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What to Say to a Guy on Tinder? Top 7 Tips On Messaging Guys On Tinder

Wondering what to say to a guy on tinder?  

So you have created the perfect dating profile on tinder and found a cute guy you want to talk to. But a question comes to your mind; how to text a guy on tinder?

If you don’t communicate, it is hard to find a guy on tinder. But what is use of sending a message on tinder if a guy doesn’t reply.

What to Say to a Guy on Tinder? Top 7 Tips On Messaging Guys On Tinder

I know you want to impress him with your first message. But if you don’t know how to text a guy, all your effort will be of no use.  If you want your crush to reply to your text on tinder, then check out our tinder tips that will help you start a conversation.

Greet Him Differently

If you want to give the best first impression, then you have to be different than the rest of the women. And if you want to be different, you will have to start your conversation in an unusual way. According to statistics, the top 3 greetings that are considered as bad in online dating are “hi”, “hello” and “hey”.

If you are planning to greet him using these words, then stop right there. It’s time to change the way you greet him. Instead of texting him with a boring “hi”, start with something like “what’s up?” or “yo”. Using such opener lines has shown better possibility of getting a reply than using “hello”.

In fact, using traditional openers have shown that the reply rate is just 27% according to statistics compared to “how’s it going?” or”yo” which has a reply rate of above 45%.

Give Him A Reason To Respond

If your opener text is too vague, then the chances of him replying to your text will be less. If you want him to reply, then you should give him a reason to reply. And one of the best ways to make him respond is by asking him a question.

This is one of the simplest dating tips which will help you get started with a conversation. Adding to my previous tip, you can go one step further by asking a question that is related to him.

Instead of just sending him a text something like “what’s up?” and leave him hanging, you can also add an extra line like “how was your weekend?” or “how was your baseball game?” to start the ball rolling.

Avoid Physical Compliments

Avoid using physical comments and compliments directed at him like sexy, hot, cute, etc. Data has shown that using such compliments have lesser chances of getting a reply from him.

Such words have been used by online spammers for so long, you won’t be surprised if he actually gets put off by it. Even though guys do like compliments, they are not good to be used as pick up lines. Especially when both of you haven’t even met.

Instead you can use words to compliment such as “awesome” and “cool” which are said to give better response by guys.


Be Specific

As I have already mentioned in tip #2, do not engage in vague messaging if you want him to reply to your text. If you want him to reply then you have to be specific with your messages. You can talk about the tattoo on his arm or about a music band or anything.

Just be specific. Asking “niche” related questions that is related to the guy is said to get positive response from guys. If there are any interests that are common to both of you, then the conversation can even get better and deeper which is good for you.

Avoid Using Short Words

One of the biggest turn off for guys is the usage of shortcut words like “U’, “Dis”, etc. Even thought it can save you a second of your time, using them can create one of the worst first impression for you.

Same goes to bad grammar also. Language can be a deal maker or breaker. So never use short words like “HRU?”, “I’m fyn” and the likes of it. Instead use complete words in all of your texts. Data has shown that using complete words have better response rates.

However, there are some exceptions too. You can use an occasional “lol” or “haha” once in a while if such situation occurs. You can also use short words if he is also using the same with you.

Keep It Simple

Keep your first text short and simple. Show your interest in his profile and ask him a question (better if it’s related to common interest).

Do not turn your text message in to an essay. Long messages are often ignored. You might even come out too strong for him. The main goal of your first text is to start a conversation and the rest should be left to him. If he is interested, he will get back to you.

Some women make the mistake the asking everything in one big text. Avoid that. Just pick one question that you are most curious about him and get started.

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Maintain A Good Text Ratio

Do not go overboard with texting him. Try to maintain a ratio of 1:1. You might overwhelm him if you text him too much. You don’t want to annoy him by texting him repeatedly. The best thing that you can do after sending a message is wait.

Do not panic if he doesn’t reply in 5 minutes. Have patience and focus on your life. You don’t know what he is doing at the moment. Thousands of women get turned down by this one bad habit. So resist the urge of texting him again and again.

Instead go out with your friends and have fun. If he is interested in you, he will surely get back to you. If you have any tips on what to text a guy on tinder, then help our readers by giving your suggestions in the comment section below.


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