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What To Text A Girl Before the First Date? Tips To Follow!

What to text a girl before the first date? So you have got your first date and you are very excited about it. The date, place and timings are all booked.

But you still have over a week left before you can meet her? Is it okay if you can text her before first date?

First date can be very exciting and adventurous. But texting a girl before first date can get very tricky.

If you text a lot she might think that you are assuming you have won her over and there is no more challenge involved. And if you don’t text at all then she might think you are not interested in dating her.

But texting before dating can also be helpful. It can help you in building excitement and warm you up for your first date through some cool conversations. This will mean your how to proceed with a conversation when you are on your date.

How To Plan Your First Date With A Girl?

Before you fix a date to meet her, try to build a conversation with her and let a date emerge on its own based on your work pattern or hers.

This way it will be less predictable and give both of you an opportunity to get some value from the conversation rather than trying to be desperate to fix a date.

Usually it’s always the guy who is chasing the girl, so hold on to your horses and don’t let show yourself to be the desperate person.

What To Text A Girl Before First Date? Tips To Follow Before Your First Date

We all live in a busy world so it is always a good idea to schedule a date for meeting in advance.

But if you don’t know what or how to text a girl before first date, then below are some cool ideas that will lead you to your first date.

Don’t Go Into Detail

Women are always nervous and sometimes even a little hesitant when meeting a guy for the first time.

So you don’t want to give her any kind of feeling that the first date is going to be in some kind of organized manner or she has to follow some fixed plan.

Keep the conversation light and try to build a mood that will also hello you during your date.


Her: “So, where are we meeting?”

You: “Let’s meet at the Gold’s gym. Be my spotter as I bench press 200 lbs. Then we will grab a cup of whey drink.”

Her: “Sounds cool. I might as well build my biceps along the way. See ya on saturday.”

Don’t Text Much

This tip goes along with the previous one, which is to keep your conversation light and simple. While your conversation and mood is set, try to keep the texts to a bare minimum and don’t text a lot.

The goal of texting is to set a tone for your first date. If you do everything in text, then there will be nothing left when you actually meet.

Also the more you text her, the more you might be trying to keep her committed to it. While this is not always true, this is general rule of thumb.

When she has already committed to meet you, you shouldn’t be bothering her much. Rather she should be thinking about the meeting and the fun and mysterious guy she is going to meet.

If you want to text her, you can send something like a meme or joke that is completely non dating related.

Don’t Keep Checking On Her

Don’t keep asking her questions like ‘how was your day?’ as it can get more personal to ask someone before your first date.

As a general rule don’t ask any questions at all and avoid them altogether. Just make a general statement suggesting her to save the date so that she doesn’t forget.

You can also add some kind of light humor like ‘Whoever comes late, drinks on them’. It will help in lowering the stress before the first meeting and also try to keep both of you reach on time.

Don’t Sext

If you are not looking for a one night stand, then don’t sexualize your texts. Of course you are very excited about your date and you don’t know where it might end up, but please be a gentleman.

Unless she is giving obvious sexual signals, do not fall into this trap. If the girl figures out your intentions are bad, then she won’t have any second thought of meeting you.

So as I said before, play it smooth like a gentleman and let her imagination run wild about hat could happen on the date. 

Text Her Indirectly Before Your Date

Texting her indirectly before you date can help in reminding her of the meeting in case she has lost track of time.


“Hey I’m sorry I’ll running late by 15 minutes.”

“Hey, I’m already on my way and I’ll meet you near the park.” If you are not getting any reply from her or if you are want to make a more direct approach, you can text something like, ‘If you reach before time someone will try to take you on a pre-date and l will b left hanging.”

Text Less Than Necessary

While some girls hesitate to talk much before first date, there are girls who ask a lot of questions as if they even want to know details about your previous life. Or she might even tell everything about herself which is a common thing.

This kind of habit is a very bad idea. Although she might be asking a lot of questions to you out of excitement, she might not really want to know about that.

And if you build a good chemistry in texting, you might lose the excitement when you meet for the first time and your date might fail.

Also by texting too much before even meeting for the first time, it will build an image of us in the other person’s mind just based on our texts that we might probably not live up to.

Instead what you can do is tell 50% about you so that she might not feel like she is meeting a stranger.

And at the same time she will feel comfortable that she will be meeting a cool guy and the person she has talked through text is the same person she will be meeting.

Don’t Analyze Her Through Text

Not trying to build an image based of just text not just holds true for her but for the guy as well.

Just because she is normal or not giving out any warning sign does not mean that you can make a call that both your personalities will suit.

While it is harder to read someone even when you are meeting them in person, doing that just over text is a recipe for disappointment. This holds true for both the guy and girl.

Let your date help you explore and experience the other person and do not try to build a profile of someone before you meet.

Don’t Fake Your Personality

If you are trying to be over smart or showing an aspect of your personality much stronger than you are normally over text before your first date, then you are just setting up yourself to hold on to that personality even during the actual date.

And you won’t be able to hold on to that for long.

Do not try to impress her too much over text so that when she meets you for the first time she will be surprised to see your sense of humor and confidence. It’s called under expectation and over delivery.

The effort that want to put in impressing her over text, make that same effort when you first meet her and she won’t get confused about your personality.

Don’t Use Long Texts

This is one of the most common and important tips you should know about and it goes without saying. Unless you have something important to say, do not go on texting lengthy essay kind of texts.

Check this for example:

Her: ‘I’m very much excited about our meeting this weekend.’

You:I’m also very much excited. In fact I’m much more excited than you. It will be so cool meeting someone you don’t know for the first time. I have never been to that pub before but I have heard it’s an awesome place to visit. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

Her: ‘Ahh, yeah, it will be great.’

You: ‘Not just great, it will be awesome. The last time I went to a bar was very boring LOL. I guess I just have to be very careful when deciding on a bar to visit.’

Do you see? Sending long and unwanted messages before you even meet a person might display a sign of desperation and low intelligence.

Try to maintain suspense and challenge and your date will be very interesting.

If you try to eager and desperate you will trip on your own feet. Keep your texts brief and light, smile a lot and it will tell them you are a confident mover.

And when you both actually meet for the first time, you will get a clear idea about how well you will be together.

The next time you are on a date and you are confused about what to text a girl before first date, these tips will come in handy.

If you have any more tips to share, use the comments section below. And if you liked this post, kindly share it in your favorite social platforms and like and follow us for more updates.


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