Flirty Snapchat Questions to Get to Know Someone

Looking for flirty snapchat questions? Great – we have you covered!

Flirting or trying to make connections on snapchat is awkward – it can be hard to break the ice and know what to ask!

Instead of looking self absorbed with your flirting or making a comment that might be taken the wrong way, we suggest you instead ask some flirty questions.

Funny Questions to ask on Snapchat

Have you ever made a prank call to someone you don’t know? What do you typically do when you’re bored? Do you have an imaginary friend?

Flirty this or that questions to ask on snapchat

Honesty or Other’s Feelings? Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? Mobile Games or Console Games? Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

Flirty yes or no questions to ask on snapchat

Have you ever been skydiving over the Golden Gate? Would you wear a hat all day if you could? Can you shoot an apple off the head of a goat?

Flirty would you rather questions to ask on snapchat

Would you rather text or all night or talk on the phone? Would you rather share food or have separate meals?

Flirty questions to ask your crush on snapchat

What is the best part of dating someone new? What makes you nervous? What are you most passionate about?

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