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How to Kiss a Guy: 11 Tips to Become a Good Kisser!

Wondering how to kiss a guy? Whether you have kissed just one man or a hundred, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your skills on how to kiss a man.

If you think you are already a pro in kissing, let me tell you something; a research indicates that out that almost 48% people think that their partner is a bad kisser.

So how do you know you don’t fall in to this category? Let me give you a few tips on how to kiss a guy below.

In this article I’m going to talk about the different types of kisses, how to kiss a man and all about how to be a good kisser.

How to Kiss a Guy: 11 Tips to Become a Good Kisser!

Kissing is one of the great ways of communication when you are dating a guy. Before we get deep into how to kiss a man, let’s explore the different types of kisses and when is the appropriate time to use them.

Let’s start with the most basic one, a kiss on the cheek. You must be already knowing that a kiss on the cheek is one of the most friendly kiss, right?

If you know a girl or a guy for a long time or if he or she is a good friend, then a kiss on cheek is what you will do.

But do you know that a cheek kiss is good even when you are dating a guy?

Let’s say, for example, that you went on a date with a guy but didn’t kiss him. So how are you going to let him know that you are interested in him?

You guessed it right, a kiss on the cheek. Not only it will increase his confidence, it will also let him know that you are interested in him.

Now you must be thinking, since you are already on a second date it must be obvious, isn’t it? But many guys still keep wondering: is she really interested in me? A peck on his cheek is a sure way to make him realize.

So you are communicating your interest to him by kissing on his cheek.

The second one is a kiss on the lips. Now you are free to argue, but for me this type of kiss is appropriate only when you are in a relationship for a long time.

So what does a quick peck on the lips suggest? It may just mean that you love him a lot. It may mean you care about him.

During the beginning stages of a relationship, there is no place for peck on the lips. You are either going all out, or not going at all.

Next comes the tongue kiss. But there’s not much tongue involved. Just a simple tongue kiss.

This type of kiss can be said as your first real kiss. Now don’t get it wrong when I’m saying that this is your first real kiss.

When you are dating a guy and want to kiss him showing that you are into him, you can’t really go from not kissing at all to eating him.

You are kissing him with just a little bit of tongue, bite his lips and back off. This is a great way to enjoy the moment and also check his response. You are not going for a full blown deep tongue kiss.

And the final type of kiss, the hardcore kiss. Now be careful as this type of kiss can lead you to getting intimate or even sex. So use this type of kiss only when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Since we have gone though all the different types of kisses and when to use them appropriately, let me give you some tips on how to kiss a man.

Let’s start, shall we?

How To Kiss A Man Tip 1 – Your Breath

This is one of the most basic tip and important too. Make sure your breath is always fresh. A research from the Oral Health Foundation found out that more than 35% people find it a turnoff having bad breath.

So much that they don’t even consider a second date. If you are kissing a guy you have fallen for, you don’t want that to happen, do you?

I can understand that some people might have breath problems and they might have medical challenges to overcome that.

But apart from those people, keep oral hygiene as one of your top priorities whenever you are dating, please. It’s as simple as popping in a mint before your date.

Don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth before going on a date. And if you are out for lunch or dinner then avoid eating anything that has garlic, onion or anything that smells. One of the easiest ways to turn off a guy completely is when your breath stinks.

How To Kiss A Guy Tip 2 – Keep Him Guessing

How To Be A Good Kisser

Men don’t like women who kiss like a machine. Kissing with the same speed or effort will make it boring soon. Instead surprise him by being unpredictable when you kiss him.

Go from slow and then get a little aggressive and then may be a lip bite (be gentle) and then back off for a while (so that you can swallow your spit without making it obvious). Then again kiss him all over his face, a kiss down the neck and so on.

Whenever it comes to kissing, being unpredictable is very sexy.

Now this type of kissing is just an example on how to kiss a man and should be used only when you have been dating the guy for a while.

The first kiss is just to know each other’s interest. You can then mix it up later.

How To Kiss Someone Tip 3 – Start Slowly

This is not a race on who gets to end the kiss first.

Even if things are getting hot between both, it is okay for you to slow down things, especially if you don’t want to take your kiss to one step further.

It is common to get carried off when so much tension is built up during the heat of passion, you finally getting to kiss him and even him kissing you. But please, take things slowly. 

Backing off from the kissing during the heat will make chase you. Do not think that your guy will misunderstand that you are not interest in him as you might have already dated for a few times before reaching this stage.

It is also a good way to be aware of the communication you are having with him, as it will let you examine how he sees you or how much he wants you over time.

How To Kiss A Boy Tip 4 – Let Him Initiate

How To Kiss On Lips

I know you are an independent woman and you are not afraid to make the first move to kiss him first.

Your guy may be into it for you to take charge and kiss him first, but during your first kiss you don’t know for sure if that’s the case. Some guys may like it when they make the first move.

They may feel that their masculinity is threatened if a woman does all the work during your date. I’m not a feminist, but you can’t blame it if some guys are like that.

It’s good to allow him take the control instead of the making the first move and get all over him down to his throat. You can save that kiss when he responds positively or when you have become comfortable with him.

How To Be A Good Kisser Tip 5 – Focus On Other Areas Too

Now don’t let dirty thoughts in your mind.

I was talking about the neck kiss.

A good way to build intimacy between the both of you is by kissing his neck or even his ear. If you are not too much into kissing yet, you can explore each other’s bodies to build up for that kiss.

Kissing him on his neck or any other areas is going to drive him nuts. It will show him that you like varieties.

One thing to remember is not to kiss him on the cheek or his forehead during a kissing session. It may send out a wrong signal which might confuse him.

How To Kiss Well Tip 6 – Enjoy

How to kiss someone

Whenever you are kissing a guy, a lot of things may be running in your mind: are you kissing him right? Does he like to do a lot of tongue? Do you look like a slut since you are kissing on the first date?

Whenever you are kissing the guy, just enjoy the moment. You are just kissing. You don’t have to over think it.

Your guy will not judge you or give you an ‘F’ based on your kiss. The chemistry that is happening between you is more important than getting an ‘A+’ for your kiss.

How To Kiss On Lips Tip 7 – Make It Count

I have already told you in my previous tip that you should not worry and enjoy the moment. Now let me make you worry a bit.

You must be liking this guy and have put everything in your first kiss. But a survey conducted by S.U.N.Y.

Albany has found out that more than 59% men and 66% of women reportedly ended their relationship just because their kiss was a turn off. You first kiss will indicate what is coming ahead, whether your guy is into you or not.

Don’t let this make you nervous. Just go for it. By using these kissing tips, make your kiss with your guy a memorable one.

How To Kiss Better Tip 8 – Prepare Yourself

Before I tell you how to be a better kisser, you need to do a bit of preparation first. I’m not telling you to study ancient texts on how to kiss better. I’m just telling you to present yourself that you are much more kissable.

This means applying a lip balm so that your lips are soft and not chapped. Applying lipstick will also make you attractive and make him want to kiss you.

But don’t apply so much that you will leave your lipstick all over his face after your kissing session. Just enough to make you look good.

How To Kiss Well Tip 9 – Show Your Intentions

How To Kiss Well

Being direct and letting your man know that you want to kiss him doesn’t work always. It might end up being a whole lot embarrassing and blushing for you.

A better way is to let him know about your intentions in a subtle way.

Whenever you are talking to him, instead of focusing on just his eyes and face, you can start focusing on his lips. A better way to do this is to pay attention to his lips every now and then, just for a few seconds.

Your guy may fail to notice this at first, but after a while he will start to understand those signals that you are throwing at him.

Add to this, you can also start talking slowly and lean on to him. By doing this, it is guaranteed that your guy will realize what is going on.

If you man is also interested in kissing you, then he will respond by copying what you are doing.

That is, by leaning on to you and looking at your lips. If he is doing any of this, then you can be sure that he is also interested in kissing you.

How To Kiss Properly Tip 10 – Use Your Teeth

One of the most common techniques that everyone tells on how to kiss a man is to use your lips. And its obviously true. You do have to kiss a man using your lips.

But you are missing a lot more if you are not using your teeth when kissing. Even your man will miss out a lot of sensation if you have not practiced the art of using teeth when kissing.

No, I’m not telling you to bite him hard and rip off his skin. Not at all. You just have to be gentle enough not to hurt him whenever you are biting him.

Using teeth is as straightforward as kissing. You are just using your teeth to gently bite him.

You can start with subtly biting his cheeks, ears, neck and then gently bite his upper or lower lips between your teeth. You can also run your teeth all over his lips to provide a different kind of sensation.

How To Kiss With Tongue Tip 11 – Men Like It More

If you have ever watched Sex and the City, you will notice that Charlotte gets grossed out when her date licks her all over her face. This shows a clear representation of the preferences of both men and women.

While men like to do a lot of wet and sloppy tongue kisses, women are not a fan of it. And the reason for this is that an open mouth kiss will allow men to release libido-boosting testosterone through their saliva.

And if you will notice that your libido has increased if your guy has been kissing you for weeks, you will know why.

How To Kiss A Man Ultimate Tip – Do Not Rush

How To Kiss Better

You may be impatient and just want to get over with your first kiss. Or maybe you have fallen for him so much that you can hardly wait to kiss him.

If you try to rush it, you might not be able to find out the signs that a guy is interested in you. You could also miss the signs if they guy is also interested to kiss as much as you do.

You may passionately look into his eyes, give a peck on his lips, may a little bit of tongue and then you back off just to look at the horror on his face. You don’t want that, do you?

Instead of rushing for your first kiss, look out for sings that he is giving you. Is he trying to touch your arm, waist, face and other body parts frequently?

Is he holding your hand or leaning on to you whenever he is talking to you? His body language will tell you a lot about his intentions.

Do not be sad if the guy didn’t kiss on your first date. He may be into you completely but sometimes guys take their time to understand their feelings. Do not put pressure on him if he is not ready to kiss you on your first date.

They may need time to figure out how to take the next step. This is another good reason to let the guy be in control when it comes to kissing on dates.


Let us round up some questions for you:

1. Should you kiss him first by taking the lead?

2. Should you rush your first kiss?

3. Should you order your favorite garlic-onion pizza on your date?

4. Should you overthink as you are kissing your guy?

If you have read through the whole article, you will know that the answer to all the above questions is a NO. And if you have got all the answers correct you are ready to kiss him.

Not every guy that you have dated will kiss you the same. Every person is different. So adapt to every style and enjoy it.

You might kiss a guy who is a drooler. You might kiss a guy who doesn’t like using tongue. Or you might even kiss a guy who might do a tongue twister in your mouth.

And then one day you will meet that perfect guy. And that guy is out there somewhere. Until then, keep practicing.

Have you got any more tips on how to kiss a man? Let us know in the comments below.

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