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100 + Paris Quotes for Inspiring Instagram Captions

There is no denying that Paris is an amazing city to visit as, amoung other things, there are so many romantic Paris spots! Here are 100+  Paris quotes to (hopefully) inspire you to visit Paris or if you have already been use as awesome Instagram captions!

Before posting your beautiful shot you might also like to check out our Paris hashtags for killer Instagram reach!

100+ Paris Quotes for inspiring instagram captions

Paris Instagram captions

Paris is on of our favourite cities because it is just so pretty!

In some cities, it is difficult to get the perfect Instagram shot but this is not difficult in Paris.

Once you have the shots you wish to share, here are our favourite Paris instagram captions:

“If you’re going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris.” – Gossip Girl

“Paris, je t’aime.”

 “There is no cure for Paris.”

“This view never gets old.”

“Keep calm and love Paris.”

“Eiffel in love with this city at first sight.”

“If you’re going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris.” – Gossip Girl

“Paris, je t’aime.”

“There is no cure for Paris.”

“This view never gets old.”

“Keep calm and love Paris.”

“Eiffel in love with this city at first sight.”

“Pardon my French.”

“The City of Love has my heart.”

“Paris, I louvre you”

“Excuse my French, but I’m in France.”

“A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day in anywhere else.”

“Looking forward to the memories of right now.”

“The bewildering beauty of Paris…” — Allen Ginsberg

“How can you complain in a place like Paris?”

“Let’s go to Paris/Take me there and never look back” – Lana Del Rey

“La vie est belle”

“Let’s take a picture, it will last longer.”

“Paris is a city that entrances us all.”

“Eiffel hard for this city.”

“Paris exists to remind you that your dreams are real.”

Sorry for what I said when I wasn’t eating a crêpe by the Eiffel Tower.”

“A dream: a well-fit flat in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.”

“Take me back to Paris.”

“Paris is not just a city for lovers, but a city to fall in love with.”

“Paris is calling and I must go.”

“Paris is a city of dreams.”

“Meet you at the Eiffel Tower.”

Paris Travel Quotes

We run a travel Instagram. If you want to keep your paris quotes travel focused then these are some good paris travel quotes to use:

“Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.” -Honoré de Balzac

“You never forget your first trip to Paris.”

“Secrets travel fast in Paris”. -Napoleon Bonaparte

“Every traveler knows too well the endless quest for the perfect travel bag: the one that’s stylish enough to carry through Paris, sturdy enough to tote around Peru, and – most important – doesn’t make your shoulder sag even before you’ve loaded it up with everything you need for a day of sightseeing.” – Hanya Yanagihara

“I’d sometimes go to Paris by myself – it was an easy two-hour train ride – to get a break from the everyday grind, to walk around a big city, ride a subway, feel the energy of a world capital.” – Chris Pavone

“Coming [to Paris] has been a wonderful experience, surprising in many respects, one of them being to find how much of an American I am.” -Augustus Saint-Gaudens

“Paris… is a world meant for the walker alone, for only the pace of strolling can take in all the rich (if muted) detail.” -Edmund White

Eiffel Tower Quotes

The Eiffel tower is one of the most iconic symbols of Paris. If you have taken a photo with the iron lady you might like to use one of these quotes:

“I like the Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.” – Natalie Lloyd

“The Eiffel Tower was once thought impossible to build.” – Hector Jesus Arencibia

“Every time I look at the Eiffel Tower, it completely blows my mind.” – Brian Fallon

“The Eiffel Tower is nine hundred eighty-four feet high. On a clear day, you can see eighty-five miles from the top. It has three elevators. Each elevator can carry sixty-three people. It cost about one million dollars to build Eiffel Tower.” – Suzy Kline

“You show up in Paris, and on the drive from the airport to the hotel you’re like, ‘This is so cool! I want to see something! I want to go to the Eiffel Tower!’ And then you leave the next morning. You think, Oh, I didn’t get to do anything. I tell people: I’ve been just about everywhere, but I’ve seen nothing.” – Taylor Lautner

“The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower. They’re monumental. They’re straight out of Page 52 in your school history book.” – Billy Crystal

“Although the French were very friendly and helpful. On one location we were to film at the top of the Eiffel Tower but we couldn’t, as it was so misty with four inches of snow on the ground. We couldn’t see a thing but we finally got it done.” – Lalla Ward

Louvre Paris Quotes

The louvre is such an iconic spot in Paris. The beauty of the Louvre is that they are so many great angles to photograph! Here are some of our favourite Louvre quotes:

“You should definitely visit the Louvre, a world-famous art museum where you can view, at close range, the backs of thousands of other tourists trying to see the Mona Lisa.” – Dave Barry

“The Louvre is the book in which we learn to read. We must not, however, be satisfied with retaining the beautiful formulas of our illustrious predecessors. Let us go forth to study beautiful nature, let us try to free our mids from them, let us strive to express ourselves according to our personal temperaments. Time and reflection, moreover, little by little modify our vision, and at last comprehension comes to us.” – Paul Cezanne

“I went to the Louvre in Paris, and I saw all the paintings and the Mona Lisa. You don’t really see something like that every day. I was looking at it, and everything else in the room just shut out. Like, Leonardo Da Vinci painted this thing – this is unreal that he touched that. It had this crazy effect on me.” – Brian Fallon

“The Louvre is a morgue; you go there to identify your friends.” – Jean Cocteau

“The Louvre for me is a wonderful experience. Because it continues; it didn’t get cut off. It was actually a continuous involvement all the way, and a lot of people have come and gone, come and gone; but I’m still here.” – I.M. Pei

“There is no reason why the Louvre should be your favourite gallery just because it has the grandest collections in France, any more than Kew should necessarily be a favourite garden because it has the largest assemblage of plants, or Tesco your chosen shop because it has the widest variety of canned beans.” – Jim Crace

“I know my little ‘dirty drawings’ are never going to hang in the main salons of the Louvre, but it would be nice if – I would like to say ‘when,’ but I better say ‘if’ – our world learns to accept all the different ways of loving. Then maybe I could have a place in one of the smaller side rooms.” – Tom of Finland

“I remember being a student, and I would go every Friday to the Louvre and stay for ages, just walking around.” – Jemima West

“It took me twenty years to discover painting: twenty years looking at nature, and above all, going to the Louvre.” – Pierre-Augustine Renoir

“Someday my paintings will be hanging in the Louvre. [Vincent Van Gogh]” – Irvin Stone

“The Louvre! The Louvre has me in its clutches. Every time I’m there rich blessings rain down upon me. I am coming to understand Titian more and more and learning to love him. And then there is Botticelli’s sweet Madonna, with red roses behind her, standing against a blue-green sky. And Fiesole with his poignant little biblical stories, so simply told, often so glorious in their colors.” – Paula Modersohn-Becker

“The Louvre is a good book to consult, but it must only be an intermediary. The real and immense study that must be taken up is the manifold picture of nature.” – Paul Cezanne

“I’ve been fortunate to have been in Paris a dozen times, where I’ve gone to the Louvre. I’m very big on Impressionistic paintings.” – Shawn Crahan

“What I am trying to say is that it is not without any value. The value of copies is that they can direct us towards the original. I was recently at the Louvre Museum and I was filming people who were viewing the Mona Lisa. I noticed the number of ordinary people, astonished, mouths agape, standing still for long stretches looking at the work, and I wondered, “Where does this come from? Are these people all art connoisseurs?” They are like me; through the years, we’ve seen this work in our schoolbooks or art history books, but when we stand before the original, we hold our breath.” – Abbas Kiarostami

“I’ve been lucky enough to win an Oscar, write a best-seller – my other dream would be to have a painting in the Louvre. The only way that’s going to happen is if I paint a dirty one on the wall of the gentlemen’s lavatory.” – David Niven

Notre Dame Cathedral Quotes

Notre Dame Cathedral is so loved the world mourned as it burnt on fire. Here are our favourite quotes about the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris:

“You don’t go to Notre Dame to learn something; you go to Notre Dame to be somebody.” – Lou Holtz

“After Notre Dame, what is there?” – Ara Parseghisan

“Walking at random through the streets, we came by chance upon the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I shall long remember my first impression of the scene within. The lofty gothic ceiling arched far above my head and through the stained windows the light came but dimly – it was all still, solemn and religious.” – Bayard Taylor

“God has a plan for everybody’s life, so there was obviously a reason why He wanted me to go to Notre Dame. Everything happens for a reason.” – Justin Tuck

“Notre Dame and Sydney – that was nothing. Notre Dame doesn’t have a police station; it is not 1,000 or so feet high. It was a public structure, very easy to access. And Sydney Harbour Bridge was half-and-half: a bridge, in the middle of the night. The World Trade Center was the end of the world. Electronic devices, police dogs.” – Philippe Petit

“Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.” – R.I. Stevenson


Paris quotes from Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is a Paris icon. If you would like to use one of her quotes, we have selected a few to use:

“Paris is always a good idea.”

“La Vie En Rose. It is the French way of saying, ‘I am looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses.”

Funny Paris Quotes

Here are some favourite funny Paris quotes:

 “Just add three letters to Paris, and you have Paradise.” – Jules Renard

“The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee.” —Regis Philbin

“France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes.” — Mark Twain

“Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.” —Norman Schwartzkopf

“The last time the French asked for ‘more proof,’ it came marching into Paris under a German flag.” —David Letterman

“The French are a smallish, monkey-looking bunch and not dressed any better, on average, than the citizens of Baltimore. True, you can sit outside in Paris and drink little cups of coffee, but why this is more stylish than sitting inside and drinking large glasses of whiskey I don’t know.” —P.J O’Rourke (1989)

“We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it.” —Marge Simpson

Even the pigeons are dancing, kissing, going in circles, mounting each other. Paris is the city of love, even for the birds. -Samantha Schutz


Famous Paris Quotes

If you would like a famous Paris quote, these are some of the very best:

“When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” – Oscar Wilde

“London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” -Ernest Hemingway

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast. -Ernest Hemingway

“Paris is the only city where you can step out of a railway station —and see, the Seine with its bridges and bookstalls, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Tuileries Gardens, the Place de la Concorde, the beginning of the Champs Elysees—what other city offers as much as you leave a train?“ – Margaret Anderson

“Paris is the city in which one loves to live. Sometimes I think this is because it is the only city in the world where you can step out of a railway station—the Gare D’Orsay—and see, simultaneously, the chief enchantments: the Seine with its bridges and bookstalls, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Tuileries Gardens, the Place de la Concorde, the beginning of the Champs Elysees—nearly everything except the Luxembourg Gardens and the Palais Royal. But what other city offers as much as you leave a train?” – Margaret Anderson

“Lunch kills half of Paris, supper the other half.” -Charles de Montesquieu

“I like Frenchmen very much, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely.” – Josephine Baker


“An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

“Breathe Paris in, it nourishes the soul.” – Victor Hugo

“Paris is a place in which we can forget ourselves, reinvent, expunge the dead weight of our past.” -Michael Simkins

“There is an atmosphere of spiritual effort here. No other city is quite like it. I wake early, often at 5 o’clock, and start writing at once.” -James Joyce

“There are only two places in the world where we can live happy : at home and in Paris.” – Ernest Hemingway

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.” – Thomas Jefferson

“People wonder why so many writers come to live in Paris. I’ve been living ten years in Paris and the answer seems simple to me: because it’s the best place to pick ideas. Just like Italy, Spain… or Iran are the best places to pick saffron. If you want to pick opium poppies you go to Burma or South-East Asia. And if you want to pick novel ideas, you go to Paris.” -Roman Payne

“Paris is not a city, it’s a world.” – King Francois I

“To study in Paris is to be born in Paris!” — Victor Hugo

“In Paris our lives are one masked ball.” – Gaston Leroux

A final reminder. Whenever you are in Paris at twilight in the early summer, return to the Seine and watch the evening sky close slowly on a last strand of daylight fading quietly, like a sigh. -Kate Simon


“In Paris, everybody wants to be an actor; nobody is content to be a spectator.” -Jean Cocteau

“The best of America drifts to Paris. The American in Paris is the best American.”— F Scott Fitzgerald

“It’s true, you never forget your first love, and, for me, that will always be Paris.” – Caitriona Belfe

“To be Parisian is not to have been born in Paris, but to be reborn.” – Sacha Guitry

“Paris is a place where, for me, just walking down a street that I’ve never been down before is like going to a movie or something. Just wandering the city is entertainment.” – Wes Anderson

“Lise: Paris has ways of making people forget. Jerry: Paris? No, not this city. It’s too real and too beautiful. It never lets you forget anything. It reaches in and opens you wide, and you stay that way.” -Leslie Caron as Lise and Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan in An American In Paris

“Paris is the greatest temple ever built to material joys and lust of the eyes.” – Henry James

“What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!” -Charles Dicken

“I had forgotten how gently time passes in Paris. As lively as the city is, there’s a stillness to it, a peace that lures in you. In Paris, with a glass of wine in your hand, you can just be.” – Kristin Hannah

“You stumble, and you soar. And, if you’re lucky, you make it to Paris for a while.” – Amy Howard

“It’s midnight. One half of Paris is making love to the other half. “ – Melvyn Douglas in Ninotchka

“It’s Paris. You don’t come here for the weather.” – Adrian Leeds

“Good talkers are only found in Paris.” -Francois Villon

Paris Quotes

“I think Paris smells not just sweet but melancholy and curious, sometimes sad but always enticing and seductive. She’s a city for the all senses, for artists and writers and musicians and dreamers, for fantasies, for long walks and wine and lovers and, yes, for mysteries.” – M.J. Rose

The best of America drifts to Paris. The American in Paris is the best American. It is more fun for an intelligent person to live in an intelligent country. France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older – intelligence and good manners. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

“America is my country and Paris is my hometown. “ – Gertrude Stein, the American writer, known for her innovative literary style.

“Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history.” – Anne Rice

“For in Paris, whenever God puts a pretty woman there (the streets), the Devil, in reply, immediately puts a fool to keep her.” -Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly

“Unknown in Paris, I was lost in the great city, but the feeling of living there alone, taking care of myself without any aid, did not at all depress me. If sometimes I felt lonesome, my usual state of mind was one of calm and great moral satisfaction.” – Marie Curie

“I love Paris for the million reasons that everybody loves the city. It’s an incredibly romantic and beautiful place.” – Alan Furst

“Born and raised in Paris, I am deeply attached to my city; we almost have half a century of love story together, where I have been truly completely faithful! The most beautiful city in the world is my city, yeepeeee!” – Christian Louboutin

“I lived in Paris for four years, so I am obsessed with pastries. Croissants, pain au chocolat, cakes, macarons, all of that!” – Barbara Fialho

“Paris is the destination for brokenhearted American women. I think men go there and have their hearts broken, but women come there with their hearts broken.” – Whit Stillman

“In Paris, you’re as far as possible from the land of pleasant smiles.” – Kanye West

“Paris is the only city in the world where starving to death is still considered an art.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

“I am going to enjoy life in Paris I know. It is so human and there is something noble in the city… It is a real city, old and fine and life plays in it for everybody to see.” – Katherine Mansfield

What’s your favorite Paris Instagram Caption? If you’re on a eurovacation make sure to check out the lovely Brussels and capture your experience with our Belgium Instagram captions!


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