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30 Matching Bios for Couples For Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook!

Looking for great matching bios for couples? Great you have come to the right place!

You are a bit cute. I absolutely love the idea of couples having matching bios on facebook, tik tok, instagram, twitter, snapchat or virtually any other social media channels you can think of.

It’s cute and it’s kinda fun so why not?! It’s a super fun at home date night idea for couples when you are bored and are thinking hmmm…. what should we do together tonight.

So here’s some cool and unique matching bio ideas for couples (or maybe even best friends!). These are from songs and lyrics as well as pop culture, books and things we think are interesting with meaning.

30 Matching Bios for Couples (or maybe even best friends!)

1. Princess Bride 👸

As you…

…Wish 👸 (Princess Bride)

This iconic movie line transcends generations, has deep meaning for those seeking the “perfect kiss”, is the consummate matching bio for you and your matey!

Whether you two intend to live in the fire swamp, or a grand castle, the secret knot of your union cannot be broken. Neither pirates, nor egocentric Kings, nor the Life-Sucking Machine can keep you two apart.

It would be inconceivable that the two of you not end up together; like treading water with a feather! As for those nonbelievers, you shall best them with strength, best them with steel, and out-think anyone who dares dispel the notion that This is True Love.

Matching Bios for Couples

2. Peanuts and Payday 💑

Boy, we go together like…

 …Peanuts and payday 💑 (Colbie Caillat)

There are some matches that seem inevitable, like peanut butter and chocolate, or Michael Jordan and basketball.

Sometimes you compliment one another, and other times, you are so similar that it works because you get each other, without having to think about it.

If one of you is “salty” and the other “sweet”, then the yin-yang makes the pairing so much more interesting and tolerable. Just remember that sometimes, it’s the magnetic impulses that push and pull you two, so remember to keep your good side up!

A cool matching couple bio.

3. You had me at hello 👋

Just shut up…

…You had me at ‘hello’ 👋 (Jerry Maguire)

Who wouldn’t want to feel “completed” by their love interest? With so few true connections in life, we wander the endless landscape, searching for that one person who can fill in the gaps of our aching hearts, with such ease, that we are convinced that they were made just for us.

False, online, and superficial relationships, have no bearing on this shock-wave of a feeling, which encompasses you both, and withstands the normal wear and tear of our relationships. This distinguished find is one in a million.

4. Gone with the wind 🤭

Frankly, my dear…

do give a damn! 🤭 (twist Gone with the Wind)

A twist on a class movie line, this matching bio for couples will make you smile, especially if your courtship has been long and arduous! In the above mentioned film, this line comes at the end of their long history, but the newly minted phrase gives renewed life to your relationship.

Ultimately, we choose who we love, and who we decide to spend our life with. This echo of the past may be the heart pinch that your loved one has been seeking.

5. Make My Day 😺  

Go ahead…

…Make my day! 😺 (“Dirty” Harry)

Okay, so this is a bit more masculine than the average bio match suggestion, but let’s face it, most people will laugh when they read it! It’s also way of twisting a negative line (since he’s about to seek vengeance on the poor schmuck he’s facing) into a positive line.

Seeing the person you love does make your day, and isn’t that what relationships are all about? Bringing out the best in our partner, and spending quality time with them, when we have the choice to spend it elsewhere.

6. Please phone home 📞


 …Phone home 📞 (E.T.)

There’s likely nothing better than feeling “at home” with someone. The person with whom you can just be yourself without that deep down fear of becoming unwanted.

We all have a public self, and a private self. It’s a rare few who see all parts of us, and like us anyway. Home is that place where you are always welcome with open arms.

Whether you are terrestrial, or extra-terrestrial, it feels good to hang your hat, take off your boots, and just relax with that special person. And possibly, some Reece’s Pieces.

Personally, I think this is one of the best matching bios for couples, but maybe I’m just a nerd!

bio ideas for couples

7. The luckiest man on earth Matching Couple Bios  🥰     

Today, I consider myself…

 …The luckiest man on the face of the Earth 🥰 (The Pride of the Yankees)

In the face of 21st Century relationships, it can be nearly impossible to find the person who wants to hold onto you forever. With the ease of swiping right, and finding a thousand people in a single night, it takes an earnest person to set aside all others, and focus on a single soul.

When you’re together, you both should feel like the luckiest person on the planet, and do what most people in this day and age are unwilling to do- fight to save your relationship.

8. Young Frankenstein 🧟


 …Abby, normal. 🧟 (Young Frankenstein)

Who the heck wants to be “normal” anyway? We are drawn to people because they’re similar to us. And why shouldn’t they be?

If we accept ourselves the way we are, then we should realize that we’re amazing. And if we’re amazing, then we deserve to be with someone else who is amazing, even if that means we both love dancing disco in our underwear, and playing Dungeons and Dragons Cosplay at the park on Saturdays.

Love does not fit into a syllabus. You can’t plot point how it is going to come, or fan out. Embrace abby-normalcy!

9. James Bond Couple 🍸          

A martini… 

 ….Shaken, not stirred. 🍸 (James Bond)

Who doesn’t love the idea of a super snazzy, British, I know more than you realize, but I’m keeping it on the down-low, spy-type life? Cool gadgets, code names, and exotic locations come to mind.

A partner with such qualities would certainly up the expectation quotient, but if that doesn’t phase you, you’re in good hands. This lifestyle is about glamour, class, high-end living, and as such, requires smooth talking, top of the line attire, and an attitude to fit.

Let’s just say this is the top “1%” of relationships. Sharing your secrets just got a bit more dangerous.

10. Beatles Couple 👋


…Jude 👋 (The Beatles)

Neither of your names may be Jude, but you’re certainly familiar with the long loved, poetic feeling of the famous song.

A piece of music which belies the theme “You’re going to be okay”. In this day and age, we want to have someone to lean on.Someone who will weather the good, and bad times with us.

For this person is the first one you want to tell both the good, and bad to, in life. Rejoice in having found someone who possesses these qualities, for, they are not as easily found by most.

11. Had the time of my life 😍

Now I’ve had the time of my life…

 ….No, I never felt like this before. 😍 (Dirty Dancing)

This is the perfect matching bio for a couple who simple gets a kick out of one another! On the one hand, dancing is scientifically proven to inject feelings of closeness to another person.

And on the other, this line emulates that you’re feeling something for the first time. True love, maybe? When you find that person who wakes up your soul, you know you’ve found someone special, and everything about your life, will only get better.

12. Nothing but you 💃       

Nothing I can see but you…

…When you dance, dance, dance. 💃 (Justin Timberlake)

Isn’t it incredible when someone looks at you, and your heart feels like it’s going to burst right out of your chest? (But in a good way, not in an Alien way.)

Those endorphins kick in with very few people over our lifetime. No one really understands why we can pass by a thousand people, and feel nothing, or only lukewarm vibes, but then suddenly, ZAP! That’s the magic; formula “unknown”.

We can’t put our finger on it. We can’t package it up and sell it. We can only be in it, with that person.

13. You are my fire 🔥        

You are my fire….

 …The one desire. 🔥 (Backstreet Boys)

            Some people just feel comfortable to us, while others, just annoy us. But on rare occasions (depending on who you are), you meet someone who lights that critical ‘fire’ in your body, and mind. It’s not just a physical chemistry, but a soul chemistry. Once you meet them, no one else quite good enough anymore. This person does it for you, without even trying, and you find your attention to be laser focused on them.

14. Take my hand 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Take my hand…

 …Take my whole life too. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 (Elvis Presley)

When the King of rock ‘n roll takes it down a notch, slows his hip action, kicks off his blue suede shoes, and says, “take my whole life”, we’re gonna take note.

The velvety voice of this superstar, takes romance to a whole new level, and if your partner can find it within themselves to hand their heart over to you, then you’ve got somethin’ better than a peanut butter and banana sandwich. You’ve got the real thing. Uh-huh.

15. Couple on the Edge

I’m on the edge…

…With you. (Lady Gaga)

The phrase, on the edge could translate into a few different things, but let’s take the high note, and assume it means “the edge of love”. Aw, that’s so sweet! You’re falling for someone. It’s at the honeymoon stage, so there’s an abundance of the “feel good” hormones, courses through your bodies.

You can’t wait to see them. You miss them as soon as you hang up the phone. It’s kind of like embodying the final birthday cake scene of the film, Sixteen Candles!


16. Home is where my love lies 🏠

Home, where my love lies waitin’…

…Silently for me 🏠 (Simon & Garfunkel)

Anyone who grew up listening to the magical harmonies of this duo, can appreciate the sentiment of two touring men, aching to be home with their loved one.

A perfect matching bio line for master traveling salespersons, or bi-coastal residents. When home looks like a better place to be than paradise, then you’ve truly reached the gold record status.

17. You’ve reached perfection 😍       

Have no fear of perfection…

 …you’ve already reached it. 😍 (twist Salvador Dali)

A twist on the popular saying, that perfection is out of reach. Only a true love would tell you that you are perfect, and that’s reason enough to love them back!

No one is without flaws, but the right partner for you will decide that your flaws make you who you are, and they are a part of what they love about you. The goal isn’t perfection, anyway. It’s being the person who makes your partner feel perfect.

18. It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved     

Tis better to have loved and lost…

 …Than to have never loved at all. (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

A heartbreaking idea if you’re looking at the end of a relationship, but if you’re at the beginning, or middle, this sentiment has much meaning.

When we look at this world, it can appear cold sometimes, and it might be tempting to avoid the pitfalls of a relationship. It might be wise to keep your feelings in check, and build a wall around your heart. But in the long run, many would say that, while it is rarely easy, love will always be worth it in the end.

19 . Couples who go through hell together stay together 

If you’re going through hell…

 …Keep going! (Winston Churchill)

Truer words were never spoken! But who better to go through hell with, than your partner in life? Going through the times of smooth sailing, is easy.

What distinguishes the keeper from the toss back, is commitment. If they’re there with you through stormy weather, you’ve got a good person in your life. The right person will guide you through the choppy waters, give you a life vest, and help you to find the safety of a lighthouse. Why would you waste your precious time with anyone else?

20. When life gives you lemons couple reference 🍋

When life gives you lemons…

….Make lemonade. 🍋 (Elbert Hubbard)

Nothing makes a relationship bond stronger, than going through adversity together, and coming out the other side, with a stronger connection.

A great way to work through some of it, is with humor. Laughter can make some bad moments, better. It can help you to see what’s actually happening, rather than your perception of the way things are. Take what life gives you, grab the granulated sugar, and mix up a refreshing batch of deal with it.

21. Forest Gump Couple       

Life is like a box of chocolates…

…You never know what you’re gonna get. (Forrest Gump)

Like the unforgettable Forrest was prone to do, he went with the flow. He didn’t know what life was going to offer, but he never complained.

He took the caramel milk chocolate, even when he wanted the dark chocolate with almonds. In fact, if you look back carefully, that was the reason his life was so colorful and meaningful.

He didn’t exactly get what he wanted, but he took it as it came. Let’s all be a bit more like Forrest, especially when we’re searching for that perfect match.

22. A shared choice to be happy       

If you want to be happy…

…Be. (Leo Tolstoy)

What a simple way to look at the human condition. We choose our emotions, thus, we have the option to be happy. Despite circumstance, despite what’s happening in the world, we are the most complex creature on the planet, and our ability to foster joy in the face of anything else, is what makes us phenomenal beings.

This is frequently directly related to those we choose to spend time with. If we surround ourselves with positive people, who face their issues, and continue on, then we’re hanging around the right people. Hopefully, that includes your special mate.

23. Stephen Hawking fans

Life would be tragic…

…If it weren’t funny. (Stephen Hawking)

I think we can all trust that Mr. Hawking knows a thing or two about tragedy, yet, he was still one of the most viable, and humorous people on the planet. And yes, some love stories are made in heaven, while others seem forged in hell. Some are easy and pleasant, while others are battered with a seemingly endless barrage of roadblocks.

But whichever way your love story unfolds, magic can always be found within the bounds of love. And while you may want to cry, and thrust your fist to the sky, the ultimate option for survival, is to laugh. Pain is defeated by humor. That is its’ kryponite.

24. Can you hear me

Can you hear me…

…Now? (Verizon spokesman)

More a nod to an era, this phone company catch phrase was as common in everyday speech as, “Hello” for a couple of years. But the deeper message is that of communication.

There’s hearing, and then there’s listening. Can you hear me, was a play on words, about literally being able to hear someone. But the better question is, are you listening?

A romance takes work, and the core of that work is communication, based on respect. A couple who uses this motto is showing that they care about the other person in the relationship. Well, that, and they have a good sense of humor.

25. We’re worth it        


…I’m (or we’re) worth it. (twist on L’Oreal Paris)

This slogan is a twist on the original, which goes, “Because, you’re worth it”, which could be used by a couple, but might come off as the latter person saying that they’re such a good catch, you should feel lucky.

But the twist comes off as the person feeling like they’re being told they valuable, and confirming that both of them feel the same way. It’s actually a clever way to say it to each other, and live in the knowledge that you have a person that matters.

One of the best couple bio ideas if you ask me.

26. Reach out and Touch someone 🔥      

Reach out and…

 …Touch someone. 🔥 (AT&T jingle)

Whoa Nelly! Is it you, or is it gettin’ hot in here? This long ago born jingle has made more than one mind spin, over the years. We’ve laughed about it.

We’ve wiggled our eyebrows at the hottie next to us. This is a couple’s motto that screams Action! While the flames of desire may dim for most couples, there are a few who hold onto that lovin’ feeling for the duration. If that describes you two, give this one a try, and keep on sizzling!

27. All of me loves all of you ❤️      

All of me…

 …Loves all of you ❤️ (John Legend)

Is there any lovelier sentiment, than someone who says that they love all of you? Likely not. Which makes this matching bio perfect for the couple who is in it for the long-haul.

This motto describes the pair who would walk through fire, forsake all other temptations, and stand by one another regardless of circumstance. A mind, body, and soul connection that cannot be broken by mortal means.

This is the type of relationship we hear about in the news. The couple that, by the end of their lives, was together for seventy years. Be that, you?

28.  A twist on Hallmark        

When you care enough…

…To be the very best. (twist on Hallmark)

Yet, another twist! What!? For those who remember the original Hallmark motto of the famous greeting card company, the real word used was “send”, rather than “be”. But what an idea, to be the very best, for the one you love!

You should be your best for your life partner, just as they should be for you as well. That’s not to say that you conform to what your partner wants you to be, it’s that they bring out the best person in you.

The best listener, the best parent, the best income earner. Whatever it is that’s important to you both. Because they’re in  your life, you want to be the best you, that you can be.

29. Quoted from a True Fairytale Matching Couple Bio  🧚     

Life itself…

…Is the most wonderful fairy tale. 🧚 (Hans Christian Andersen)

For those who love a good fairy tale, and happily ever after, this is an ideal matching bio for you. If we truly held the believe that, only in books, can you find your dream match, then what a sad world it would be.

While we may not avoid problem in real life, the true fairy tale is being with the person who strives to make you happy, who goes through the hardships of life with you, who knows the true you, and is committed to you. What else could a real life fairy tale be?

30. Reality is Better than Your Dreams ❤️       

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep…

 …Because reality is finally better than your dreams. ❤️ (Dr. Seuss)

If love is real, then you make a deal. Better in life than dreams, from your heart, love beams. Well, it’s no Dr. Seuss, but still…any couple who feels that reality is better than dreams, must be in the right place.

So, whether you’re Sam-I-Am, or simply, Aunt Annie, the excitement anew, is simply uncanny. Open your eyes, and live in the sun, for what you have dreamed, has finally, become!


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