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Rekindle The Romance On A Catamaran Charter In the Virgin Islands

Rekindle The Romance On A Catamaran Charter In the Virgin Islands!

Life can often feel fast paced and in busy times the days can seem to blur together. Despite rushing, many people never feel as though they have completed everything they need to and the stress of constantly being on-the-go can start to seep into romantic relationships.

There are many important aspects to maintaining romance in a relationship, such as good communication, emotional intimacy and sexual chemistry. In order to achieve this, mental and physical breaks are needed so that you can take some time to focus on strengthening your bond with your significant partner.

There are many ways that you can take a break and relax with the aim of rekindling your romance with your partner. From a scheduled night or spa break to a day bingeing Netflix or cooking a feast together, having fun together and doing something you don’t have a chance to do in your day-to-day life can help to reconnect.

Taking a vacation together is probably one of the best ways to spend quality time focusing on experiencing the joys of life together. The process of selecting a location, accommodation and activities together is all a part of the excitement of the occasion and an opportunity for bonding.

Rekindle The Romance On A Catamaran Charter In the Virgin Islands

One idea is to charter a yacht or catamaran in a coastal or island location. Doing this is now a really easy process and can be done online through marketplaces such as BorrowaBoat that offers various BVI Catamaran charter that is accessible via simple clicks.

This site shares charter options for hundreds of locations around the world, you can choose big or small vessels and even hire a skipper to be in charge of all the sailing, which takes the pressure off of you.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a particularly good location for a romantic getaway with your partner. A romantic catamaran charter to the BVI’s will help both of you to be able to catch a break as well as build on your romantic relationship..

BVI is a collection of islands located in the Caribbean, the major islands include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke but there are a number of smaller ones too. These islands are famous for their peaceful views, gorgeous weather and interesting culture.

A relationship is, in some ways, like a boat. Time needs to be taken for it to be cared for and maintained, so that it is secure, enjoyable and able to stay afloat. Chartering a catamaran will give you the time and space to spark romance.

What are the benefits of going on this type of vacation and how can a catamaran experience deliver a better experience over a normal generic holiday?

One of the biggest benefits of this type of break is that it is likely to be different from any vacation you have been on together before and therefore it is a great adventure you will both form lifelong memories of together.

While all-inclusive hotel breaks are common and easy to book, they are also a little overdone. The same routing of lazing around the pool, going up to the buffet, the bar and watching the evening entertainment can become a little monotonous and starve off any chance of romance.

When holidaying on a catamaran, you are in charge of your itinerary and can plan each day’s activities together. Keeping on your toes and trying new experiences and locations is far more romantic than a fortnight at a nice but predictable hotel.

Another clear benefit of sailing on a catamaran for a romantic getaway is the freedom away from the crowds and chance to enjoy privacy. There are no other guests on your vessel like there would be at a hotel and you can moor at a location with beautiful scenic views to watch the sunset together.

romantic Catamaran Charter In the Virgin Islands

What are some of the best places to sail to in the BVIs?

For a lesser known but still magical sailing location, Cooper Island is a small BVI island with plenty of charm. You can drop anchor at Manchioneel Bay and participate in activities at the island’s main beach club.

There you will find boutiques for a bit of shopping where you can treat one another to a BVI inspired gift. Also, there is the coffee shop and beach rum bar where you can sit to look out at the beautiful calm ocean and glorious orange setting sun.

If you would prefer to stick to the more well-known destinations, Virgin Gorda Island is another great choice. There are suitable moorings at Leverick Bay with restaurants and bars close by.

Ramble over the giant boulders and make your way over to Devil’s Bay if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

To the north and west of Tortola is the Great Harbour, this is ideal for a couple’s snorkelling session where you can enjoy the island’s nature together.

Ask your skipper for local recommendations and don’t try to cram too many destinations into your trip. Enjoying the open ocean and rekindling your romance should be the focus of your energies.