50 Fun Stay at Home Date Night Ideas  (That aren’t a Movie!)

Looking for awesome stay at home date night ideas? We have you covered with 50+ of our finest things for couples to do at home – perfect for a weekend.

So you have exhausted your second date and third date ideas and have reached the comfortable stage of your relationship where you just want to sit home and chill! We feel you!

So we have wracked our brains and thought of 50 at-home date night ideas for couples. And if it is raining out, here are some additional rainy-day date ideas to keep you occupied.

Pizza and Wine

Order a pizza from a pizzeria or pick one up at the store that you just pop in the oven. Another romantic idea might be to make a pizza together. Now how fun would that be!

Fun Date Night Games

Our personal favorite card games are Hearts or UNO. One of our first dates together was playing cards so it feels a bit nostalgic.

Read aloud together

Choose a genre you’re both interested in and chances are she/he can probably help you find some really great options. They always know just the right books to pick.

Take out by candlelight

Order some take out and make it special by playing some smooth beats and lowering the lighting to a romantic candlelit level.

Dog training together

If you guys have a new dog or one you want to work with to teach new tricks, make a date of it! Trust me, it can be super fun date night in.

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