Super Fun Active Date Ideas For Couples Who Like to Keep Active

Looking for Active Date Ideas? We’ve all been indoors for a hot minute at this point, and let’s face it – the FaceTime dates are just not cutting it anymore.

Your relationship needs something fresh to kick it back in gear, and these active date ideas are perfect to do just that.

Send your special someone this list and decide something fun to do together, or present the idea as your own and watch them swoon over your thoughtfulness and creativity!

Bike Ride or Tandem Bike

Okay, so this first one is a classic. The cool wind, the cute bikes, the wind-blown hair – it’s the perfect recipe for an adorable date.

Do a home renovation e.g. paint the house

It’ll be messy, it’ll be romantic, you’ll make great memories, and thank goodness your kitchen cabinets will finally look nice again!

Go bowling

Bowling has been a beloved date idea for generations, and anything that can last that long just has to be great. The competitive atmosphere of the game is a great flirting opportunity too…

Take a ballroom or salsa dancing class

This. Is. So. Hot. The racey music, the closeness of the dance, and the excitement of learning something new is sure to impress!

Go for a run (like a color run!)

If you and your partner like to get out and get active, put on a white T-shirt and go get messy! It’s a great way to get exercise, ruin some clothes, and make memories.

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