or check out more fun games for couples.

4. Play Wimbledon

We’re talking tennis here. Sure, you can hit a ball back with a machine but it’s not the same.

Grab some whites, Wimbledon style, and hit the court looking hot to trot.

Make it proper English style by bringing some strawberries and cream for energy.

For refreshments make some Pimm’s / Gin and tonic with lots and lots of ice.

5. See Saw

This would be a pretty sore excuse for a list of cute couple things to do if it didn’t include some fun outdoor activities.

Go to a playground immediately and have fun on one of the few pieces of equipment that need two people.

Reminess with your crush about your first playground crush or like as a child.

Go on, go!

6. Talk

Yeah, talking to yourself is weird. Talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend is much better.

Try meaningful conversations couples should have…

You might like to go on an picnic while you talk.


7. Complete a Board Game

Remember when you were 8 years old and no one wanted to play a board game with you (surely it can’t be just me?)

Well now is your time to shine because you have a partner in crime to play with.

Make the most of it!

Tip: as much as you love Monopoly (it’s my favourite) it’s usually a really bad idea because 1 person ends up super wealthy and the other is super sad.

By the way, does anyone remember this old faithful board game?

If you are looking for a new game, these are our fav board games for couples.


8. Hug it out

Well, you can’t hug yourself can you?

Sometimes it’s nice just to lay in your partner’s arms and cuddle together without speaking.

Corny things to do


9. Knock knock jokes

Can’t do that by yourself can you?

If you’ve been waiting your whole life to find a partner to do knock knock jokes with then this is your chance my friend.

10. Roller Blading

Let’s be honest, roller blading solo is a little weird.

Celebrate your partnership by going roller skating together.

This seems like a cute couple thing to do if I ever heard of one.

11. Hi Five

Number 5 in the list and I bet you haven’t done any yet.

Go immediately to your partner and Hi-5 them and then keep moving.

12. Visit a Theme Park

Of course you can visit a theme park by yourself but it’s seriously more fun with a friend.

We absolute love visiting theme parks together, it is definitely one of our favourite things to do as a couple.

13. Play a trust exercise and take turns

I’ll bet you have played a game of trust back in your school days but have you tried it out with your partner?

It no doubt will be a whole barrel of laughs.

14. Fondue

Chocolate, cheese, chocolate and cheese. If it melts and tastes delicious, fondue it.

Grab some strawberries. Mmm Fondue!

These were some strawberries we ate in the Cameron Highlands. Best chocolate & cream dipped strawberries EVER!


15. Dirty Dancing Lift

Ballroom dancing is something best done in a couple.

Start off with some Salsa, more your way up to Tango and the Cha Cha, then try the Mambo.

When you’re ready – it’s time to put all the dance moves together and really impress everyone with the Dirty Dancing lift!

Better put a mat down before you attempt this one…

16. Eskimo Kiss

Kissing is something definetly more fun to do as a couple.

To do an Eskimo Kiss gently touch your noses together. Cute!

Check out more kisses here

17. Ghost

There is 0% chance you guessed what this item was from the title.

Ghost is a two player card game where you take turns saying 1 letter each while spelling a real word.

The trick is you don’t want to be the one to finish the world, otherwise you lose a point.

For more information about the rules check out Tim Urban from Wait But Why.

This is a super great way to pass the time while doing housework or driving on a roadtrip.

What’s a Great Two-Person Game?

17. Roadtrip

Speaking of roadtripping, that’s actually one our personal favourite things to do as a couple.

It’s fun getting out of town and hitting the open road together.

You get a perfect excuse to go overboard on the snacks,

Of course you’ll be spending hours together mindlessly mindfully driving.

Tips to make your road trip better:-
– prepare with some tunes for the road. You’ve got plenty of time to indulge your partner with your deep, refined taste in music (Paradise by the Dashboard Light anywone?).
– overdo it on the snack front. Hangry-ness is real, especially on a road trip.
– Bring lots of water too my hydro-homies
– Take lots of rest. Don’t drive if you’re too tired. Book a hotel!


18. Try a new hobby together

There is nothing that says #couplegoals more than trying a new hobby together.

It may be dancing, a sport, learning to cook a new recipe, maybe you want to learn a new language. 

Make some quality time for each other and watch your relationship blossom!

19. Candlelit Dinner, at home

Yes. Break open the “good” cutlery which never gets used and bring out the crystal.

Bake or buy, what’s for dinner doesn’t matter.

Here’s the key part – no phones, no sitting within sight of a television or any other distraction.

Oh, and red wine. LOTS of red wine.


20. DIY together

Completing a renovation together will leave you with a warm feeling of accomplishment.

You don’t need to own a home to get in on the action either.

Head down to a thrift shop and pick up an old chair and some material for a few bucks.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to upholster a chair.

Allow yourself to appreciate your strengths and weaknesses as a partnership.

One might be artistic. The other might be mechanical and good at fixing broken bits.

Who knows, this might become your perfect side-hustle together.

21. Fart

Yes, you aren’t really in a proper relationship until you’ve broken wind in front of your partner.

How many items have you crossed off this cute couples bucket list?

We’re 18 at the time of writing – and on the hunt for a tandum bicycle as we speak.


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