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30 Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon!

Looking for Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon?  We have you covered with the 411.

There are so many clues that he is ready to take the next leap of faith and make you his gf real soon and we have the scoop.

If you are thinking well, I think I have seen some signs but I’m not really sure… keep reading as we have listed 30 of the biggest signs that he is ready to commit to a relationship and make you his gf soon!

30 Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon

He includes you in his future plans

Whenever you are talking to him, does he start to make plans far out into the future? If so, he doesn’t think of your relationship with him as a small thing, he wants to take things to the next level – aka one of the biggest signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

One of the most obvious signs would be if he suggests taking a vacation together in a couple of months. If it is not a vacation, it could be a concert he wants to see in a few months and he buys the tickets for you both to attend. No matter how big or small the event is, the important thing is that he is planning to have you in his future as a significant person.

One of the key signs a guy wants you to be his girlfriend!

He wants to or has introduced you to Friends and Family

If the man you are talking to introduces you to his family and friends, he clearly wants to have a real relationship with you. More than likely he will introduce you to his friends, this is the first step in this sign.

He has to see if you will have his close friend’s approval. Once you win that one – which should be relatively easy if you are able to joke around and relax around them – you go on to the next level: the family visit. If you reach the family visit he clearly plans to have you around long term, and he wants to see what his family thinks of you. This is a great step for you as you are able to see what he is like around his family and friends.


He will tell you his feelings

While a lot of men have a hard time coming out and admitting their feelings, sometimes he could just straight up tell you that he wants a full relationship with you and that he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

This may take him a while to fully come out and admit that he has deeper feelings for you, but if he feels comfortable enough with you, he will tell you his true feelings.

If he feels comfortable enough with you to tell you about his feelings, this is a clear sign that you could have healthy communication throughout your relationship, which is a great way to start your relationship!

Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon – He checks in for no reason

If you notice he typically checks in on you to see how you are doing, he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

This may be his way of telling you that he cares for you and wants you to be happy, without actually saying those words out loud to you. So, he may randomly text you throughout the day to see how you are doing, or make an excuse to see you if you tell him you are having a bad day.

He shares details about his life with you and asks for yours too!

If he thinks of you as a casual date, nothing too serious, he probably wouldn’t go into a ton of detail about his life. However, if he wants a serious relationship with you, you will get the exact opposite, he will tell you about every little detail in his life.

He will talk about how his day was, what his interests are, upcoming events in his life, and most importantly, his future plans and goals. The more open he is about his life, the more he shares with you, it all points to the fact that he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend SoonHe wants to spend more time with you

If he is making reasons to spend more time with you, he clearly wants a real relationship with you. This sign will come after you have met each other’s friend groups, maybe he arranges to have drinks with your friends so he can spend more time with you.

Or perhaps his friend group is planning on going to the movies and they suddenly have an extra ticket for you. If it seems like he is making a serious effort to see you, then he wants to date you and he wants you to be his girlfriend soon. If someone doesn’t make an effort to see you, they do not have a serious interest in dating you.


He listens and pays attention to you

When will he ask me to be his girlfriend? If he listens and pays attention to you its a good sign it will be soon!

When a man wants to take a relationship to the next level, and make it official by being boyfriend and girlfriend, he will make it a point to truly listen and pay attention to you when you are talking.

You might mention offhand that your favorite flowers are roses, and sure enough, the next time you hangout, he will have a bundle of roses for you. Someone who does not have any interest in a long term relationship, will not remember the little details, or even pay attention too seriously. However, when they want the real thing, a serious relationship, they will always pay attention to you.

He is Jealous of your male friends

In your friend group it is natural to have other men in it as well, maybe you went to college with them or grew up across the street from one another. Whatever the case may be, it could be intimidating for a guy you are seeing to come in and meet all of your guy friends.

If you are talking to him for a little while, you may notice he will start to get jealous if you are spending more time with your other male friends as opposed to him.

This is a good sign – it just shows he wants you all to himself and wants you to be his girlfriend soon! This could obviously turn into a bad sign if he is over the top jealous, so some clear boundaries should be set!

He puts serious effort into dates

On your first date you may have done the stereotypical first date: head out to dinner with someone, and do some other activity along with it, maybe a movie or mini golf.

After a few dates you may notice he puts more effort and thought into planning your dates. As he gets to know you, he will try to plan out dates that he thinks you will really enjoy, taking your interests and hobbies into consideration.

If it is a short term commitment he wants (aka no titles like bf/gf), he won’t put that much effort into your dates, but long term, he may surprise you with a romantic picnic in the park followed by a secluded outdoor movie theater he set up with a projector for you to enjoy.

He always compliments you

A lot of your friends will compliment you, that’s why you consider them to be your friends! The thing is, they probably won’t be complimenting you every day about every little thing you do.

If he compliments you a lot – it is a big sign he is ready to take the next step and make you his gf soon!

He is an open book – doesn’t hide anything

If a guy you are talking to is very closed off and does not really want to open up to you, he is just looking for a short term fling.

Someone who opens up and tells you about everything, is a person who wants a long term relationship with you. They will tell you about their day, their past relationships, their goals in life, really they will talk to you about anything in their life.

More than likely they will ask you about those things as well and will want to hear all about it. They want to hear about your day, they also want to know that your goals and dreams match up to his!

There are No other girls!

This should be a no brainer, but if he is talking to other girls while you are starting to date, he is not interested in asking for you to be his girlfriend anytime soon.

When a guy is interested in a long term relationship they will drop all of the other girls he has been talking to, and will only be interested in building a relationship with you.

Of course he will still have female friends, just like how you have your male friends, but he won’t be talking to any girl who may be interested in dating him.

Of course if he stops talking to other girls, he will more than likely expect that from you as well, and if you are unsure if he’s talking to someone other than you, just ask! There is no harm in creating an open form of communication right in the beginning of your relationship!

He pays for all meals

As you are dating you may offer to pay for the meal, and he will refuse every time if he is interested in something serious with you.

If he just wants to be friends with you, he would be completely fine with you paying for your own meal, but if he is interested in a relationship, he will more than likely want to pay for your meals. In his mind, it is his way of telling you that he does not want to be put in the friend zone, and is interested in being your boyfriend, rather than just being friends.

Signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon – He asks about your day

Does he want me to be his girlfriend? Well a key clue is if he asks you about your day

In every relationship one of the most common questions at the end of the day  is “How was your day?”. When a guy is interested in a relationship, he will not only ask about how your day was, but he will ask about all the little details that happened throughout your day.

He will ask what kind of coffee you had, who made you laugh, who annoyed you at work, what did you have for lunch, etc. Not only will he ask about what happened, he wants to know how you felt throughout your day. For example, when you talk about who was assigned a new project at work, he wants to know how that made you feel.

He treats you with respect

When a guy is truly interested in making you his girlfriend he will always treat you with respect.

If you end up in an argument, he won’t just swear at you and talk over you, he will listen to your side of the story as well. While he may not agree with you on every issue that arises, he will respect you enough to listen to how you are feeling.

Aside from arguing, he will respect the boundaries you establish and will not try to push them. If someone is talking bad about you behind your back, he will be sure to tell you about it and defend you to that person.

He Accepts you

When someone is truly into you, they will accept you for who you are, and will not try to change you. If he starts mentioning that you change your hair color or style, or suggests you should start going to the gym, he is definitely not looking for a serious long term relationship with you.

If you don’t like scary movies he won’t freak out and say you have to like scary movies, if he does, I recommend stopping your relationship immediately. If he accepts you for who you are, he is interested in a positive long term relationship.

He chases you

If he is just looking for a fling/short term relationship, he will text you intermittently and could even ghost you from time to time. If he wants a serious relationship and is ready to ask you to be his gf, you will constantly have his attention without really even trying.

He will reach out throughout the day, text you in the morning and will send a goodnight message, he may even drop in at your work just to say hi or bring you flowers. But you will notice he will never just stop answering, unless there is a really good reason for him to not answer you.

He is not shy about labels

If a guy you are talking to will not commit to a label, he is just interested in having a fling with you, or to even just be friends. If he gets uncomfortable when you bring up the “what are we” question, he probably just wants to be friends and will not ask you to be his gf soon.

A lot of times a man will be very open about what he wants, if he is telling you he wants to be in a real relationship, then more than likely he does. If this is the case, he will not have any problem calling you his girlfriend and him your boyfriend, in fact, he will probably enjoy it.

He makes room for your stuff in his life

A man’s home is very important to him, he will have a place for everything in it – even if it seems like a mess, he will know where everything is.

If he starts to make some room for your things at his house, he wants a serious relationship. It may start small, like a toothbrush or him always having your favorite brand of coffee in stock, but it could eventually lead to buying things like a nightstand for your side of the bed for you.

He Invites you to events

Going to events in your life alone is not a fun thing to do, especially if it is something like going to a wedding or a work party. If he decides to take you to these kinds of events, he considers your relationship to be serious and will probably ask you to be his girlfriend soon.

These kinds of events are extremely important in his life, and him bringing you shows how serious he is about you. This becomes very serious when you are invited over for family events, like holiday dinners or even family vacations. If you get invited to the family vacation, you not only have his approval, but his entire family’s approval as well!

He Takes an Interest in Your Hobbies

People have hobbies in life, and when you are talking to someone you are serious about, it is natural to take an interest in those hobbies.

If he takes an active interest in your hobbies, he wants to share your interests in life. If you have similar interests, it creates a way to spend time with one another, while doing something active! This goes back to him trying to find excuses to hangout with you, developing an interest in your hobbies is the perfect reason to hangout with one another!

He gives you full attention

When you are hanging out, you will notice that he avoids going on his phone too much. When he is with you he does not want to distract himself from your company by texting other people or using Social Media while you are around.

He wants to spend the time you have together completely focused on you, to learn more about you. This is a great way to see how invested he is in your relationship, if he spends his time hanging out with you distracted, it’s a good sign he is not that invested in the relationship and is not ready to take your friendship to the next level – bf/gf.

He displays his affection

When you are hanging out with him, if wants a relationship with you, he will display his affection for you in subtle ways.

He may give you a friendly hug, or scratch your back. Both of these signs are excuses to touch you, he wants to be in close proximity to you when he is hanging out with you.

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He validates your feelings

If he is very serious about your relationship, he will always validate your feelings and will not judge you. He will always allow you to rant about your day, and will never complain about listening to you.

He truly is okay with listening to you rant about the problems you face throughout the day, he may even offer advice for how to deal with those problems. If you don’t want any advice, he will just be there to listen to you complain! He does however expect you to listen to him in return when he wants to rant about his day.

He is careful with your feelings

When a guy is really into you and wants you to be his girlfriend soon, he will be careful to not hurt you in any way. He will avoid doing things that will upset you, like talking to other girls, or taking a spontaneous guys trip to Vegas without checking in with you.

You may notice this sign just by talking to him, he may be careful to avoid talking about things that may upset you, like something that happened to you in your past may be triggered by talking about something else. When he is talking to you he wants to make you happy, and if you are not happy, he wants to find a way to make you happy.

He is Keen to know your past love life and if you are over your ex

No guy wants to make someone their gf if they are still into their ex.

When you are talking to a guy who wants to know about your past, he is really trying to find out if you are over your ex. Also, he wants to hear about what went wrong in your  previous relationships so he does not make the same mistakes other people had done before him.

As you are talking to him he will ask you about your past, he may even ask if you are still in contact with someone from your past. If you are serious about this guy, I highly recommend not lying about anything – that will just make things very messy down the road.

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He brings you thoughtful Gifts

One of the biggest signs He Wants You to be his Girlfriend Soon!

When giving gifts, it doesn’t really matter how much a person spends on you, what is really important is that they put thought into the gift for you.

When he puts more effort into buying the perfect gift for you, it just shows how much he wants to make you happy. He may buy something that you mentioned you would love to have six months ago, the fact that he took the time to write it down and remember that you want it is extremely special.

In my opinion, a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone is more special than a piece of jewelry. The thoughtful gift shows that they know you on a deeper level, because anyone can give someone a piece of jewelry.

He Respects your boundaries

If he is truly looking for a long term relationship with you, he will respect all of your feelings and boundaries, no matter what they are.

When he gives your boundaries the respect they deserve, he is clearly thinking in the long-term, not the short-term. The most obvious sign for this would be physical intimacy, for example, if you are not ready to kiss him yet, he will respect that and wait for you to feel comfortable with that.

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He makes an effort to look good

A huge sign that he wants to make you his girlfriend soon is when he makes an effort to look good.

While he may not have ever dressed like a slob around you before, he will always try to look his best when you are around. You may notice him fidgeting with his collar or his sleeves to make sure the shirt he is wearing looks good on him.

He may get a new haircut and ask you what you think about it. If you mention you aren’t a big fan of facial hair, I would not be surprised if the next time you see him, he would have shaved since your last date. He wants to be sure that you find him attractive and desirable.


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