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Peru Travel Blog: Where to visit other than Machu Picchu

If you ever speak to someone planning a trip to Peru, all they can speak about is Machu Picchu or the rainbow mountain.

Of course, these are some of the first items on everyone's bucket list for South America.

But this does a disservice to Peru's other fine attractions including Huacachina: a desert oasis where you can ride in a dune buggy and go sandboarding.

This unique oasis is the perfect place to stop on your way from Lima to Cusco.

Even further south on the  border with Bolivia you can find the Titicaca Lake.  Make a stop on your way from Cusco to La Paz, capital of Bolivia.

To the north you'll find more uncharted treasures like Trujillo where you visit Inca ruins dating back centuries at Chan Chan and enjoy a more traditional Peruvian experience than you'll find in Machu Pichu.

Not to mention, more traditional (and delicious) Peruvian food.

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