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10 of the Best Kept Secrets of New York (that you need to visit in 2023)

New York is one of the best cities in the world! At least we think so as it was the city in which we got engaged.

Everyone knows to visit Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building but when we travel we also like to discover secret local spots. Here are the 10 best kept secrets of New York for your next trip!

10 of the Best Kept Secrets of New York (that you need to visit in 2022)

If you are looking for places that locals in New York love, hidden gems  that are yet to be discovered, you have come to the right place!

Below are 10 of the best kept secrets of New York (that you need to visit in 2022)

1. The BlockHouse Central Park

We have all heard of Central Park but have you heard of the BlockHouse in Central Park?

No, we hadn’t either.

If you are going to New York will likely take a stroll in Central Park.

But make sure you include a stop at the BlockHouse as part of your stroll.

Not many do but it’s a pretty cool place to visit.

The BlockHouse has a pretty interesting history too – it was built to defend against possible British incursions.

If you are wanting to visit, follow the paths at the north end of Central Park. Sadly, you cannot enter the building but you can look and admire from the outside!


2. Love quotes & boat rides in Central Park

While we are on the topic of Central Park, did you know there is love quotes are secretly placed all over Central Park?

If you would like to find one yourself, here’s a tip – check out the benches in the park.

Another tip for lovers is to take a romantic row boat ride in Central Park.

3. Whispering Gallery inside Grand Central Station

Are you a couple looking for romantic secret spots in New York? Look no further than the Whispering Gallery inside Grand Central Station.

The cool thing about the Whispering Gallery is the acoustic walkie talkie it provides.

If each of you stand at diagonal arches, you can hear each other.

Why is this the case? The building is designed in a way that the voices carry across the curve of the ceiling. Pretty cool stuff!


4. Secret gardens of the Rockefeller Center

You have probably heard about the Rockefeller centre and have it on your list of things to do while visiting New York but have you heard about the secret gardens of the Rockefeller Centre?

Probably not.

Sadly, the gardens have been closed since 1938 but it is fun to try to spot them from the Top of the Rock observation deck.

5. Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Most of us have already visited a graveyard in our life but what about a boat graveyard?!

The Witte Marine scrap yard is where you will find the Staten Island Boat Graveyard.

Why is it a boat graveyard?

Well, it is the official burial place for decommissioned boats.

This spot is particularly good for quirky photography. Instagram has even featured work from the boatyard on their official page.

6. Green-Wood Cemetery

While we are on the topic of visiting Cemeteries, you simply have to visit a really beautiful cemetery in New York called the Green-Wood Cemetery.

It is one of New York’s best kept secrets as not many tourists know or currently visit this cemetery. BUT it is probably the most beautiful cemetery in the world so make sure you make a stop!

In the 19th century anyone who was anyone was buried here including composer Leonard Bernstein and toy founder F.A.O. Schwartz. Try to find their graves as you walk around.

7. Tulip Garden at Brookfield Place

You don’t have to visit the Netherlands to see a Tulip Garden. What!?

Yes, there is a beautiful tulip garden at Brookfield Place and the best part about it is that not many people are aware of it.

8. Museum of Ice cream

One for Ice cream lovers everywhere is the Museum of Ice Cream in New York

It is certainly the coolest museum in the city too! You actually have an interactive experience at the Museum.

Yes, you heard correct, you can try the ice cream! Yippee!

We love the museum because it pops up in a new location each summer. Check out their website to see where its a this summer.

9. A secret sunset spot

Looking for a sunset spot for the gram? Look no further than the Sunset Park in South Brooklyn.

The sunset park provides an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and you wont have to battle the crowds heading up the Empire State Building.

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10. See the Berlin Wall

Last but not least, take a visit to the Berlin Wall in New York!


Yes, we had this reaction too but you can actually see real sections of the Berlin Wall in New York.

If you are looking for where to find them there is one at the Kowsky Plaza in Battery Park, another on Madison Avenue and one in the Times Square Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.

Not many people visit the Berlin Wall in New York making it in our opinion one of New York’s best kept secrets.

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