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Yes or No Questions for couples: 200+ Fun Romantic Yes or No Questions for Date Night

Looking for Yes or No Questions for couples? Look no further.

Yes or no questions sound pretty easy right? But sometimes answering just with yes or no is harder than you might think!

Wanna play the yes or no question game? Awesome because we have you covered with the best questions for all couples whether you are a married couple or you have just started dating.

If you are looking for interesting or quirky questions we have those too….

Yes or no questions to ask your crush

Let’s start with some easy ones if you are just starting to date. Maybe it is your crush or maybe you are on a first, second or third date, these questions are perfect for you:

Do you have a crush?

Am I handsome?

Would you like to go see a movie?

Can I have your phone number?

Do you like flowers?

Would you like to dance?

Do you have any hobbies?

Are you in any fandoms?

Do you like to read?

Do you have any plans for next weekend?

Do you like pop music?

Do you have any pets?

Do you have a favorite color?

Would you be my valentine?

Can you help me study for a test?

Would you like a ride home?

Do you have an Instagram?

Do you have any secret talents?

Are you currently watching any television series?

Do you have a favorite poem?

Do you enjoy watching sunsets?

Do you have a favorite musician or band?

Do you enjoy playing video games?

Do you enjoy playing board games?

Do you enjoy playing card games?

Have you ever been to a Broadway show?

Do you like going to museums?

Are you an avid concert-goer?

Do you prefer being single?

Do you like road trips?

Are you an outdoorsy person?

Do you like eating spicy food?

Do you like surprises?

Are rom-coms a type of movie you enjoy?

Do you like going to the beach?

Are you a fan of superhero movies?

Do you like eating gummy worms or bears?

Do you like going to theme parks?

Do you like to bake?

Do you own any vinyl records?

Do you play any sports?

Are you a spontaneous person?

Do you consider yourself to be a very romantic person?

Do you easily forget things?

Have you ever gone camping?

Have you ever ice skated?

Have you ever fractured a bone and/or worn a cast?

Do you like planning every detail of something before it happens?

Do you have a clear idea of what the perfect date would be for you?

Do you like chocolate?

Do you like going on long hikes?


Funny yes or no questions

Sometimes couples need a bit more fun and laughter in their relationship. If that is you, these are the perfect funny yes or no questions to ask:

Would you like to have green hair?

Do you like whoopie cushions?

Do you think farts are funny?

Have you ever peed your pants?

Do you know any jokes?

Have you ever seen a purple giraffe?

Can you burp on command?

Do you own any funny toys?

Have you taken a funny picture of your pet?

Have you taken a funny picture of yourself?

Can you say yes?

Were you a baby when you were born?

Have you ever eaten a pillow?

Have you ever drunk a blanket?

Have you ever walked to work backwards?

Is your refrigerator running?

Have you ever ridden on a tractor with a rooster?

Have you ever found a lost fish?

Do you enjoy looking at the sun at midnight?

Were you born from a corn?

Would you trade a pencil for an alligator?

Can you do a front flip while yodeling?

Is ketchup an instrument?

Are you good at counting to a million in French?

Do you like acting funny?

Do you like pulling pranks on your friends?

Do you own any silly shirts?

Do you like watching funny tik toks?

Is the earth a triangle?

Does your phone fly on airplane mode?

Have you ever called a stranger “dad” on accident?

Would you like to be a stand-up comedian?

Have you ever acted in a funny skit?

Do you know any funny dances?

Do you think you would look good in a handlebar moustache?

Do you think clowns are funny?

Have you ever seen something really random or funny on the street while walking?

Have you ever made a really silly mistake?

Would you replace all the worms in the world for cookies?

Would you like to hang out with Beethoven for a day?

Do you think it would be fun to turn into a rollercoaster for a day?


Deep yes or no questions

Would you live your life again?

Do you think you are good at giving advice?

Do you have any fears or phobias?

Do believe in the existence of aliens or intelligent life in a different planet?

Do you think parallel universes exist?

Is there a person you wish you never met?

Are you happy?

Have you fallen in love?

Do you think most people deserve a second chance?

If you had and extra two hours in a day, do you know what you would like to spend it on?

Do you currently have a large obstacle between you and your goals?

Have you fulfilled at least one of your childhood dreams?

Is there a person in your life who has helped you grow into a better person?

Is there something that you are struggling to let go of?

Would you want to know your future if you could?

Do you think our fate is predetermined?

Do you have something that you are passionate about?

Do you express yourself freely?

Have you ever taken a dangerous risk that worked out in the end?

Have you had a defining moment in the past year?

Do you have a reliable and safe place where you can feel at peace?

Are you currently pursuing or working towards one of your dreams?

Would you change the way you started this year?

Would you change the way you ended last year?

Is there a movie character you deeply identify with?

Is there an album that makes you feel a whole spectrum of emotions?

Do you have a clear idea of what success looks like to you?

Is there something that helps you stay motivated?

Is there something that you enjoy so much that it makes you lose track of time?

Yes or no questions to get to know someone

Have you ever run a marathon?

Do you like rainy weather? If yes check out our epic rainy day date ideas!

Are you a fast runner?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Do you travel often?

Have you lived in another country?

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

Do you know how to speak more than one language?

Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a night routine?

Are you allergic to anything?

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Do you celebrate Christmas?

Are you a competitive person?

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Do you often procrastinate?

Are you detail oriented?

Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

Are you good at solving puzzles?

Are you an organized person?

Do you have any pets?

Are you a night owl?

Have you ever donated blood?

Are you easily stressed out by things?

Are you an abstract thinker?

Did you have many sleepovers as a kid?

Have you ever been to a protest?

Can you play any instruments?

Do you enjoy climbing up trees?

Is it easy for you to remember your dreams from the night before?

Do you enjoy what you do for a living?

Do you have a best friend?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Do you have a favorite dessert?

Are you learning any new skills right now?

Do you volunteer regularly?

Are you an introvert?

Do you have any collections?

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Did you like going to school as a kid?

Do you drink coffee every morning?

Are you considered to be an opinionated person?

Are you a frequent party goer?

Do you enjoy solving math problems?

Do you enjoy having the spotlight?

Do you think popcorn is the best snack to have while watching a movie?

Do you usually put other’s needs before your own?

Do you prefer having a flexible schedule?

Do you easily feel comfortable around strangers?


Random yes or no questions

Are you a skilled drawer?

Can you ride a bike?

Do you like sour candy?

Do you have a color coordinated closet?

Have you ever touched a snake?

Do you sleep with socks on?

Do you reply to texts quickly?

Do you know how to surf?

Are you good with directions?

Can you say the alphabet backwards?

Does your house have a pool?

Do you like cheese?

Would you like to climb mount Everest?

Is there a tv in your room?

Have you ever made a snowman?

Are you lactose intolerant?

Do you easily get distracted?

Do you usually eat healthy meals?

Do you enjoy listening to lo/fi music?

Do you like watching fireworks?

Have you ever finished a game of monopoly?

Have you ever been on a boat?

Have you ever invested in the stock market?

Do you go to sleep quickly?

Do you remember your childhood home phone number?

Do you easily feel embarrassed?

Have you ever binge-watched a series?

Do you like cats?

Are you a fan of the NBA?

Do you have a favorite clothing brand?

Is there an all-time favorite memory that holds a special place in your heart?

Do you know how to drive?

Do you currently own more than three stuffed animals?

Are you a good impersonator?

Do you know your MBTI personality type?

Do you understand NFT’s?

Do you understand how cryptocurrency works?

Is there something you have experienced already but would love to live through again in your lifetime?

Do you have an accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Do you have a favorite bird?

Do you get cold easily?

Is there a culture that is not your own that you are fascinated by and know a lot about?

Do you have a preference for being a driver or a copilot?

Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

Have you ever been in a fight?

Do you like to read comic books?

Do you like doing dishes?

Do you have a celebrity look-alike?

Have you ever flown a kite?

Do you know how to skateboard?

Are you wearing a watch right now?

Are you colorblind?

Do you easily get carsick?

Do you have an android phone?

Do you like apple products?

Have you ever thrown a surprise birthday party?


Tricky yes or no questions

Do you like social media?

Would you ever consider running for president?

Can you solve 1 x 3 + 5?

Would you like to be a billionaire?

Can octopuses camouflage?

Are starfish fishes?

If you were born in a different city, would you be a different person?

Would you like to have invisibility power if it turned on and off randomly?

Would you trade places with one of your friends for a week?

Do you remember the last time you fund a coin on the ground?

Would you like to be able to turn back time?

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Do you think unicorns could exist?

Do you think dragons could exist?

If you are told to guess a number between 1 and 10, are you usually, correct?

Is there someone in your family who gives the best gifts?

Do you remember how you met your childhood friend?

Do you think fashion is important?

Are you a good liar?

Do you understand how the internet works?

Can you explain how taxes work?

Could penguins be good tap dancers?

Do you know any card tricks?

Do you enjoy gossip?

Is the cheetah the fastest animal in the world?

Can you name 5 countries that start with the letter L?

Can you count in 6/8 time?

Can you count to 100 without saying the number three?

Have you ever confused twins?

Have you ever ghosted someone on accident?

Do you know any false rumors people have spread about you?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Does 2=6?

Do you have any big secrets?

Have you ever cheated in a board game?

Have you ever forgotten an important date?

Should people always tell the truth even if it might hurt someone?

Do you think you would be able to play more than one musical instrument at the same time?

Would it be fun for you to live in a different continent?

Do you think that the chicken came before the egg?

Yes or no questions about life

Do you have any goals or resolutions for this year?

Are you an optimist?

Do you journal or keep a diary?

Do you have a life motto?

Do you have any regrets?

Are you usually patient?

Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation?

Do you call your mom and/or dad often?

Do you often hang out with your brothers and/or sisters?

Do you forgive easily?

Do you separate your laundry by color?

Have you ever lived through a natural disaster?

When making a tough decision, do you usually make a pros and cons list?

Do you think life is unfair?

Has a book you have read ever changed your way of looking at life?

Have you recently gained a new habit that has significantly improved your life?

Do you remember the last time you tried out something new?

Do you frequently go out of your way to preform acts of kindness?

Do you think everything happens for a reason?

Are you good at asking for help when you need it?

Have you ever been fired?

Do you think you need more adventure in your life?

What are the top three life lessons you have learned in the past five years?

How many houses and/or apartments have you lived in?

Interesting yes or no questions

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel?

If you don’t have a twin, do you think it would be cool to have one?

Would you time travel to the past if you could?

Would you time travel to the future if you could?

Do you know any famous people?

If you were given the chance to have your dream job, do you know what it would be?

Would you like to live in a castle?

Do you enjoy philosophical conversations?

Do you have a bucket list?

Are you a creative person?

Do you know anything about gardening?

Have you ever had a pen pal?

If a genie showed up right now and gave you 3 wishes, would you know what to ask for right away?

Do you believe yourself to have a very imaginative mind?

If you won the lottery, would you need time to think about what you would do with the money?

Do you have a favorite quality about yourself?

Do you think you are a lucky person?

Is there a song that gives you goosebumps every time you hear it?

Can you name three people in your life who inspire you?

Do you have a spirit animal?

Do you like playing pretend?

Would you ever get a tattoo?

Do you already have a tattoo?

Have you ever found a treasure?

Have you ever found something interesting washed-up shore at a beach?

Have you ever had a conversation with a homeless person?

Do you have any superstitions?

Have you ever written a song?

Have you ever written a poem?

Have you ever won a contest?

Have you ever won a giveaway?

Are you named after anyone?

Do you have a middle name?

If you could, would you change your name?

Do you have a favorite month?

Are you afraid of bugs?

Do you know any magic tricks?

Are you an expert in anything?

Hard yes or no questions

Do you think you’re doing better than a year ago?

Would you live on another planet?

Do you know what R.N.A stands for?

Is there something about your culture that you dislike or don’t agree with?

I there something about your culture that you wish more people were informed about?

Do you remember the last time you saw a rainbow?

Do you remember what your first day of school was like?

Is Christmastime the most wonderful time of the year?

Do you enjoy listening to classical music?

Would you sell your house if you got paid double its worth?

Do you think this is a good question?

Can you count how many strands of hair you have on your head?

Would you donate an organ to someone who needs it?

Do you think an ideal place to live in exists?

Do you want to get married someday?

Would you like to have (more) kids in the future?

Do you know how to identify constellations in the sky?

Do you think love at first sight exists?

conversation-starters for couples

Controversial yes or no questions: Yes or no questions for married couples

If you are married, let’s go with some harder questions. Some controversial questions should do just the trick!

Do you have any unpopular opinions?

Are you a religious person?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you think daylight savings is something that we should keep doing?

Do you think celebrities are overpaid?

Do you think everyone is good at heart?

Do you have a favorite U.S. president?

Do you think American football is one of the best sports around today?

Do you believe that politics should be divided by parties?

Can money buy happiness?

Should the minimum wage increase substantially?

Was the year 2021 a good year overall?

Are the Grammy’s overrated?

Are the Oscars overrated?

Are so many streaming services a good idea?

Do you think people should not be allowed on social media until they are 18 years or older?

Should student debt be cancelled?

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Is pizza overrated?

Do you think milk should be poured into the bowl before the cereal?

Is mint chocolate chip a good flavor combination?

Do you think most sequels are usually never as good as the first one?

Is warmer weather better than colder weather?

Are cats better pets than dogs?

Are some people born naturally talented?

Does school give too much homework?

Is calling better than texting?

Do you believe in astrology and/or horoscopes?

Do you think zoos shouldn’t exist at all?

Do you think people should be more private about their lives and post less on social media?

Should people do more to stop climate change?

Should politicians make more laws to stop climate change?

Should NASA launch more spaceships?

Do you think books are usually better than the movie adaptation?

Do you agree with the current way healthcare is set up?

Do you believe that humans evolved from apes?

Should housing be made more affordable and accessible?

Do you think being an influencer counts as a real job?

Do you think tomatoes count as a fruit?


More fun questions: