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30 Signs your Male Friend Has Feelings for You!

Looking for signs your male friend has feelings for you?

Sometimes it can be tough to tell if your [male or female] friend has feelings for you – they can after all, be extra good at hiding it.

While it can certainly be difficult it is not impossible to tell – if you know the signs 😉 Still wondering does my guy friend have feelings for me? Keep reading for a clearer answer.

30 Signs your Male Friend Has Feelings for You!

Beckon Call

One of the most telling signs that your male friend is looking to be more than just friends, is if he is always available to you no matter what. No matter what time, day or night, they will become available to you, regardless of the situation.

If you text him in the middle of the night that you need to talk, if he is really into you (more than a friend), he will always respond no matter what time it is. If you want to just stay friends with him, I recommend finding someone else to talk to if it is late at night. This way it will not give him any ideas that your relationship could go on to the next level.

Avoids Talking about other Women

If you and your male friend have always been able to talk about your own relationships, and he suddenly stops talking about other girls around you, then he definitely has a crush on you.

He avoids talking about other women around you because he does not want to upset or make you feel insignificant compared to the other women in his life. He wants to make it seem like you are the only girl in his life for a reason – he would like to take your relationship out of the friend zone, and into a real relationship.

His Friends never hit on you

If you are good friends with his friend group as well, and you notice that they never hit on you while you are all hanging out, even in a playful manner, it is more than likely that he has a crush on you.

He probably talked about it to his friends, and they would not want to ruin their friendship with him by hitting on you in front of him, so they make sure that they keep the relationship with you a complete friendship and nothing more. By watching how his friends interact with you will give you a great idea about what his true feelings are about you.

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Focuses on you when addressing everyone

When you are hanging out with him in a big group of friends, and he is talking to the group as a whole, but seems to focus just on you while talking, he has a crush on you.

This is a very subtle sign, as it may seem like he is just talking to everyone in the group, when in reality, he is focusing on you because he really wants to have the conversation with just you. You may notice him make more eye contact with you, or just simply only look at you while making conversation with the entire group.

Keeps paying the bill

One of the big signs your male friend has feelings for you is when he keeps paying the bill.

As friends it is only natural that you may go out to eat to catch up, this doesn’t mean that you are dating, just that you want to catch up as friends. If you notice he always picks up the bill for you, even though you offer to split the bill every time, it may be because he wants it to be an actual date.

Whenever I am out to eat with friends we always split the bill, but if I am out to dinner with someone I may be interested in, I would always offer to pay for their meal. Your friend may be doing this because in his mind it could lead to future dates with you.

Prolongs Hangouts

As you are hanging out together, whether it is just one on one or within a big group, and he keeps finding ways to prolong the time together, he is just looking for a way to spend more time with you.

This is extremely noticeable if he finds a way to keep hanging out with you after you had just hung out with all of your friends in a big group. He may think of a random excuse to keep hanging out so he is able to get some one on one time with you, which is much more intimate than hanging out together in a big group.

Strives to look good for you

If you notice he starts to change his wardrobe to improve the way he looks, and asks your opinion on his new style, he is definitely looking for a way to get you to notice him – beyond the friendship level.

He may start to dress like the men you have previously dated, maybe incorporate a leather jacket or wear dressier clothes, it’s all to get you to notice him more. He feels the more you notice him, it will be more likely for you to start to develop more serious feelings for you.

signs he's fighting his feelings for you

Includes you in his future plans

While you are hanging out with him, and you start to notice he starts to include you in all of his future plans, he is certainly into you. He starts to tell you about all of his future plans, wants to hear your opinion on them, and even wants to hear if you will be a part of them.

If he talks about things like a future beach trip in front of you, he secretly wants to hear you say “I would love to go to the beach with you”. Even if you plan to go with all of your friends together, he just wants you to be a part of those plans.

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Strives to know your dating status

If you notice he always asks you about your love life, he doesn’t really want to hear about how happy you are with this new guy you have been talking to.

What he really wants to hear is that it is going horribly for you, and that you just want to start dating him. If he continuously says he doesn’t deserve you after every little argument you have with your boyfriend, he just wants to be the one dating you.

Protective of you

While your guy friends are typically protective of you, it is usually coming from a place of care, somewhat like a brother would do for you. If you start to notice him being protective of you at a much higher level, he has more intimate feelings for you.

There are a lot of subtle ways to notice this, like giving you his coat when it’s cold outside, or walking you to your car after hanging out with you. While some of these signs may seem innocent, they could lead to more over the edge signs, like ruining your relationship with someone trying to protect you.

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Actively Compliments you via text

One of the biggest signs your male friend has feelings for you through text.

A friend of yours can compliment you without it going to the point of him wanting a serious relationship with you. However, if you start to notice that the comments are a little more than just along the lines of “You look good today” to a new level like “You always make my day” or something to that extent, he is hinting at his true feelings for you.

Try to be mindful when you are asking his opinion of something and really take a notice about the words he uses, they could be telling you more about his feelings for you.


Avoids talking about other men

Two friends should be able to talk about their love life without any issues at all. They should be able to discuss how happy they are because their boyfriend surprised them with flowers or you are planning a romantic getaway with your boyfriend.

If you notice your friend tries to avoid talking about the other men in your life, he wants to be more than friends. You may notice he starts to get uncomfortable when you talk about your previous date, he may even start to get annoyed when you talk about him. If you notice him getting annoyed I recommend you stop talking about dating other people in front of him.

Jokes about you dating

If your friend continuously says things like “We have so much in common I almost feel like we should be the ones dating” in a joking manner, it may not actually be a joke. They truly want to be dating you, but they are afraid to say this in a truthful manner.

A lot of times you may notice this sign when you are struggling with your current dating life. If you are constantly complaining about your dating struggles, he may just say as a joke “You should just date me, you won’t have these kinds of problems dating me”.

Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Laughs at all of your jokes

While you are hanging out, you may start to notice he will always laugh at your jokes, even if they are not even funny jokes.

If he is interested in dating you, he will find even the slightest joke that you say is funny. If you really want to test to see if he is showing this sign, have a completely serious conversation and throw in a little tiny joke, and see if he laughs immediately. If he is into you, he will not be able to resist the urge to laugh at your jokes!

Introduces you to their family / friends

This sign might be a little bit difficult if you are just basing it off of his friend group. If he introduces you to his friends to hangout as a whole group with your friends, it does not necessarily mean that he’s into you.

But if he invites you to hangout with just his friends, it is probably because he wants his friends to get to know you to see what they think. However, if he is introducing you to his family, it is basically a no brainer that he’s into you. He may invite you to a family birthday party where a lot of his family is at. All to see what they think about you, and for you to get to know him a little better.

Remember things and are extremely mindful of you

If you start to notice that he always remembers things about you, like your favorite restaurant to eat at, your favorite music, or your favorite movie genre, he probably has some interest in you.

He may remember all the little stories you tell him about your childhood. Most importantly, if he notices that you changed up your hairstyle without telling him about it, he definitely wants to date you. Most men struggle noticing the little things in life, so if he is noticing and remembering the little things for you, then he does not want to be just a friend.

Positive body language

Body language is a huge deal when it comes to trying to decide if someone is into you, or if they think you are just friends. If he seems closed off to you, like constantly closes his arms around you or is constantly slouched over when you are around, he more than likely just wants to be friends.

However, if you notice he seems open to you, talks with his hands a lot, or finds any excuse to touch you – like a playful tap on the shoulder, he wants to be more than just a friend with you.

Elevated interest in your likes / dislikes

When you are friends with someone it is natural to share some interests, it’s the main reason you are friends with someone.

But when you are dating someone, or you are interested in dating someone, you tend to find an elevated interest in their hobbies or just their interests in life like music, movies, and food. To go along with their likes, you also tend to dislike similar things as them, even if you may have enjoyed them at some point in your life.

For example, if you always loved scary movies, and your friend hates them, and you get him to watch a scary movie, he wants to date you. If a person who hates scary movies watches a scary movie for someone else, the only explanation for this is because they like that person.


Initiates conversation

When you are friends with someone you will typically take turns initiating conversations, it’s not a planned thing, it just happens. But if you find yourself not initiating conversation with him, but he always will initiate the conversation, it is because he wants to continuously talk to you to get to know you better.

If you want to find out if he is interested in you, take three days and do not initiate contact with him at all. If he is interested in you, he will find an excuse to talk to you over those three days.

Creates time for you

People lead busy lives, and when you are friends with someone you may go a few weeks without actually seeing them. You simply go about your lives, just talking to one another through text, over the phone, or social media.

However, if your friend is secretly falling for you, he will not be able to go a few weeks just talking to you through technology, he will need to see you in person. While he may lead a busy life, he will always try to make time for you to accommodate your schedule. If you say you are free on a Friday night that he originally had plans for, he will cancel and try to make plans with you involved in them.

Shares his issues with you

The ability to depend on a partner when you are facing issues in life is an extremely important part of being in a relationship. Sure friends can count on one another for advice and support when going through the harder parts of life, but a partner can offer you even more support than just your friend.

If he feels the need to go to you with any problem in his life seeking your advice, it is because he values your opinion and wants to work through the hard parts of his life with you. So if you notice he constantly comes to you with his problems, more than he does with his own friends, he has developed more feelings for you than a regular friend.

Jealous Easily

This one may be obvious, but if he starts to get jealous because you are dating another guy, or if a guy is hitting on you at the bar, he has feelings for you.

He can’t stand the idea of another guy making you smile, laugh, and be happy. He wants to be the reason you are laughing and the fact that another guy is doing that will drive him crazy. Eventually it may even get to the point where he can’t be around you because it hurts him so much when you bring your boyfriend with you to hangout.

Likes Buying you Gifts

It is very typical for a group of friends to exchange gifts throughout the year with major holidays and birthdays. But if you notice he gives you gifts randomly throughout the year, he is starting to fall for you. These gifts may not always be wrapped with a bow on it, it could be him giving you his sweatshirt when you are cold and letting you keep it.

Or maybe he surprises you with takeout from your favorite restaurant in town after you told him you had a long day. It is small gestures like this that point to him wanting a more serious relationship with you.

Treats you like the only girl

One of the biggest signs your guy friend is in love with you.

When someone is single, a lot of times their friends will be the ones to set them up on dates with someone they know. If you start to see that he constantly finds an excuse to not go on a date with someone, it is highly likely that he has a crush on you.

If he has developed feelings for you, it will be extremely difficult for him to go on dates with someone you may know, he might not even like to talk about other girls in front of you. He secretly wants to be dating you, so he wouldn’t want to talk about other women in front of you.

Notices the subtle things about you

As I previously mentioned before, men struggle to notice the small things in life. We usually don’t notice that you got your nails done, or bought a new shirt, or even changed up your hairstyle. But if a man is interested in dating someone, they will notice every subtle detail about that person.

They will be consumed with trying to learn every little detail about your life, and I can guarantee he will notice if you changed something about your appearance. Aside from appearances, he may notice how you interact with certain things, like the face you make when you eat spicy food.

Wants to make you happy

Friends always want to make each other happy, but if he is really interested in you, he will stop at nothing to make you happy. A lot of times, he will constantly ask if you need or want anything. If you say you want to try a new restaurant an hour away, he will do anything to make that happen because it will make you happy. He really just wants to be the reason that you are smiling each day, and if he doesn’t get to see you, he will try to do it over the phone even!

Makes a lot of eye contact

Making eye contact with someone in United States culture shows you are paying complete attention to someone, and it shows that you respect them. In addition to paying attention to someone, it could also mean you are developing feelings for someone, since it could be considered flirting.

If you notice your friend is constantly making eye contact with you throughout the day, it could very well be because he has deeper feelings for you. Of course you have to be mindful of the situation, if you are having a serious conversation with him, he could be maintaining eye contact with you because he is paying close attention to your conversation, so you have to be aware of the situation with this sign.

Tries to make you jealous

This sign is kind of opposite from sign number 24 “Treats you like the only girl”, where he does anything to make you jealous. He will always tell you about the new girl he is talking to or tell you about all of the dates he is going on.

All he is really trying to do is make you jealous and he is hoping that you will develop feelings for him as well. This sign can be an extremely toxic attempt to get your attention, if you notice him doing this, I highly recommend you put a stop to it immediately.


Follows you all over Social Media

So this sign won’t be noticeable right away, because everyone follows each other on social media nowadays. But over time if you start to notice he likes all of your posts, comments on all of your new photos you post on Instagram, or follows all of the same people you do, it is a good sign that he is starting to develop feelings for you.

This may be completely harmless, but over time if you do not reciprocate those feelings for him it could come to a level of stalking, and you may want to say something to him.

New nicknames / Pet Names

Sure friends have names for one another, but if you notice he starts to call you special nicknames that he makes for you. It’s extremely noticeable if he starts to call you pet names like sweetie, darling, honey, or baby.

He may be saying this in a joking manner, but he truly wants to call you those names. If he starts to call you those names and it makes you uncomfortable, you have to put an end to it immediately, you let it go on for a while,  it will be extremely difficult to put an end to it later.


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