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What Women Want In A Man? 25 Secret Qualities That Women Like

Most men have no idea what women want in a man. You already have an idea what you are looking for in your ideal woman, but have you ever wondered what women like in men?

There is a general misconception that women like men who are rich, hot, and popular. But the rules are different when someone is genuinely looking for getting into a relationship.

So let’s dig in….

What Women Want In A Man? 25 Secret Qualities That Women Like In Men

If you ask a bunch of women what they look for in a guy, each of them might respond with different answers. But if you look closely you will find that certain qualities are the same for all of them.

Even though every woman is different, if you can really understand them you can be with any woman you want.

Despite the popular belief that what women look for in a man is a closely guarded secret, in actual fact, there is no secret at all.

So what do women want in a man? Let’s find out.

1. Confident

There is nothing better than a man who is confident about himself, knows what he want s, and believes in himself. Women find this quality very appealing.

When are confident about yourself, you are also comfortable with who you are and such a man is worth keeping. A man with such qualities can make any woman fall in love easily.

2. Trustworthy

Another quality that women dig in a man is someone who is trustworthy and honest. This is something that will make a man instantly desirable to a woman.

A trustworthy man is also dependable, genuine, and always speaks from his heart. Such qualities deepen a relationship even further.

Relationships with a lack of honesty don’t end well. The secret to a long-lasting relationship is truth and honesty. Women can handle a brutal truth rather than a sweet lie.

3. Compassionate

Being compassionate is also a quality that women look for in a man. Women need a man with whom they can speak about almost anything, be it a bad day at work or even their worst fears.

A man who can understand another person’s point of view and see what they are going through is always one step ahead of other men in attracting women.

4. Funny

This is something that you will hear over and over again. Women find men attractive who has a great sense of humor.

You don’t have to be a great comedian to make them laugh. You just need to have the ability to find situations where you can find humor. But stay away from making insensitive jokes which are best reserved for your friends.

5. Faithful

It is an obvious fact that women don’t like to be cheated or ditched. They need to feel assured that their man will stick with them for long term. They will do anything for a man who is faithful to them.


6. Intelligent

Being intelligent doesn’t mean that you need to be an Oxford graduate. Intelligence is the ability to use your skills effectively. And in the case of women, you need to be able to hold on to a conversation with her. 

It can also be a plus point if you are socially intelligent as well. Such qualities are usually more seen in women who can understand a situation and respond accordingly.

6. Goals

Most men who try to impress women make them their priority and this is a sad fact. But women are more attracted to men who are inspired by a drive and purpose. 

A man with real goals and ambition is more attractive than a man who does nothing but chase girls. After all, what is life without goals and dreams? Your goals are what defines you from others and give you your personality.

7. Independent

Similar to the above trait, women love men who are independent and handle things on their own. If you can’t handle yourself, you can’t be in a relationship.

8. Kind

Another misconception propelled mostly by the media is that women love bad boys. 

Yes, women might get attracted to them but when it comes to a long-term relationship it is totally the opposite. Women look for a man who is not only kind to them but also to everyone they interact with.

9. Mature

Women like it when men try to act like a kid sometimes, but not always. It is important to know when to act like a kid and when to be mature.

Women try to find men who are more mature and understand the complications of life. They will choose a man who is mature enough to take up responsibilities.

10. Emotional Stability

Your masculinity will do no good for you in attracting women if it is stopping you from expressing yourself.

Women look for a man who is emotionally stable since it is easier to get along with them rather than a man who lacks them.


11. Chemistry

Every woman looks for a man with whom they can have an awesome chemistry. If a man doesn’t treat her woman well then that chemistry will quickly fade away.

12. Protective

Even though women can take care of themselves it feels good when they know that there is someone to protect them. 

You don’t have to treat her like a damsel in distress all the time. Just be there to prove to her that you will always stand up for her and protect her. So grab every opportunity that comes your way.

13. Look And Smell Good

You don’t have to Tom Cruise or Henry Cavill. Just take care of the basic personal hygiene and you are good to go.

Women love men when they take their time to make themselves presentable. So bath every day, comb your hair, dress well, and use a deodorant that suits you.

14. Surprise Her

Women love to be surprised every once in a while. You don’t have to surprise her with expensive gifts. Even a chocolate or a bouquet of flowers will do a lot of good to attract her.

15. Transparent

Transparency is also a quality that women look for in a man. If you are looking to be in a long-term relationship with her then always be transparent, never lie to her, and eventually, you will win her trust.

16. Be Fit

What women want in a man physically? Be fit.

Now, don’t start that a woman should choose you for who you are no matter how you look. When it comes to your body, being obese is unhealthy. Period. Getting fit is not just to attract a woman but also for your own health benefits.

You don’t have to stress yourself to get a six-pack or something. Yes, girls drool over celebs with abs but even basic fitness is enough to make heads turn. It might even inspire your woman to workout with you.

17. Cook

Even if you are capable of taking a woman to the most expensive restaurants, the ability to prepare a personalized meal for her will earn you a lot of brownie points.

Such moments will also be memorable for a long time. You don’t have to learn how to be a master chef. Even cooking plain instant noodles when she is hungry will make her a lot happy.

18. Respect

Every successful and happy relationship is based on how both partners respect each other. You should not take her for granted or disrespect her just because she is a woman.

A relationship without respect will each sooner than you can imagine. Show her respect and care for her if you want to make her fall for you.

19. Be Spontaneous

No, you don’t have to spend every month in a different country. You don’t even have to bring her flowers at 3 am in the morning.

Be spontaneous even in small things and keep them guessing like sending her an unexpected message or even inviting her for a dance during walks.

20. Persistent

When a woman says “no” it doesn’t mean “no”. However, that doesn’t mean there is a “yes” somewhere.

This doesn’t mean that women are confused about what they want. They just want their man to be persistent and show them that there is only “yes” for them to answer.

21. Inspire

Whether she wants to be an artist or run her own business she wants her man to inspire her and believe in her. This inspiration will double her chances of achieving her goals which is why it is important to show interest in her life.

22. Thoughtful

What do women want in a man – be thoughtful!

Don’t have the misunderstanding that women only expect diamonds and trips around the world from you. Even a small thoughtful gift will make her like you. All you need to do is pay attention to her and soon enough you will learn a lot about her.

23. Caring

You don’t have to call her every 10 minutes to send a hundred messages every day. Even a single call asking her how was her day, how is she feeling or what she is thinking about will remove a lot of stress from her. Women need their man to ask such questions.

24. Supportive

Women need a shoulder when they are going through bad days and feel like they want to give up everything. And the person they look forward for support is the man they love.

Since women go through a lot of emotions more than a man, you should be there to support her and let her know that everything is going to be alright.

25. Keeps His Word

One of the biggest turn off for a woman is a man who doesn’t keep his word. Men promise to do the dishes, watch a movie together or go for shopping and then get lost in their own world.

If you want a woman to fall for you then you need to be a man they can count on. You should be true to your words and strive to be the best for her.

There are many more small and big things that women look for in a man. The list can go on and on since every woman is different. However, the above qualities are some of the most accepted traits of women. Following these would be a great start to impress the woman you want in your life.

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