30 Fun Morning Date Ideas You Should Tick Off Your Bucket List

Looking for morning date ideas? Great you have come to the right place. While many of us may schedule in a weekly date night, morning dates are somewhat less popular. But why should they be?

If you’re an early bird and love getting up at the crack of dawn, rather than staying up late, you may prefer the idea of a morning date rather than the usual evening date.

Here are some some of our favorite early morning date ideas to get you started.

Make brunch together

Cooking together is a fun way for couples to bond and discover new things about each other that may not come up during traditional dates.

Go to the beach

Beaches are romantic, with the beautiful waves crashing on the shore and the sparkling sands. It is stunning in the morning and makes for one of the most epic morning date ideas!

Schedule a hot air balloon ride

Gorgeous views of the ground from high above make a hot air balloon ride a stunningly fun morning date idea!

Go on a scenic drive

Early scenic drives can be one of the best morning date ideas, and it is also one of the cheapest. Get drive-thru breakfast and hit a scenic road.

Go to the zoo

The zoo is a super simple morning date idea, and it will be a memorable one. Visit all of the animals while getting to know one another.

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