As we prepared for our trip to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile we read many of the national parks and attractions near San Pedro de Atacama don’t accept credit card.

As San Pedro de Atacama itself has notoriously fickle ATMs – and many of the attractions are a good two hour drive from San Pedro – we erred on the side of caution by withdrawing sufficient cash to pay for all the attractions (if we had time).

We couldn’t find a reliable source for all this information in one spot, so we made our own table with the San Pedro de Atacama Chile entrance fees to the attractions.

Please leave a comment with any new prices so we can keep these figures up to date. Gracias!

San Pedro de Atacama Entrance Fees

Attraction Cost (per person – Chilean Pesos – CLP) Cost (per person $ USD)
Valle De La Luna 2,500 CLP $4.00
Tatio Geyser 10,000 CLP $14.00
Laguna Cejar 10,000 CLP $14.00
Laguna Chaxa 3,000 CLP $4.50
Pucara de Quitor 3,000 CLP $4.50
Puritama Hot Springs 15,000 CLP $23.00
Lagunas Miscanti and Miniques 2,500 CLP $4.00
 Total 46,000 CLP $71.60

Which attractions near San Pedro de Atacama accept credit card?

We found no attractions accepted credit card (including Valle de La Luna and Laguna Cejar).

If you are a student, many attractions accept valid student ID.

What to see in San Pedro?

There is so much to do in San Pedro and not enough time.

Laguna Cejar was a beautiful attraction but our favourite attraction was actually free!

Check out our photos in our San Pedro de Atacama travel guide and tell us we’re wrong!

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Let us know in the comments below if any San Pedro attractions take credit card now. Or if any prices needed updating!

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