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30 Sure Signs a Guy is Jealous and Likes You

Looking for signs a guy is jealous and likes you? You have come to the right place.

Do you have a male friend who get agitated when you are talking to other guys or girls? Is he acting differently around you than he used to? If so, you may be curious to know if he has feelings for you. How can you tell if a guy is jealous and likes you? How to tell if a married man likes you and is jealous? Is it all in your head or is it legit.

Maybe you’re reading it wrong but again, maybe you’re not. And especially if you also like him, you might want more concrete proof that he likes you before you show any signs back. I mean he could just be an ass (excuse my french) and we don’t have any time for f*ckboys – Am I right?!

Wanna know how to tell if he is jealous and likes you – keep reading and we will give you the signs! Be careful – he might get jealous but not actually want a relationship so tread easy with a jealous guy!

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30 Signs a Guy is Jealous and Likes you

He’s rude to your guy friends

Wondering is he jealous? On way to tell is if he has started being rude to your friends.

In his eyes, your guy friends are his competition. He can’t help but be aggressive with your guy friends because they’re threatening his spot as your boyfriend-to-be.

Your guy friends already have a secure, established relationship with you which he doesn’t quite have yet so naturally, they are his enemies. He will do anything to separate you from them. Watch his body language closely when he’s with you and your guy friends. If he tries to physically insert himself between you and your guy friends, he’s acting possessive and claiming his spot as your potential boyfriend.

He gets jealous or upset when you bring up your guy friends in conversation

If you’re talking to a guy and you mention one of your other guy friends, observe his facial expressions and body language. If his face twists into an expression of envy or jealously, it’s a pretty solid hint that he’s into you.

Usually, if a guy really likes you, he’ll be possessive over you because he wants to be your one and only. Your guy friends threaten his status as your potential boyfriend which is why he’ll get upset when you talk about your guy friends. Remember: a guy’s body language is one of the most key signs as to whether he likes you or not!

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He finds ways to constantly be in physical contact with you and gets sulky if others are (not him)

Body language is often the dead giveaway on whether a guy likes you or not. Chances are, if he’s already crushing on you really hard, he can’t help but find ways to constantly touch you.

An elbow bump here and a graze on the knee there, he’s going to maintain physical contact with you in subtle, flirty ways. The reason a guy does this is not to get into your pants, but rather to tease you and build a playful relationship with you. Physical touch is often a powerful tool for building meaningful, lasting connections with other humans.


He responds to your texts almost immediately but gets grumpy if you talk about another love interest

If you text him and he responds almost immediately or within 20 minutes, there’s a high likelihood that he was already thinking about you and waiting for you to text him!

If a guy is crushing on you, he cares about your well-being and makes himself available to cater towards your needs. He also might be trying to display qualities such as being reliable and being dependable which you may seek in a partner. He’s ultimately trying to show you that he’s really into you and that he’s perfect boyfriend material.

He asks if you want to hang out with him a lot – not your group of friends, only him

This is one of the more obvious hints that a guy can give you about his feelings towards you. If he’s asking you to hang out a lot, especially individually if you have a shared friend group, it means that he wants to spend time with you.

He wants to get to know you better and if he’s willing to invest his time into you, then it’s very likely that he’s interested in dating you. Also really pay attention to the types of activities he invites you to… things like ice skating, going on walks, or getting drinks could potentially signal romantic interest.

If you’re in a group setting, he sneaks a lot of individual moments with you and brings up a lot of inside jokes you both share

This one is HUGE. If a guy is sneaking glances at you in a group setting, he’s trying to create personal memories with you and is definitely crushing hard on you.

He’ll probably also bring up a lot of personal inside jokes that only you two share to strengthen the connection between you guys. And if he finds ways to pull you aside from the group and sneak in some individual moments with you, then it means that he’s really into you and wants to spend his time with you. It shows that he genuinely enjoys your company and presence.

He gives you the silent treatment every now and then

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but listen… if a guy gives you the silent treatment every once in a while, he’s displaying that he’s either a) jealous that you’re spending time with other people who aren’t him and giving him the attention he wants or b) he’s hurt and he wants you to give him your affection.

By not texting you, he’s conserving his presence in your life and making you miss him. There’s a high likelihood that his guy wants to be your boyfriend and he wants to know that his presence is important in your life.

He tries to compete with other guys

There’s only one reason a guy would try to one-up other guys around you and it’s to show off! Not in a cocky, arrogant way, but more so to show off his skills/talents and win you over.

He views other guys around you as competition so naturally his first instinct would be to challenge them and show that he’s worthy of you. It’s also a public display of what he would be like as a potential boyfriend so that you can evaluate whether he’s the one for you or not.

He’ll try and flirt with other women in your company – he want you to feel the jealousy he feels

If he’s jealous and vying for your attention, chances are he’ll try to make you envious in return by flirting with other women in your company. This is mainly to flaunt his flirting skills and show off what he has to offer to you.

If he slyly glances at you when talking to other women, it’s a more surefire sign that he likes you and that he’s teasing you. It’s not always a bad thing if a guy is trying to make you jealous; it just means that he’s trying to communicate his feelings for you without explicitly confessing them.


He acts possessive with you around other guys

If a guy puts his arm around you when he sees other guys checking you out or pulls you closer to him when someone catcalls you, it’s because he wants you protect you and make sure that you’re safe.

While there is a fine line between being possessive in a healthy, cute way versus a creepy, stalkerish way, his possessiveness most likely comes from a place of genuinely caring for you as a human being. This seemingly small, insignificant action symbolizes his feelings for you and how he thinks about you in his head. It’s also a huge sign that he respects you on every level possible.

He can’t stop looking at you

When someone is smitten with you, they can’t stop looking at you. No matter where you are, their gaze will follow you, not in a creepy way, but rather in a lovestruck way. Bonus points if their eyes immediately find yours when you enter a room. That action specifically shows that they were hoping you’d be there.

It means that they enjoy being in your presence and that you’re at the forefront of their thoughts 24/7. Eye contact also usually symbolizes him seeking a connection with you and if he stares into your eyes, well it means he’s head over heels in love with you.

He takes a step back when the group is having fun

The reason a guy would ever remove himself from the group when everyone’s having fun is to draw attention to him- specifically your attention. It reveals that he’s sad that it’s not just you and him having a good time and by him withdrawing from the conversation, he’s hoping that you’ll notice and pick up on it. This is also a way for him to read how into him you are and whether you’re interested in him at all. If he successfully gets the attention he wants from you, chances are that he’ll jump back into the group conversation.

He asks you random questions about yourself

No ordinary guy does this unless he has a romantic interest in you. Even better if it’s over text. He’s ultimately trying to show you and signal to you that he’s interested in you and that he wants to get to know you better as a person.

He wants to know who he would be dating if he were to ask you out and he wants to see if you meet his personal standards for a potential girlfriend. If a guy you’re interested in does this to you, it’s your golden opportunity to show him that you’re interested in him too by asking him questions about his life as well. Here are some flirty first date questions that might be helpful.

He’ll roast you a lot and joke around with you

Making fun of you seems like something a guy who’s picking on you would do, not a guy who likes you, but hear me out… Guys who pick on you as a form of teasing are into you.

They’re trying to be playful with you and laugh with you. By doing this, he’s building a meaningful connection and bond with you. Also pay attention to how he holds himself when he roasts you. If he’s looking you up and down and sticking his tongue out at you, he’s not making fun of you; he’s flirting.


He’s protective with you and acts like he’s already your boyfriend

Is this guy opening doors for you, putting his jacket around your shoulders, and standing up for you in public? If yes, then there’s a high probability that he’s already acting like he’s your boyfriend!

Now there is a fine line between this being cute or creepy, but most likely, he’s acting this way to win you over. He’s laying it all out for you so you can decide if he’s someone you’d like to be with and if he’s someone you can see yourself with. Brownie points if he protects you from other guys in public or defends your name in public!

He’ll send you TikToks or Instagram posts that remind him of you

If you’re texting a guy and suddenly he sends you a TikTok or Instagram post, it’s usually because it reminded him of you and he thought that you would enjoy it.

The reason that this is a significant sign he’s into you is because it shows that even as he’s going about his ordinary day-to-day tasks, he’s thinking of you. You’re always on his mind and why would you be on his mind unless he was crushing really hard on you? Take advantage of this and send him a few TikToks or Instagram posts back to show him you’re into him too. 🙂

He’ll ask you how your day was pretty regularly

For someone to ask you how your day is at the end of each day at approximately the same time everyday shows that they really care about you and are invested in your well-being.

If this guy was originally your friend and he suddenly starts asking you over text how your day was, it means that he has feelings for you and genuinely cares about you. How he responds back to you when you tell him you’ve had a bad day also reveals a lot. If he asks what he can do to make it better or he tries to cheer you up in some way, it shows that he’s really into you.

He brings you food really often

Bringing food to you might seem like something really small and insignificant, but I assure it’s quite the opposite! If a guy brings you food, it means that he’s thinking about you in every spare moment he has. It shows that he values your well being and health over anything. Bonus points if he drives a long way to bring food to you and if he cooked it himself! In those cases, he’s putting extra effort into you to show you how much he cares and how he would care for you if he were to become your boyfriend.

He actually prioritizes your mental health

If a guy asks you about what you’ve done to take care of yourself or if he tries to assist in your self-care practices, it shows that he really cares about your mental well-being.

He would not care about your mental well-being on this level if you didn’t mean something to him. If this guy is giving you gifts like face masks or inviting you to activities like hot yoga, it means that he prioritizes his own mental well-being and that he wants you to know that he’ll take care of you in that way too.

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He sends you “good morning” and “good night” texts

A guy only sends a girl “good morning” and “good night” texts because she’s the first thing he’s thinking about when he wakes up and the last thing he thinks about when he’s about to fall asleep.

If a guy does this to you, first off, congratulations hun! It means that you’re constantly on his mind and that he cares about you a lot for him to put that much effort into you. He’s also giving you a tiny taste of what he’d be like as a potential boyfriend by doing this.

He compliments you subtly

Guys who compliment you on parts of your body are straight up creepy, but guys that compliment you on small, fine-grained things like your smile, how your eyes look when you talk about something you’re passionate about, or your sense of humor genuinely care about you.

The smaller the compliments, the more they mean. It shows that he’s paying attention to you and noticing everything about you. Why would a guy do that for someone he isn’t crushing really hard on? He wants to please you without you catching onto it. He wants you to enjoy his company hence the subtle, but meaningful compliments.

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He gives you his opinions on things

If a guy has romantic interest in you, he’ll insert himself into conversations you’re having with other people and offer up his thoughts on the topics at hand. If you’re talking to him about important life decisions (or even surface level decisions like what outfit to wear), he’ll show interest in helping you choose.

The sole reason he does this is to please you and to show you that you and your life matter to him. He gets brownie points if he listens to you think out loud and decide on a choice.

He remembers really small details about you

Guys are usually not a very observant specimen so if you notice that a guy remembers all the details you brought up in passing conversation, it means that he’s smitten with you.

It shows that he’s putting in extra effort and energy remembering these things about you and your preferences so that he can be more considerate towards you. By doing this, he’s also trying to show you how attentive he would be as your boyfriend if you both dated. Overall, you’re on the right path if a guy does this to you!

He’ll apologize for the smallest things

If a guy is constantly apologizing to you for really small, seemingly insignificant things, it’s because he wants to show you how much he cares about you.

He wants you to consider him as a potential candidate to be your boyfriend and is trying to show you how respectful he is as a person. By apologizing constantly, it displays how much you’re on his mind and how much he’s thinking of you. You’re one of his biggest priorities and naturally, he is going to make sure that you feel special and loved.

He’s constantly looking for you (especially in a crowd)

If a guy’s eyes are roaming a crowd, chances are that he’s looking for you! 9 times out of 10, this guy is looking for your subconsciously without even knowing it.

This is like the most surefire hint that you’re going to get that he likes you and it crushing on you. If he’s looking for you without even being aware of it, it’s because he’s thinking of you so much that it’s become a part of his second nature and it’s become like an instinct. He’s literally addicted to you!

He’s always angled towards you

Pay attention to a guy’s body language while he’s talking to you. If his feet are pointing right at you, his torso is facing yours, and he’s making eye contact, it means that he’s engaged in the conversation you’re having with him.

It shows that he’s actively listening to you because he actually cares about your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Bonus points if he’s leaning into you or leaning towards you! That’s a clear signal that he’s captivated by you and is admiring you from afar while you speak.

He notices changes to your appearance

This one is kind of a no-brainer! Guys are usually not that detail oriented so for a guy to notice something as small as you getting a trim or eyelash extensions is a huge deal.

This really shows how far he’s been paying attention to you and where his mental energy is going. A guy only notices such small, seemingly insignificant details about a girl when he’s interested in her and getting to know her fully. And if a guy notices things like your dark circles and feigns worry about your health, that’s a solid sign that he’s into you and cares for you beyond a friend level.

He puts effort into his appearance around you

If you noticed a guy fidgeting with his hair or nails around you and if you see that his outfits are more cohesive around you, it usually means that he’s trying to impress you! When you have a crush on someone, you’re going to try to put your best foot forward with them and try and be the best version of yourself. So if a guy is trying to look his best around you, it means that he’s crushing hard on you.

He likes working with you and finds every opportunity to

If the guy you’re into is a work colleague or a school classmate, how many times have you worked together and how many times has he initiated in asking you to work with him?

Chances are if he repeatedly comes to you for projects, he thinks that you and him make a great team. This is key because guys that think that are also usually looking for that in their romantic partner. He wants to build a future and a life with someone and that can only be possible if you’re sharing your life with someone you mesh well with.

He doesn’t check his phone when he’s with you

If this guy doesn’t check your phone around you, you’re in luck! He values the time he spends with you and thinks that you’re important which is why he won’t check your phone when he’s around you.

He’s being considerate of your feelings because he understands that checking his phone will signal that he’s not interested in spending quality time with you. He wants you to feel special and appreciated around him which is the main reason he strays away from using his phone around you. Brownie points if he asks you for permission if he can take a call around you!


Do you have any other signs a guy is jealous and likes you we missed? Let us know – we’d love to hear them!


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