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50+ Romantic Things to do in Pigeon Forge TN for Couples

Looking for romantic things to do in Pigeon Forge TN?

If you are on a romantic getaway and are looking for romance in the smokies – you will find tonnes of fun activities in Pigeon Forge! We visited the town, just to visit the smokies and ended up completely falling in love with PF!

In this list of fun things to do for couples we have listed our favourite activities as well as a few extras we totally LOVE and have added to our bucket list of future places to go.

So with no further adieu, the 50+ most romantic things to do in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg right here!

Romantic Things to Do in Pigeon Forge TN

Unique Romantic Activities

Hollywood Wax Museum. Walk with your date down the red carpet and get to meet some of your favorite celebrities. Well, the wax versions at least. The point is you get to take some amazing, memorable photos with these life like wax figures and use some of the cool props they have available. When you buy your tickets, you’ll have access to 3 additional attractions!  You even get to see celebrities from the past like Michael Jackson and even Elvis! Uh huh!

One of the most romantic ideas in Pigeon Forge!

MagiQuest. The ancient book of wisdom is your guide to obtaining the clues to unlocking your powers and saving the day! Dragons, magic wands and fairies are what you and your date will have the pleasure of enjoying while at this unique game and arcade. With a hall of mirrors and pirate golf, you two can create some magic! You two can even create a spell binding love connection.

The Grand Majestic Theatre. Watch in amazement as the Majestic Terry Evanswood mysteriously makes your date disappear! He’ll bring them back, but first you must say the magic words, “I will go to the Grand Majestic Theatre for date night”. Full of fun with food, comedy and of course magic. Abracadabra, pull a wonderful date night out of your hat.

Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg. What happens to a family that goes insane and decides to kill one another? Their spirit gets trapped inside an old Victorian mansion. This self-guided tour is sure to give you an out of body scare that you and your date will remember! Happy haunting!

Grand Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Show. Who done it? Was it you? Or maybe it was your date? They have been acting a little distant lately. See if you can solve the crime at this murderous mystery show and dinner theatre. Shows sell out fast, so get your tickets before they solve the crime!

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. Circle 200 feet above the mountains and snuggle up with the one you love, or like a lot. This mountain wheel has a great view of the forge and you can make it even more special and rent it out for just the two of you.  A private, romantic ride, along the sky lines of love.


The Holler. Time to reserve the Lyft! This moonshine distillery will surely make you holler with the wide variety of moonshine they have. Flavors vary by the day, but everything is made right there on sight! Take a tour, smell the wheat, drink and be merry! Cheers to date night.

Rafting in the Smokies. The mountains have so much to offer here. Distinct enclaves, cabins and historic homes fill this beautiful place. But this action-packed park just bumped Tennessee up to another level. They offer whitewater rafting, a rope challenge and even a rock-climbing wall! This date is going places you know. I see you two taking it all the way to the top! Hold on and see where this date takes you.

Crave Golf Club and Escape Rooms. If you can make it out of this room, you can enjoy a game of golf. But first, you must crack the codes and break free! With a few themed rooms to get locked into, this will give you and your date more than enough time to see who has the brains and who is clueless. Good luck!

Wonder Works. Hidden ins a top-secret lab in the Bermuda Triangle, a professor wanted to create a place where he can let his ideas thrive! After many experiments, he decided to create this place, Wonder Works. Filled with an upside-down mansion, extreme weather zone and more! You and your date are sure to have a WONDERful time. See what I did there? Its ok, just take a trip to wonder works and tap into your weird side.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum. Orange or white and black stripe jumpsuit? Jailhouse date without needing the bail money. Alcatraz crime museum gives you a tour of what it was like to be around some of the biggest baddest criminals. Visit the warden’s office or the junk house jail shop and take a mugshot you and your date will remember! Maybe you two can get some handcuffs to play with at the end of the night.

Lumberjack Feud. Grab your overalls and lumberjack hat and go see this axe throwing show! There is some serious competition going on with these men and they all came to win! Once you have had all the wood chopping you can take, you can take a walk down to the souvenir shop.

Beyond the Lens Techno-Tainment. Have you ever taken a picture with a pile of money? Or maybe you’d like to play in a pit of alien eggs? Too weird? Well, this weird, and quirky place has everything that will give you and your date something to do for the entire day! You can even become a celebrity and take a walk on the red carpet. Say cheese!

Have a stayacation. There is nothing better than taking a vacation in your own city in one of Gatlinburg’s best hot tub hotels.  Or see the best hotels with jacuzzi in room in Pigeon Forge.


Free Date Night Ideas

Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community. Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to make pottery? This community has one of the largest artisans at work in the United States. Go for a tour at “the loop” and watch potters, silversmiths, soap makers, and more do their thing! When you have finished the tour, you can purchase some of there creations, if you want too.

Patriot Park. Take your date on a romantic picnic under the gazebo at this beautiful park. They have fireworks for the 4th of July, and other holiday celebrations for you and your partner to always have a different dating experience each time you decide to visit!

The Island in Pigeon Forge. For a night to remember, you two can talk a love stroll down to the fountain and enjoy the light show! If you want to spend money, you can go to the nearby shop and rooms to book the date for the weekend, but if you’re just getting to know one another, then stroll through the fountain and see what else they have on their pre-planned itinerary.

Clingmans Dome. Right at the line of Tennessee and North Carolina this hike is perfect to see if your legs are as strong as you think they are! This gives you both a workout and view of this unique dome. Breathtaking views and perfectly sitting at the mountain top to get down on one knee. Let me get your guest list ready.


Fun Romantic Things to do in Pigeon Forge

Cades Coves Cellars. Rustic buildings, woods, and wine. Romance in the mountains, destined for a love connection. Taste the finest of wines and learn the family history behind this quiet wine cove. Tastings are first come first serve, so make sure you visit their website, so you miss out!

Christopher Resort. This place is called the intimate resort for a reason. Perfect for couples who are ready to spend some quality time together. There is an on-site spa, outdoor pool and local pub all located at this resort! Thy even have an onsite wedding planner just in case you two want to jump the broom! Dress and Tuxedo not included.

Bullfish Grill. Voted Pigeon Forge’s best restaurant, this local favorite is a great spot for steak and a romantic date night dinner. If you don’t eat steak, they offer vegetarian and vegan friendly options. In the heart of the dining district, snuggle up in a booth and feed one another a freshly prepared meal. If they give you their last bite, you know it’s true love!

Chesapeake’s. Not only do you have a great catch for this date night, so does this restaurant! Fresh seafood straight from the Chesapeake! They offer an extensive wine list and delicious cocktails. Decorated with antique artifacts, this restaurant will give you authentic eastern shore vibes.  


Adventure/Nature Date Ideas

Outdoor Gravity. Tumbling down a hill in a bubble seems like it’s extreme, but it ‘s really a ball of fun! The only Zorbing park in the United States, this exhilarating date night experience will have you climbing back for another hill! You can tumble the course solo in your bubble or you two can climb in and tackle the course together. Whatever you do, hold on!

Parrot Mountain and the Garden of Eden. Located right in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, this beautiful garden and parrot park is perfect for couples looking to wind down, relax and enjoy mother nature. Book you two a cabin and take a tour of the secret garden, filled with Toucans, Magpies, and other gorgeous birds. Tweddle diddle dee, two love birds in a tree.

Goats on the Roof. Billy goats gruff doesn’t have anything on this place! Goats on the roof lets you ride on up to the roof top and feed the cute, fury goats. They also have gem mining and a sweet shop for those who have got a sweet tooth! Once you’re done with feeding time, take a ride on the goat coaster. You two will be sure to go baaaaaa-ck.

Smoky Mountain Zip Lines. Let the adrenaline rush fuel you to fly across the trees in this exhilarating ziplining experience! With trained professionals with you two every step of the way, this date night is sure to have you getting your moneys worth. Make sure you call first for reservations. Covid is still here and we want to make sure you two don’t need to get quarantined in the mountains.

Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride. If you are a Jurassic Park junkie and have a thing for large creatures, then this is the place for you! This Jurassic themed adventure park has a ride that will make you feel like you and your date time traveled. No t-rex’s were harmed in the making of the rides or park.

Earthquake the ride. EARTHQUAKE!!! Floor’s caving in, walls collapsing, and then they want to add water to the mix? This thrill-seeking earthquake simulated ride is sure to shake things up.

Forbidden Caverns. Deep caves lined with natural chimneys, and the clearest water streams you’ll ever see. The Smoky Mountains has the most caves in the United States, with over 8,000 caves to explore! You two will be led through these beautiful caverns by a professional tour guide and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take memorable couple photos to show off to the world.

Briarwood Ranch Safari Park. Take a ride on the wild side. This 4-mile safari tour features animals from all over the world. You may have a giraffe or two try to ride back home with you. Make sure you check the site because the summertime means mating season, so that means you have to be extra cautious. It may be mating season for you and your date too if you play your cards right. 

Scenic Helicopter Tours. Take a tour of the smoky mountain skies on this cool helicopter ride. Mountains peaks and valleys during the sunset makes for a romantic, adventurous date night. I think I see a wedding banner flying on the back the chopper.

Jaynell Ranch. Pigeon Forge is full of wild and fun activities for the thrill-seeking couples! ATV riding, monkey and exotic bird tours, give a new name to rough riders! Make sure you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, because this is sure to be a filthy good time.

Smoky Mountain Llama Treks. Take a tour to a mountain in the beautiful Pisgah forest. Ride some Llamas and feed them too! Covid friendly, make sure and your date have your mask and choose from four different trials and bond over some fuzzy Llamas.

Dolly Partons Stampede. Cowboys and horses are what makes this down south small town all the rage for this action-packed show. Food varieties for all dietary preferences to make sure you and your date have options to choose from. And when the show is over, you can walk over to the barn to meet the horses that stole the show.

Anakeesta. Over 15000 acres of lush green smoky mountain park! Even with some of the park destroyed by wildfires, there’s still plenty for you and your partner to go see. Weeping willows, tree sculptures and a relaxing fire pit for you to cozy up too with some beer or hot whiskey. You even get an amazing view of the downtown city lights!


Casual Activities for Couples in Pigeon Forge

Rockin’ Raceway Arcade. Start your engines and get ready to race! This arcade and go kart raceway is sure to get your motors running. Enjoy some fun and friendly competition at this main attraction. Start your engines please!

Junction 35. Aged spirits, southern cooking and family traditions make up this railroad inspired themed distillery and restaurant in the Smoky Mountains. Shots of whiskey and moonshine will have you two warmed up and letting loose! Some of the best slow cooked BBQ Tennessee has to offer. Find your way to Junction 35, just 35 degrees latitude in the mountain tops!

Titanic Museum Attraction. Such a bittersweet love story. If you love history then you’ll love this place! They have storytelling, gift shops and more! Get an authentic Titanic boarding pass and even learn how to send SOS signals. This date will set sails and have you both ready to ride the love boat. Make sure not to crash.

Walden Creek Stables. Giddy up cowboys and cowgirls! Saddle up and ride at the Walden Creek stables. Wild west shoot outs, trick riding and more! Ride the horses and get full as a tick!

Spin City Skate Center. Lace those four wheels up and roll down to Spin City to see if you and your date will out skate the other couples there. You can rent out for private events, maybe for a one-on-one intimate date and skate.

Two Doors Down. Take your date to two doors down. Yes, two doors down, not two doors down from you, but to the local bar Two Doors Down. Fill up on beer, cocktails, good food and live music! A true hidden gem.

Laser Port Fun Center. This place isn’t just for kids, its for dates too! Have some grown up fun with laser tagging, go karts and games! When you’re done racing around the track, try out their blacklight mini golf course! See if you can get a hole in one.

Comedy Barn. Ready for some pure and clean fun? This clean comedy barn is sure to get you and your date laughing until your cheeks hurt! This is labeled the most attended comedy show in the world! Let’s see if you can try not to laugh hysterically. Remember, date night goes to the next level when you both laugh.

Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show. Arghhh! I think someone stole the gold off the pirate ship! Pirates are so cool. Peg legs and gold teeth, ships and a four-course feast. You and your date can set sail and see if you can get it kraken.

Floyd Garretts Muscle Car Museum. What’s better than one muscle car? Thousands of muscle cars is what! Enjoy this classic muscle car museum with over 5,000 cars from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. You and your date will enjoy these classic rides. You can take pics and add them to your dream board so you’ll know what to get one another on your wedding day. Lets the pipes roar!   


Date Night With Deals

Mirror Maze Gatlinburg. Get lost in this maze of mirrors. Complete with music and lights show, you two are sure to reflect love for one another. They also have mini golf and a shoot ‘em up cinema! Visit their website to see their daily specials. What’s better than guns and beer? More guns and beer!

Crest Bowling Lanes. Everything in Pigeon Forge doesn’t include drinking. For the nondrinkers out there, you can bowl sober. But there is a bar close by just in case you change your mind. Daily specials and cosmic bowl on the weekends, make this universal fun for date night. See, sober and sweet!

Bluffs. Ok, so back to the happy hours! Alcohol included! This bar has a large outdoor patio to enjoy their famous wings, cocktails and beer during the warm summer days and cool summer nights. You and your date have over 30 beers to choose from! Make it fun and see who can try them all. Don’t forget to call a Lyft.

Great Smoky’s Flea Market. What’s better than thrifty shopping? I know what, thrifty shopping and free live entertainment. The pair of you can shop for local deals and catch a free show while you hang out. They have a variety of foods to choose from if you two get hungry and fresh produce at the farmers market inside too!

Funky Budha. If you’re the type to party until 3 am then this is the bar for you! With a full dance floor and 50 cent wings every Monday, get funky and saucy with your date. Not only is it happy hour everyday but you can enjoy a flavorful hookah on the back patio! No one parties like they party in Pigeon Forge. It’s a small town with a big party scene.

Roaming Gnome Pub and Eatery. A unique Irish themed bar with over 75 beers to choose from, night life just got better! Laced with Tv’s inside of the booth, you won’t miss a thing!  Another late night where you and your date can literally walk to one of the cabins to crash. Even if you have a hangover, the night was well worth it. One of you may end up getting lucky and get a kiss!

Looking for more romantic things to do in the USA?

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