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30 Quick Date Ideas For Couples Who Are Low on Time!

Looking for the best quick date ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s hard to find time as a couple for date night. Especially if you have kids or other commitments to worry about. But making time for each other is very important if you want to keep the spark alive and keep your relationship or marriage strong.

A fast date is better than no date after-all. So if you want some speedy but not boring date ideas keep reading – the 30 best short date ideas here:

30 Quick Date Ideas For Couples Who Are Low on Time.

Grab Some Coffee

A coffee date is perfect for caffeine-loving couples. This date idea doesn’t require special planning; you can spend time with your date even if you have just 15 minutes of free time. Restaurants can have long wait times and will most likely take too much of your time.

Coffee doesn’t usually take more than 5-10 minutes to serve. Just stop by your local coffee shop or a nearby Starbucks and get your favorite drinks to go!

Or, if you have a minute to spare, sit down and stay a while. As you sit and drink your hot or iced beverages, you’re not only taking time to de-stress but also to enjoy quality time as a couple. You can make every moment count, even with a busy schedule.


Watch Funny Videos

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Don’t most couples watch movies on dates?” That is true, but it’s not a great way to spend your date night if you’re a busy bee.

There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie or streaming one from the comfort of your home. However, couples needing quality time on tight schedules might not have that luxury. Movies can be lengthy, and most are over two hours long.

If you’re in a time crunch, consider short videos on YouTube or TikTok. Cuddle up on the couch or in bed, and share a good laugh over funny videos. Watching things that make you both laugh can not only improve your mood but your relationship as well.

Celebrate The Season

Christmas presents a ton of opportunities for quick dates. If it is a date after dark, consider driving through a neighborhood and looking at Christmas lights together, or wake up early and take 30 minutes to check out a local Christmas market.

Even if it isn’t Christmas, that doesn’t stop you from participating in other seasonal activities. You can always find something to celebrate, whether spring, summer, fall, or winter! For example, having a bonfire is a summer and fall activity that doesn’t require much of your time.

Both of you can take a walk around the neighborhood to admire everyones’ gardens in the springtime. Or bake something festive for any season. Whatever season it is, you and your date can take advantage of many opportunities.

Impromptu Photo Shoot

This date is how it sounds. All you need for this one is a smartphone or any device with a camera. And a willing date, of course.

You can choose to make it super detailed or keep it simple. There are lots of options for this quick date, and it’s something you might not have thought of already. If you try it, you might discover a talent for photography or an eye for design.

It can be a fun bonding experience because you must get creative with your date. Another fun part is that there’s no way you aren’t able to make time for it. Pictures can be taken anywhere and anytime. Don’t have a camera? Check out our review of the Sony A7III .

Become Home Chefs

I know nobody likes doing dishes. Even if you are the odd one out who does, it’s usually more fun to cook than clean up. Because cooking can be entertaining, what better way to do it than with your date? There might be a recipe you’ve been dying to try or even something you make all the time.

Cooking with your date doesn’t have to be a lengthy activity, so it’s perfect for squeezing into tight schedules. Not only do you get a meal out of it, but you can put your relationship to the test! See if you work well together while making time for each other and eating good food. The perfect at home date idea.


Break Out The Board Games

Most people will have played some kind of game in their lives, and you probably have a favorite. Maybe it’s a card game like Uno or a board game like Monopoly.

You can easily bring board games to your next date night. No matter which game you pick, board games are perfect for couples wanting to connect with their inner child while minding the time.

Games are for everyone of all ages and don’t often take more than a couple of hours! Playing games with the ones you love not only creates happy memories but can also strengthen your trust in each other if you work well together.


Get Creative And Color

Coloring books aren’t just for kids! Adults and everyone in-between can enjoy how relaxing it is to color. If a relaxing date sounds like the way to go, this is right up your alley. After a stressful day, you might just need some downtime with your date.

I completely understand that feeling. So why don’t you take a breather by working on a coloring sheet together? It can be from a coloring book, something you printed out, or you might even try painting. This is a simple date idea, but it can help fill in when you don’t have much time on your hands. Color more, relax more.

Go For A Walk

Sometimes a walk is all you need. Taking your date out for a short walk is quick, easy, and allows bonding time. That is if you’re both an active type.

If you aren’t active, walks can still be enjoyable. You can do just about anything on a walk, such as spotting gorgeous houses in nearby neighborhoods. You can play games with your date or happily enjoy each other’s company.

It’s not hard to feel amazing when you’re out for a stroll, so take advantage of the early morning or late evening weather and get out there.


Have A Quick Picnic

Outdoorsy couples will love this one. Pack a quick lunch and go somewhere scenic, like a nearby park or lake. If there isn’t enough time to visit somewhere, you can use your porch, balcony, or backyard for picnicking.

Fresh air can boost your mood and help couples enjoy spending time together. If you don’t have time to make something for your picnic, you can hit a drive-thru and have a fast-food picnic.

The food is not the highlight of this date so much as the atmosphere. Who doesn’t like a change of scenery every once in a while?

Have A Spa Date

Everyone needs to be pampered every once in a while! So if you’re feeling a little under the weather or want to spice date night up, a spa day is just what you need.

It’s easy to do, and you don’t need too much free time. You can both get a massage in as little as 30 minutes or you can DIY and take turns pampering each other. Face masks and hot towels are some spa day essentials to remember if you are doing it yourself.

However, you don’t need items for your at-home spa day. Bust out your favorite drinks, pour yourselves a glass, and prepare to look and feel your best. You never know, spa day might become a weekly ritual in your romantic life.


Give your partner a relaxing foot massage in your home spa

Data Notte

That means date night in Italian. If you’ve ever been interested in learning a language, you should know that it’s an exciting idea. Did you also know you can learn a language with your date?

That’s right, learning a language together can prove to have many benefits besides being something fun to do. When you learn something with another person, they can hold you accountable.

That will motivate both of you to commit time to learning it. Learning a language can take years, realistically. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start now.

There are many apps, free and paid, that lets you learn a language for just a few minutes a day. So even if you just learn a few words, it is still an incredible experience you will both remember!

Beat The Summer Heat

If you have access to a private or community pool, you should use it if you can. You can leave whenever you want, so it’s suitable for a quick dip.

Busy people need summer fun too. So head on down to the pool and jump right in! It’s sure to feel refreshing on a hot summer day. Just make sure you know pool safety rules, of course. And remember to wear sunscreen if you’re there during midday.

The sun can be very unforgiving, and busy people don’t have time for sunburns. Sunburns avoided, the pool is a great place to hang out or splash right into summer.

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Have A Fashion Show

You don’t have to be a supermodel or Instagram influencer to dress nicely for your date. If you want a date that can fit into anyone’s schedule and has the potential to be very silly, this one’s for you. Take turns dressing each other up in either your clothes or theirs.

Put on your runway fashion shows, complete with flash photography and music to fit the theme. The themes are entirely up to you, so have fun with it! This date costs nothing but worth everything to see your partner wearing something you like or don’t usually wear.

Take A Quick Dip In A Hot Tub

Yes, that’s what I said! This date idea is usually overlooked but could be something very romantic or playful. This date takes almost no time, so slip into a relaxing hot tub together and unwind.

You can buy inflatable hot tubs online if you don’t have one at your local pool or you don’t know someone who would let you use theirs for an hour. If you have the resources to buy one, this is a date idea you can always use when you are short on time.

The best part is that you can take a quick dip in a hot tub day or night, so if your date works a shift that only allows them a few hours late in the evening, this idea is perfect!


Ask Each Other Questions

Do you like asking questions? Asking each other questions is a great way to spend a short amount of time getting to know your significant other.

You don’t need anything but your brain and maybe 15 minutes. Take turns asking things you want to know about each other. You can ask anything, ranging from your favorite type of cheese to what you think about space travel. And hey, maybe you’ll learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know before.

Everything is a chance to learn more about your lover, so get asking!

Play Mad Libs

A verb is a word that symbolizes action. Such as running or jumping. And now I’m going to urge you to take action in planning your next date.

If you’re a couple that likes words and brain games, Mad Libs are perfect for you. There are online and paperback book versions, and you can make your own. The possibilities are endless, but your free time isn’t. Thankfully, Mad Libs is a game you can stop at any time and doesn’t take very long to complete. If you’ve never played before, it’s pretty easy.

One person will ask the other to provide words for missing parts of a story. The person asking for words doesn’t know the story until after all the words are filled. Can you imagine how crazy that story might get?

Go People-Watching

No, it’s not a creepy thing. People-watching is free and there are no requirements which make it great for busy couples. All you need is a public space where you can stay long enough to watch people pass by. Remember to be respectful when doing this, however!

Please don’t follow anyone or stare too long. It’s just fun to wonder where everyone is going and what they might be doing. You can either comment quietly or observe the passerby on your own. If you get tired of looking at others, at least you have your partner to look at afterwards.

Listen To Music

What kind of music do you like? You might not know everything your significant other likes to jam out to. A quick date idea for music lovers could be sharing your music taste. The music a person listens to can say a lot about them.

Even if you just share a couple of songs, it’s a great way to connect with and get to know your date better. If you’re on a tight schedule, try listening to music together.

You’ll never know if you both have similar tastes in music unless you share what you like. Listening to music with your person might also create a spontaneous dance party if your music taste is incompatible.


Go To Antique Store

Going to an antique store might be fun if you have a little more free time. Antique stores are filled with lots of things, old and new. Typically antique stores house older, vintage stuff for people to buy. Because of this, there are many, many interesting items in these types of stores.

If you’re the type of couple that likes to do scavenger hunts, you can “hunt” for the most exciting thing in an antique store. Split up and try to find what you’d title the most interesting object in the whole store. Meet back up and compare what you found. It’s so easy, and unless your antique store is endless, it won’t take nearly that long.

Create A Home Bar

Hone your bartending skills next date night. If you’re a couple who likes to drink, I’m sure you already have what you need for this one. Making your drinks instead of visiting a bar will save you the precious time you could use spending quality time with your date. The perfect indoor date idea.

You don’t need anything fancy, just a good attitude and basic knowledge of drink combinations. Pick a drink to make yourself, and you’re good to go. You can either bartend for your partner or let your partner bartend with you, whichever suits your mood. It’s not difficult to do, making for a relaxing night rather than being at a bustling bar.

Grab An Ice Cream Cone.

Another treat that doesn’t take long! Especially when it’s scorching out, ice cream is an excellent way to cool off. Getting ice cream together will also satisfy your sweet tooths.

There are plenty of options when it comes to frozen treats. You can visit a grocery store, fast-food drive-thru, or ice cream parlor nearby. This date will take less than 30 minutes, so it’s quick and easy. Stop by to get a cone of your favorite flavor and beat the heat with your partner.


Visit A Thrift Store.

Thrifting doesn’t have to be something frowned upon. In actuality, it’s enjoyable to go thrift shopping. The prices are usually marked down, and buying secondhand is very sustainable!

Besides that, thrifting doesn’t take nearly as long as going to the mall. It’s not as frivolous, but you can still make a great date out of it. For example, couples can buy a new outfit at a thrift store. Or maybe thrift some romantic candles for that perfect mood lighting on your next date. If you’ve got some time, you’ve got the time to take your lover thrifting!

Go Sightseeing

Take advantage of your local scenery. Sometimes a scenic drive is enough to clear your mind and get the conversations flowing. If you are low on time and need a quick date that isn’t high effort, take a drive! What’s better than sightseeing when you need alone time with your boo?

Going for a drive can benefit your love life, especially if you often don’t get the chance to be alone. Plus, you might discover something new about the area where you live. Roll the windows down for added flair and go on that adventure.


Play Charades

Another game you can incorporate into your next date if you feel like having a little more light-hearted fun is Charades. It’s a game that children and adults can have much fun doing.

Connecting with your inner child is more fun when you have someone to do it with you, even if you’re short on time. So, get playful! Maybe you’ll communicate better afterward or discover you’re good at guessing games. There are many benefits to playing charades for your quick date idea.

Share Your Skills

Do you have any specialized interests or talents? Well, you can make a date out of those! If you and your partner agree on it, have a date where you share skills and interests.

Art, photography, language, hobby, career skills, etc., are things you can teach each other during this kind of date. If you enjoy learning new things, try learning from your partner. You might be surprised by how much they know or how much you can teach them.

Have A Quick Karaoke Date

If laughter is the best medicine, then singing is the best therapy. Besides, have you even lived if you and your partner haven’t had a moment where you’re both belting out song lyrics?

You don’t have to be a vocal pro to enjoy the way singing brings people together. Forming a strong bond with your date can be easier if you commit to doing little, spontaneous acts of playfulness. Just put on a song you both know and love; it’s as simple as that.

You can pop in for a song or two, and it won’t require tons of time. If you’re having a good time together, anything is a date, so get singing!

Start A Scrapbook

Scrapbooking isn’t out of style. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, you’ll have plenty of pictures together.

What better way to store those pictures than in a shared digital photo album or a regular one? Printing out images from your local convenience store is easier now than ever. You only need a smartphone or flash drive to transfer the pictures to the printing machine.

What’s even more convenient is how little time this will take. You won’t be able to finish the whole scrapbook on one date if you are short on time, but you can complete it over a few dates. Get together your best memories and create an album or scrapbook you can keep close to your heart.



Working out for just 30 minutes a day can seem like an intimidating task for those who’ve never consistently worked out. But if you and your partner are into working out, you should consider doing it together. Even a simple at-home yoga workout can be a great date idea.

If you enjoy working out or want to, why not do it together? The time you spend exercising could also be quality time with your partner. You can get healthy and have a date at the same time! Overall, working out together is great for your relationship.

Do A Quick Craft

Busy people who are artsy will love this date idea. Do a quick craft together! Get together with your partner for a fun project to boost your creativity and strengthen that lovey-dovey feeling. Pinterest has all sorts of great ideas for couples’ arts and crafts.

You could even go for the classic popsicle stick creation. Making crafts together is one idea you can re-use for future dates too because there are endless amounts of crafts you can make. Crafts are perfect for a 30-minute squeeze-in date. Don’t forget the glue sticks!

Visit A Dog Park

Visit the local dog park for all the puppy kisses you could need. If you and your significant other have a dog or just love them, take a trip to the dog park!

Many people go there with their dogs to relax while their pooches run wild. This date is unique because not everyone immediately thinks of going to a dog park as a date. But it’s perfect for dog lovers looking for some downtime that doesn’t exceed their free time.

Being outdoors is already good for you, but seeing cute dogs is even better. Bonus points if you talk about which kinds of dogs you both like.