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30+ Berlin Quotes for inspiring instagram captions

Berlin is definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe. Here are 30+  Berlin quotes to (hopefully) inspire you to visit Berlin or if you have already been use as awesome Instagram captions!

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30+ Berlin Quotes for inspiring instagram captions

Berlin Instagram Captions

Here are some cool Berlin captions for Instagram:

Not the wurst day

Berlin is wunderbar

No brat days in Berlin

Checking in on Checkpoint Charlie

To speak German, just add bier

Famous Berlin Quotes

Our favourite famous Berlin quotes:

“Berlin is the newest city I have come across. Even Chicago would appear old and gray in comparison” –Mark Twain

“Berlin is a pulsing, exciting city with so many varied and distinctive neighborhoods, iconic history all around, great food at all levels and from every corner of the world … an excellent place to set up camp and make a great record.” –Member of the Music Group, R.E.M., 2010

“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’ [I am a Berliner (citizen of Berlin)!]” — John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, 1963

“I still keep a suitcase in Berlin.” – Marlene Dietrich, Singer, 1957

“No matter what happens to me and my career in the future, Berlin is always going to be my hometown.” – Alexandra Maria Lara

“After the Berlin Wall came down I visited that city and I will never forget it. The abandoned checkpoints. The sense of excitement about the future. The knowledge that a great continent was coming together. Healing those wounds of our history is the central story of the European Union.” – David Cameron

“In the past Berlin was much more radical and extreme and now it’s becoming much more of a conventional European city.” – Olafur Eliasson

“In Berlin I especially enjoyed the orchestral concerts, and I attended a large number of them. I formed the acquaintance of a good many musicians, several of whom spoke of my playing in high terms.” – James Weldon Johnson

“Berlin is in a state of transition. There are lots of people who don’t stay here. They pass through. They might not ‘clean up,’ but they mature. It is a city where people spend a significant time in their lives, and then they move on.” – Raf Simsons

“Berlin has a uniquely haunting nature, symbolic of a problematic system that was created to oppress and divide a nation.” – Edward Burtynsky

“What I discovered in Berlin was this immense freedom because it felt like you could start any kind of project and nobody would care… and that’s what I sort of adopted to my own.” – Agnes Obel

Berlin Wall Quotes

Here are some quotes about the Berlin Wall:

“Socialism is the gradual and less violent form of communism, and socialist is the project of the European Union, which was born in Maastricht in 1992. The intent was to save socialism in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the predictable bankruptcy of the welfare state in the West as well.” –  Vladimir Bukovsky

“The fall of the Berlin Wall makes for nice pictures. But it all started in the shipyards.” – Lech Walesa

“The Berlin Wall wasn’t the only barrier to fall after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. Traditional barriers to the flow of money, trade, people and ideas also fell.” –  Fareed Zakaria

“When the Berlin Wall came down the Americans cried, ‘Victory,’ and walked off the field.” –  Paul Keating

“If the purpose of the wall was to destroy Berlin, Herr Ulbricht and his cohorts have erred sadly. Berlin is not only going to continue to exist – it’s going to grow and grow and grow. Its ties to West Germany will not be severed.” – Robert Kennedy

More Germany Quotes

Here are some of our all time favourite Germany quotes about beer, love, travel and more!

“Fear makes a wolf bigger than he is.” – German proverb

“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” – Kaiser Wilhelm

“Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring beer.” — Unknown

“In your calm is your strength.” – German Proverb

Want more German Quotes? We have you covered with 100 more German quotes here!


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