50 Chill Date Ideas For Super Relaxing Date Nights!

Do you need more chill date ideas to do with your partner? Especially these days, being coped up indoors, we need ideas to bring harmony to the situation!

There’s a lot of anxiety going around, and tempers can get short. Perhaps having plans for something fun to do can save the day!

Here are some chill date ideas for relaxing together and making some good memories during these stressful times.

Netflix and Chill

Pour some wine or a cup of tea, light some candles, lower the lights and turn up the volume. Pull a warm blanket across the two of you and press play.

Date Night Box

A date night box is one of our all time favorite chill date ideas! I don’t know about you but I get extra joy receiving something fun in the mail!

Bring your partner breakfast in bed

Nothing is more romantic than making a lovely breakfast on a tray, adding a flower, and gently waking your partner up to a yummy breakfast served in bed.

Play board games

This is a fun way the two of you can relax and get your minds off the real world for a while.

Read the Bible

You can read bible passages to each other or sing songs from the Book of Psalms. If you have a piano or other instrument, play an accompaniment.

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