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30 Relationship Goals For Couples To Grow Your Love!

Looking for relationship goals for couples?!

Great! We have you covered with some awesome relationship goals examples! Feel free to use some of this list and think of some additional ones that work for your relationship. Each relationship is totally unique and will therefore need their own unique set of couple goals that’s right for you.

You might want to consider each others love language when making up your set of goals. For example, if your partners love language is words of affirmation you might want to work some communication goals into your list as this will greatly help your relationship.

What are Relationship Goals? ​

Let’s firstly consider – what are relationship goals?

You have goals as an individual right? Like progress at the gym or maybe where you want to be professionally or mentally? Just like having individual goals, it is important to also have relationship goals or couple goals. And no I’m not exactly talking about “Couple Goals” on instagram aka a couple looking cute together.

I’m talking about making goals to make a relationship function better by having mutual values, standards and views – things you think are important to grow together. If you write your relationship goals out, it will help you work better as a team to have a deeper connection and more solid relationship.

Healthy Couple Goals

Important note – you want your relationship goals to be a healthy and safe space. This isn’t an opportunity to belittle the other or tell them the 100 reasons they are wrong. Make this a positive exercise so you can improve your relationship for the better.

Every solid relationship needs work and tender love and making goals (even re-looking at them yearly) is a great way to give your relationship the care it needs.

So with no further adieu, 30 of the most cute, freaky and totally romantic relationship goals to grow your love!


30 Relationship Goals For Couples to Grow your Love!

Daily Conversations

A lot can happen throughout your day while you are at work, or while you are just out and about in the world. Make it a point in your relationship daily to have a conversation with your spouse about their day.

Don’t just ask how their day went, really get into what happened in their day. Ask about how they felt about the different things that happened in their day. This helps give an insight to what really happened throughout the day, and will help understand what type of day they had.

One of the best couple goals to have – it sounds so simple but it can really mean the difference between a relationship that works and one that doesnn’t

Dreams and Goals

One of the best ways to support each other is to always support one another in their dreams and goals for their life. When your partner shares what they want to accomplish in their life, don’t just scoff and say that’s never going to happen.

Sit down and make a plan with them to help achieve those goals. You may be surprised at what your partner’s dreams and goals may be, and it works even better when you share some common goals and dreams!

Do something new once a month

Sometimes in an established relationship a couple could get caught in the same routine and dates month after month. Doing the same thing over and over could lead to you and your partner getting bored.

One of the best ways to ensure your relationship doesn’t get boring is to try something new every month, whether that’s freaky relationship goals in bed or something a little bit more PG rated.. This could be something that you and your partner have been looking forward to trying, or something that takes you completely out of your comfort zone.

Create a Couples Bucket List

One of the best things to do together is to pick a night to sit down and create a couples bucket list together. You can make a few different lists – a vacation list, a budget list, a goal list for your family.

It could be fun to set some bucket list goals out for you and your partner to complete together throughout your life. This could be done on a computer, but writing it on pen and paper could be a lot more fun!


Surprise Each Other

This tip is going back to number 3 a little bit – find a way to surprise each other throughout your relationship.

Love notes, pieces of chocolate/candy, breakfast in bed on a random Saturday morning, are all great ideas and the list obviously doesn’t stop there! This is a great way to continuously surprise your partner and keep the sparks in your relationship alive!

Set up a Budget

Money is one of main reasons for divorce in America, it can be an extremely difficult thing to navigate when two people are combining their finances. Instead of continuously fighting about money, take the time to sit with your partner and create a budget that you and your partner can stick to.

By establishing a budget, and sticking to it, you will be surprised to see that the arguments that you may have been having before, just simply stop! Maybe not one of the most romantic couple goals but still a very important one!

Clear your Debt

This goes hand in hand with number 6, using that budget that was just established to create a plan to eliminate all of your debt. Start with clearing some small bills first, then you can make your way up to eliminating your student debt or your mortgage!

If you want some more information on this tip, check out Dave Ramsey’s “Debt Snowball” who gives great advice in clearing your debt, and treating your spouse as your partner through life!

We also have an article on credit cards for couples which can be helpful to consolidate your debts. If you need a credit card in your life, having one is often better than having 2 as a couple. Of course 2 credit cards are twice the trouble and with one, you both can keep an eye on how much you are spending to make sure debt doesn’t pile up out of nowhere!

credir cards for couple- relationship goalsJoin couples activities

Everybody needs a hobby in life, sometimes it’s better if they are individual, but a lot of people in relationships want to find a hobby that they can do together.

Try finding some cooking or dancing classes, if you’re the outdoorsy type head to do some indoor rock climbing! Doing activities together is definitely a great way to keep yourselves active, and enjoy some new activities together.

Don’t go to bed angry

This tip will only work if it works for both you and your spouse – if your partner is the type who needs space after an argument it might be better to just give them space.

But if you both feel good about talking it out after an argument, you should never go to bed angry, find a way to work through your problems!

Put your relationship first

Life can be extremely complicated and hectic, this tip will make sure to find a way to continuously put your relationship first! If there comes a time where you have to pick between your partner and someone else, always choose your spouse. Find a way to make sure your spouse feels like your partner throughout your life!

Do the little things

When you first start your relationship you both find a way to do the little things to make your partner happy. As time goes on, doing the little things just takes a back seat to the other responsibilities in your life.

This could be a good morning or good night text, constantly telling them the things you love about them, or simply asking if they need anything.

Make couple friendships

Let’s face it, when you are in a couple, you always are looking for friends to spend your time with. I highly recommend finding a couple friendship – this is a great way to have something to do and not continuously put pressure on your partner to always do something with them 24/7.

Be their biggest supporter

When your partner shares what their dreams and goals are, don’t just scoff at them, find a way to help support them to achieve their goals.

You have to remember that your partner may have plans to make your lives better in the future, find a way to support them through to reach their goals.

Share household chores

It’s the 21st century, the idea that chores throughout the house are strictly a male or female job is just utterly ridiculous. Make a list of all the chores in the house that have to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly, and tackle them as a team. If you know your partner hates doing a specific chore, just do that chore for them!

Don’t compare relationships

This tip is extremely difficult to do in this day and age – thanks to technology. You have to always remember that everybody’s relationship is completely different from yours.

You can’t take important relationship steps like moving in together simply because your best friend is moving in with their spouse and you have been dating longer than them. Everybody’s relationship is different, so it’s always best to not compare your relationship to another relationship.

Use technology less

A lot of relationships fall into the devastating technology trap. After a long days work it can be very easy to just go home, sit on the couch, and scroll through social media until 10 pm and just head to bed.

Sure you just spent the past three hours together, but you didn’t connect with one another at all. I highly recommend spending a few hours each day to just get away from technology and reconnect with one another.

Date Night Routine

If you have kids or an extremely busy schedule, a great way to ensure you don’t drift apart is to set up a monthly date night. It can be the same routine every time, maybe a dinner with a movie, or a trip to a spa, whatever it may be it could be beneficial to have a guaranteed date every month.

Here are some of our favorite dates that you could check out:


Establish Trust

The only way for a relationship to thrive and mold into a long lasting relationship, one of the most important things to do is to establish trust with each other. It is essential that the both of you are able to trust each other 100%, no matter what. If one of you are constantly worried that their partner is off doing something they shouldn’t, that relationship can’t thrive.

Create your own bubble

The outside world can be chaotic and hectic, this hectic world can cause a lot of stress on your relationship. It can always help to shut out the outside world and create your own little bubble that you and your partner can call your own.

Fight Fair

All relationships have arguments, if you are in a long term relationship, it’s inevitable that an argument will come up. Something that both of you have to remember during these fights is that you both love each other.

Also, and just as importantly, don’t just sit there and yell at each other, find a way to communicate effectively. A great way to do this is to continuously take deep calming breaths, and truly think before you speak.

Remember to Laugh

Don’t end up being the boring couple that just ends up going through life with one another without some joy in life. A great way to do this is to find light in very situation – it could even be healthy to fully laugh out loud with one another! Laughing releases tons of endorphins, which in turns puts you both in a much better mood!

Establish a safe space for each other

At the end of the day, both of you should have a safe place at home to vent about the trials of your daily lives – find a way to always be that safe place for your partner. This safe space should always be a no judgement zone, a place where your partner can be completely honest.

Future Goals / Plans

This is slightly different from your bucket list – which focuses on things you want to do in life in terms of travel or adventure. Take a night to discuss some plans for the future, like kids or no kids, where you may want to live, and how to save for retirement.

Create health and fitness goals

It’s no secret that the key to a long life is to have good health. The only way you can have a truly long life to spend together is if you both have good health. A great way to stay motivated is if you both establish these goals together, and stick to that plan!

It’s super fun to workout together so why not try some couple exercises on youtube. A super healthy and fun active date idea!

Don’t make excuses

When you are in a relationship, and you say you are going to do something, you must do it! This goes hand in hand with building trust with one another.

If you continuously make an excuse as to why you are unable to accomplish something you said you would do, your partner will eventually start to not trust your word – which is devastating for a relationship.

Always think for two

This is one goal that may be difficult to achieve if you have been single for a long time. If a friend asks to go on a trip, you have to check in with your partner before going ahead and saying yes.

Leaving your partner for the weekend is more than just leaving them alone for a few days – this means they are solely responsible for all household chores, and could be even more difficult when kids are involved. Always remember that you and your partner should make any big or small decisions together.

Play Hooky once in a while

Remember when you were a kid and you got to stay home from school once in a while to just have fun that day? Do it as an adult, I promise it will be a lot more fun now than when you were 12!

This is a great way to spend some extra quality time with your partner, during the time that you wouldn’t see them at all. If you can, try to get all chores and responsibilities done before this, and just enjoy the day! I highly recommend ordering take out or going out to dinner on these days too!

Treat time together as if it were your First Date

Going back to doing the little things, head out on a date once in a while and treat it as your first date together. Think of new things to ask them, like what their favorite ice cream parlor was growing up, or what their favorite hobby was. This is a great way to delve deeper into your partner’s past, and get to know them much better!

It’s funny but even if you’ve been together for a while it can be hard to think of things to talk about. If that’s you here are some fun conservation starts to get to know each other all over again on your first date:


Time together and alone

In the early stages of any relationship, it is natural to want to spend every second of every day together – this time is used to get to know somebody.

As the relationship grows, and you enter the “honeymoon phase”, it is important to remember that everyone in life needs some alone time as well. The desire to want some alone time for someone should not be misunderstood, they just want some alone time. This isn’t a scenario where they don’t want to be with you, they just need some time to enjoy themselves.

Love Language

Everyone expresses love in their own way – there are five  main types of love language: physical, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and giving gifts.

It is vitally important for you both to understand what their spouses love languages are in order to fully appreciate when they are telling you they love you – a lot of times without even saying a word!


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