Indoor Date Ideas for Couples (Much Better than Netflix)

Looking for awesome indoor date ideas SO much better than Netflix? We have you covered with the best date ideas that will totally spice up your otherwise boring indoor date night.

And, if these dates aren’t completely hitting the spot, here are some alternative rainy date date ideas and at home date night ideas that should well and truly keep you occupied indoors.

So with no further adieu here are some of our favourite indoor date ideas for couples that will totally blow your mind.

At-Home Spa Parlor

Get into comfortable clothes or some cute pajamas and put on your favorite movie. Now sit back and relax while your significant other shows off their best foot massage skills.

Make Personalised Glasses

No matter who skilled your partner is, guys will love the excuse to etch a beer stein and christen his wares with a cold drink afterwards.

Latte Art Competition

So why not make your own fancy coffees at home and surprise your partner with your latte art skills. Then challenge them to do something even more impressive!


It is the perfect place to have a laugh at your terrible bowling skills and really get to know each other on a deeper level.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Go to the best rated ice cream store in town or if you are feeling a little creative you might like to make your own ice cream bar at home for the pair of you to enjoy.

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