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100+ Vienna Austria Quotes for Instagram Captions that are Music to Your Ears

Vienna is one of our favourite places to visit in Europe.

Here are 100+ Vienna Austria Quotes to (hopefully) inspire you to visit Vienna or if you have already been use as awesome Instagram captions!   

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100+ Vienna Austria Quotes for inspiring instagram captions

Vienna Instagram Captions

Here are our favourite Instagram captions to use for your Vienna photos:

When will you realize Vienna waits for you?

My heart is in Vienna.

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” — Asian Proverb

It’s time to take Vienna.

Vienna pleases me exceedingly.

Get lost in Vienna.

And so the adventure begins…in Vienna!

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” — Jack Johnson

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” — Lao Tzu

Collect moments, not things.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. But maybe it’s a little bit about the destination.

Mozart Quotes

One of the most famous and talented musical person from Austria is Mozart. Here are some of our favourite quotes from Mozart himself:

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“When I am ….. Completely myself, entirely alone… or during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these ideas come I know not nor can I force them.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Nevertheless the passions, whether violent or not, should never be so expressed as to reach the point of causing disgust; and music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“It is a mistake to think that the practice of my art has become easy to me. I assure you, dear friend, no one has given so much care to the study of composition as I. There is scarcely a famous master in music whose works I have not frequently and diligently studied.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Melody is the essence of music. I compare a good melodist to a fine racer, and counterpointists to hack post-horses; therefore be advised, let well alone and remember the old Italian proverb: Chi sa più, meno sa—Who knows most, knows least.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“When I feel well and in a good humor, or when I am taking a drive or walking after a good meal, or in the night when I cannot sleep, thoughts crowd into my mind as easily as you could wish.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“The only thing–I tell you this straight from the heart–that disgusts me in Salzburg is that one can’t have any proper social intercourse with those people–and that music does not have a better reputation…For I assure you, without travel, at least for people from the arts and sciences, one is a miserable creature!…A man of mediocre talents always remains mediocre, may he travel or not–but a man of superior talents, which I cannot deny myself to have without being blasphemous, becomes–bad, if he always stays in the same place. If the archbishop would trust me, I would soon make his music famous; that is surely true.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“You know that I immerse myself in music, so to speak— that I think about it all day long— that I like experimenting— studying— reflecting.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“It is, of course, a money marriage, nothing more. I wouldn’t want to enter into this kind of marriage. I wish to make my wife happy and not make my happiness through her.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Vienna Travel Quotes

Vienna is definitely one of our favourite places to travel. Here are some awesome quotes to inspire you to travel to Vienna.

“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.” – Frederic Chopin

“My parents genuinely loved Vienna, and in later years I learned from them why the city exerted a powerful hold on them and other Jews. My parents loved the dialect of Vienna, its cultural sophistication, and artistic values.” – Eric Kandel

“Modernism in Vienna brought together science and culture in a new way to create an Age of Insight that emphasized a more complex view of the human mind than had ever existed before.” – Eric Kandel

“What impressed me particularly in Vienna was the strict order everywhere. No mob disturbances of any kind, in spite of the greatly increased liberty and relaxation of police regulations.” – Fritz Kreisler

“For my Vienna is as different from what they call Vienna now as the quick is different from the dead.” – Erich von Stroheim

“Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe.” – Niki Lauda


Austria Quotes

Here are some of the best quotes about Austrian life, how Austria has developed, people from Austria and their values.

“There is a dessert dish in Austria called Kaiserschmarrn – it’s kind of like a sweet raisin pancake with eggs and sugar. It’s definitely not something I can eat often, but if I’ve done well at a race, sometimes that’s my celebration treat!” – Lindsey Vonn

“I am a big believer in education, because when I grew up in Austria – when I grew up in Austria I had a great education. I had great teachers.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“At the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Austria, there was a lot of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism in Austria was much more pervasive than in Germany. And Austrians took to Nazi ideas and anti-Semitism much more readily than Germans did, really.” – Viggo Mortensen

“I grew up in Austria, and for me real comfort food is Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener schnitzel and mashed potatoes because it reminds me of my youth… It reminds me when I grow up and it feels very comforting.” – Wolfgang Puck

“Austria used to see itself as the first victim of National Socialism. That is certainly true for all those who fought in the resistance, whom we cannot thank enough, and who will always be shining examples. But… the ones who stood in such great numbers and celebrated in March 1938 in Heroes’ Square were no victims.” – Sebastian Kurz

“We are also trying to fight successfully in the European Union against anti-Semitism. Because of Austria’s history, it is, from my point of view, our obligation to do that.” – Sebastian Kurz

“Austria is unconditionally committed to the security of Israel and its citizens.” – Sebastian Kurz

“I would definitely return to Austria. They were all good experiences for me, but definitely Austria because there were some ancient Celtic, sacred sites that were in the forest that were quite beautiful.” – Nicolas Cage

“If you’re born in Austria, you probably will ski.” – Nacho Figueras

“My father was an immigrant from Austria and he became a lawyer and became a judge and I think he was a good judge.” – Mickey Kaus

Salzburg Quotes

Here are some interesting quotes about Salzburg life:

“Salzburg is nevertheless both a must and a joy.” -Rick Steves

“When I was four years old, my father, who was a colonel in the army, was stationed in Salzburg, Austria. Across the street from our house was an ancient castle on a cliff. So when I first heard fairy tales, I felt as if the magic of ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was taking place right in my own neighborhood.” – Mary Pope Osborne

“The restaurants close here in Salzburg. They don’t really have nightlife in the winter time.” – Cecilia Bartoli

“Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?” Captain von Trapp, The Sound of Music

“Salzburg… is a mountain town with a rushing river running right through the center, everything in the rain various shades of green and brown.” – Jonathan Carroll

“When building in a place that already has a dominant style, it’s important to behave yourself. Look around; refer to what you see. In the mountains above Salzburg, I saw charming chalets and wildflower meadows. The chalets are cozy – I don’t do cozy. The meadows are in a soft disarray – I don’t do soft, and I don’t do disarray. I do order.” – Anouska Hempel

Sound of Music Quotes

The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite movies. Here are some fabulous Sound of Music Quotes to caption your Instagram photos:

“These are a few of my favourite things” – Maria

“When you know the right notes to sing you can sing most anything” – Maria

“Climb Every Mountain” – Reverend Mother

“Fraulein, is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you intend on leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of… indigestion?” – Captain von Trapp

“My fellow Austrians, I shall not be seeing you again perhaps for a very long time. I would like to sing for you now… a love song. I know you share this love. I pray that you will never let it die.” – Captain von Trapp

“I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t seem to stop saying things, anything and everything I think and feel.” – Maria

“I go to the hills when my heart is lonely, I know I will hear what I’ve heard before, my heart will be blessed with the sound of music, and I’ll sing once more.”

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”

“The Sound of Music was just such an honor to be in, because it was a movie that appeals to so many people, and they just loved it so much and they still love it to this day.” – Angela Cartwright

Austrian Proverbs

Here are some of our favourite Austrian proverbs:

“A blind chicken will often find an ear of corn.” – Austrian Proverb

“A marriage is a procession in which the cross goes first.” – Austrian Proverb

“Do not allow the Gypsies to lure you out behind the furnace.” – Austrian Proverb

“History is constantly teaching, but it does not find many pupils.” – Austrian Proverb

“God gives the wheat, He doesn’t bake the bread.” – Austrian Proverb

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” – Austrian Proverb

“A light is still a light, even though the blind man cannot see it.” – Austrian Proverb

“If you owe 10,000 dollars, you are a customer of the bank. If you owe 100 million dollars, the bank is a customer of yours.” – Austrian Proverb

“The hunt is like a dance for men, for women the dance is the hunt.” – Austrian Proverb

“Success has more than one father.” – Austrian Proverb


Marie Antoinette Quotes

Marie Antoinette is from the Austrian royal family. Here are our favourite Marie Antoinette Quotes:

“I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.” ― Marie Antoinette

“Pardon me sir. I did not mean to do it, “to a man whose foot she stepped on before she was executed by the guillotine” ― Marie Antoinette

“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” ― Marie Antoinette

“My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.” ― Marie Antoinette

“When everyone else is losing their heads, it is important to keep yours.” ― Marie Antoinette

“It would be doing me great injustice to think that I have any feeling of indifference to my country; I have more reason than anyone to feel, every day of my life, the value of the blood which flows in my veins, and it is only from prudence that at times I abstain from showing how proud I am of it.” – Marie Antoinette

“It is an amazing feature in the French character that they will let themselves be led away so easily by bad counsels and yet return again so quickly. It is certain that as these people have, out of their misery, treated us so well, we are the more bound to work for their happiness.” – Marie Antoinette

“I feel more and more, every day of my life, how much my dear mamma has done for my establishment. I was the youngest of all her daughters, and she has treated me as if I were the eldest, so that my whole soul is filled with the tenderest gratitude.” – Marie Antoinette

“The king is full of kindnesses toward me, and I love him tenderly. But it is pitiable to see his weakness for Madame du Barri, who is the silliest and most impertinent creature that it is possible to conceive.” – Marie Antoinette

“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” – Marie Antoinette

Beethoven Quotes

Another famous composer from Austria (born in Germany) was Beethoven. Here are our favourite Beethoven quotes:

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“Never forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“It seemed unthinkable for me to leave the world forever before I had produced all that I felt called upon to produce” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“It is my wish that you may have at better and freer life than I have had. Recommend virtue to your children; it alone, not money, can make them happy. I speak from experience; this was what upheld me in time of misery.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“I love a tree more than a man.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“My misfortune is doubly painful to me because it will result in my being misunderstood. For me there can be no recreation in the company of others, no intelligent conversation, no exchange of information with peers; only the most pressing needs can make me venture into society. I am obliged to live like an outcast.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

“Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

Sigmund Freud Quotes

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ― Sigmund Freud

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” ― Sigmund Freud

“He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.” ― Sigmund Freud

“Religious doctrines … are all illusions, they do not admit of proof, and no one can be compelled to consider them as true or to believe in them.” ― Sigmund Freud

“In so doing, the idea forces itself upon him that religion is comparable to a childhood neurosis, and he is optimistic enough to suppose that mankind will surmount this neurotic phase, just as so many children grow out of their similar neurosis.” ― Sigmund Freud

“In the depths of my heart I can’t help being convinced that my dear fellow-men, with a few exceptions, are worthless.” ― Sigmund Freud

“Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.” ― Sigmund Freud

“Immorality, no less than morality, has at all times found support in religion.” ― Sigmund Freud


We hope you enjoyed our Vienna Quotes and Austria Quotes. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

If you have a few days spare, we encourage you to check out Budapest, the capital of Hungary which is located a short train ride away. Check out our Budapest captions while you’re there!

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